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18-12-2002, 00:08

Is it ok to holds 2 crystals (one in each hand) during meditation?

I've read that in combination with other stones, clear quartz enhances their energy. I'm thinking to hold a clear quartz and a amethyst.

Found this website.Very informative! :)


18-12-2002, 02:53
Mh... Clear Quartz and Amethyst seem ok, but personally I would only use Amethyst, since it is a strong psychic enabler by itself - and also because I am particularly sensitive to it and amplifyng might be dangerous, I've had a couple of bad experiences...

Maybe instead of trying to use two pieces to amplify, you could use two stones that match well together because they are complementary or have characteristics that should be integrated.
You metion meditation: so why don't you try Rose Quarts and Amethyst? One for the heart, the other for the mind; one with the left, the other with the right. I like this pair, and it is my personal favourite one. :)
(BTW you reminded me I must get a big Rose Quartz block for Christmas as well... *LOL*)

18-12-2002, 11:01
Thanks Pollux! :D

I will try that combination!

BTW,which one should go to the right hand? the Amethyst?

18-12-2002, 22:47
Joy, you are wlecome! :D

As for your question, I don't know about which one SHOULD or MUST go in the right hand, I only know of the way I do it myself and like and that's enough for me. :)

In the basic Crystall therapy info I read of good combos with Amethyst, and among these was the Rose Quartz for the reasons I gave above, even though in an obscure fashion *LOL*

Rose Quarts will work on the heart chakra, will Amethyst will work with the third eye. Their effect, with the obvious differences, is the same: the former soothes the heart's cares and worries, the latter will calm your mind and clear it, thus both creating a favourable environment for meditation and at the same time good enhancers for it as well - harmony and insight.

I like to place the Amethyst on my right, yep. :)

I bet you can find lots of suggested associations somewhere on the net - there were some in a link among those provided in previous threads, I am sure. You can work out, with a bit of experimenting and a bit of previous learning, your personal tailor-made combos. :D

18-12-2002, 23:17

Thanks for posting this...I usually use amathyst with quarts..but the fact is, I really don't know what I'm doing...lol

I think I'll try the rose quarts and amathyst...

any suggestions on what you would use with the quarts..



01-01-2003, 10:14
Here be my two cents. Ok as for good combos the best way to find them it experimentation. One combo may work for one person, but not as well for another. Also so people arent compatible with some stone. As for useing witch hand, that is up to you!. Remember if it feels right do it!

16-03-2003, 23:29
Wont it be quite troublesome to hold things in ahnd during meditation? Wont it be better to be empty-handed and will be more relax?

17-03-2003, 04:56
Maybe with open palms? Or balance them on your thighs. As long as it's on your body, it should work I'd think. It's very comfortable to have your hands palm up resting on your thighs, pointing inwards, no stress there to interfere with the meditation.

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Red Emma
17-03-2003, 05:04
I'm only beginning to be aware of the spiritual-health uses of gems and crystals. Pollux, I'm interested in your statement about mixing -- not quite the right word -- gems/crystals. What would a bad experience be like, as opposed to a good experience?

19-03-2003, 19:38
Clear quartz is excellent for meditation...it is a crown chakra stone and it opens all chakras...if seeking clarity in meditation the clarity of the quartz effects the clarity of the meditation...as we become clearer we are able to clear the cloudiness from the quartz...this happens over a period of time if using the same stone in meditation...but if desiring clarity now...choose the clearest possible...in ancient times the high priests would hold smokey quartz in the left hand and clear quartz in the right hand and commune with the godsource in meditation...

Amethyst is quartz...as is citrine...and smokey and rose...there are so many quartzs...and they all complement each other and can be used safely together...all quartz amplifies...and is programable...so as a focus for meditation use whatever you are drawn to and resonate with...my preference is clear quartz for clarity...rose if stressed and needing calming...amethyst is excellent for cleansing and purification or working with fear or if needing protection...it may also open psychic channels...the citrine is for personal power...rutile really amps up the energy but best for experienced meditators...the smokey grounds...relax and enjoy...

Buddha meditated with clear quartz and considered it one of the 7 or 8 (don't remember for sure) essential sacred items necessary for enlightenment...many channels use clear quartz to alter consiousness and clear the channel to raise vibration and bring thru the clearest and least distorted information...

Red Emma
20-03-2003, 08:17
Thanks, Ravenal. Extremely informative. Now I know why I'm drawn to amethyst, and the rose quartz heart my husband bought me a few years ago.

I do have a certain amount of psychic abilities, but when I fore saw my brother-in-law's death, it frightened me so badly I haven't been able to access it since. I'll try amethyst and see how it works.

Goddess Bless,

Red Emma