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25-05-2008, 19:17
Hello All, just a question on the topic of Humanely mined crystals.
After seeing the movie Blood Diamond I have a fair idea of what negative energies can be transferred to a crystal. I have heard the term "Humanely Mined" and was wondering how to tell the difference (if any) and if there is a spiritual meaning or an ethical meaning to the origins of crystals.

Any help on this topic apreciated.

28-05-2008, 01:19
I'm hardly an expert, but I think about that topic a lot. It's very painful to me to think that someone or the Earth might have suffered and been exploited so I can hold a pretty crystal, even if I do use it to heal myself and others. I think crystals do take on the negative imprint of how they were mined, absolutely - but beyond that, even if they don't, my own mind won't tolerate it. If the standards of safety and pay for workers aren't at least adequate, and if the crystals are mined destroying the landscape, then I'm happier without them.

It's difficult to know everything about our crystals, however. I stay clear of stones whose provenance I know is dodgy, like Burmese stones, and as much as I can, buy crystals from sources that are reputedly clean. I've also found a few websites with information about ethically mined crystals and how to source them. And I am sensible - when I receive a gift, I don't look it in the mouth and question the giver.

Here are two: http://www.kacha-stones.com/

These threads have information and interesting discussion:

But to be honest, the information is scarce, compared to what we have on diamonds and other precious stones. It's a subject that's been ignored for the most part by the New Age crystal healing community, and it tends to bring up all sorts of embarrassed answers when questions are asked. Even on this site, some people don't think about it at all (and some maybe don't give a damn, I don't know).

So it's really a good thing when people do ask these questions - including in crystal shops, and push shop owners, practitioners and crystal lovers to be a more thoughtful about where they source their crystals! I don't think it's possible to heal ourselves and the Earth - at the cost of others and the Earth!

28-05-2008, 02:39
Great question, and I'm so glad you're asking. I have no clue because I don't use crystals, but I try to be aware of this issue with foods and other things I buy. One of my hopes for the world is that ALL things will someday be mined/grown/built humanely.

28-05-2008, 22:48
This is really a great topics. Everything on our planet deserves to be treated humanely and with respect, and it also apples to the wondrous world of crystals. Crystals can be affected by our energy, be it thoughts, emotions or will, and their misuse is really a sad story. Minerals are no exception. Unfortunately, if we look around, our planet is running out of resources, and modern man has plundered and misused it so much.

02-06-2008, 23:33
Well I have quite a few crystals and I've often wondered who mined them, what their personalities were like, if they actually touched them a lot, and how many people have touched the crystal before it came to me.

I think that if you cleanse or clear, charge and program your crystals and are using them in complete love and with positive energy, perhaps that will erase any negativity within them.

I think I might look at all of my crystals, hold them and just imagine sending healing of love and light (and maybe Reiki although I have only Reiki I attunement) to people who might have handled them - anyone, innocent, hurting or even mean people need healing.

04-06-2008, 16:58
"...I think that if you cleanse or clear, charge and program your crystals and are using them in complete love and with positive energy, perhaps that will erase any negativity within them..."

Yes, you are right. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the above procedure should suffice to complete erase any negativity in the crystals.

20-07-2008, 08:50
Ok, I have been out and about and asking Crystal store owners "where do Crystals come from"? While most never knew, one lady at a local store to me pointed out the humanely mined crystals in her store. She told me that if I was unsure of a crystal and was drawn to it, in my Cleansing and programming I was to ask to forgive the sins of any bloodshed or tears caused by its extraction from earth.
I have never thought to do this!

29-07-2008, 05:26
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