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25-05-2008, 00:03
how to determine if gems, crystals and minerals are compatible to each other if worn together? im confused?

25-05-2008, 09:25
yes there is alot of information out there regarding compatability
I think its another opportunity for an individual to choose the combinations that work for you..
guidlines are good but few rules hold for every thing.

Keep an open mind and feel which crystals will work together

which crystals are you thinking of?


25-05-2008, 13:49
I have never thought about different crystals NOT being compatible. I just take which ever ones I am drawn to and don't worry about it. Truthfully I don't think there are any crystals that are NOT compatible with each other.
Now there are certain stones that work more in tune with each other, but I don't think there are any that can't be used together. Of course that's just my opinion. :)

26-05-2008, 17:33
thanks for enlightenment. i just come across this site where it says about crystals and its healing properties that if crystals use and are not compatible to that particular persons vibration it can also cause negative effects upon him or her and also if use together with other gems that are not in tune to each other. that made me confused but yes i think its still our own intuition knows best...is it also true that crystals work best if it touch our skin? what about those with ring and earring settings (those settings dont touch our skin)?

27-05-2008, 02:05
A piece of jewelry is close enough to your body that it is inside your aura. There are some sources that advise a certain type of metal for the setting based on the gem, or its correspondences.

28-05-2008, 21:27
I have heard people talking about the compatibility (or better say incompatibility) of some types of crystals, but whether or not one should take them seriously it is not clear. For example, rock crystal enhances the energy of almost all crystals, so it should very much compatible. Still, there might be exceptions. Following your intuition could be indeed the best way.

30-05-2008, 05:34
I think that your intuition is the best guide. There are so many crystals. I choose a lot of clear quartz when I'm not sure which crystal is for what. The reason is that you can "program" it to have the qualities of whatever other crystal you want but don't have by holding it and imagining the clear quartz crystal being the color of the crystal you want.

For example when I am traveling and don't have my amethyst but I have my clear quartz, I will just hold it and visualize that it is a purple amethyst with the amethyst qualities. I just kind of think it and throw it out to the Universe. Because clear can become any color you want it to be!

I learned that from Lisa Williams (you know, the medium/clairvoyant whose show Life Among the Dead was on Lifetime). It's on her website or blog somewhere. It was very helpful to know that if you have a clear quartz, you can have any crystal you want by visualization. I'm sure the energy of it won't be as strong as the regular amethyst or jade or whatever crystal you want it to be...