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20-12-2002, 03:08
This weekend we're part of the audience for a Live TV Programme from Dover Castle in Kent (Most Haunted Live on Living TV) so I won't be around from Saturday till Tuesday.

Zorya and Pollux has kindly offered to keep an eye on things whilst I'm ghost hunting, so if you want to contact a moderator over that period drop one of them a PM.

I'll let you know if anything interesting happens!

isthmus nekoi
20-12-2002, 08:32
hope it's fun! Thanks to Zorya and Pollux for keeping an eye on things around here :)

20-12-2002, 08:47
what a great way to spend your solstice minderwiz! have a great time!

21-12-2002, 01:29
Yeah, after Reading Exchange, Chat and Tarot Decks, now another Forum to check.

Today the Astrology boards - TOMORROW THE WORLD! }) mwahahaha *LOL*

P.S. Zorya, do you remember that story of the Scorpio Rising? Don't you remember you were my partner in my plan to take over the world? }) *LOL* :D

21-12-2002, 10:05
Pollux: I'm starting to suspect that you're a control freak. }) Not only busy persuading every member to the Tarotholic-Cult of yours, now you even want the world! Don't you Italians ever get enough?? *LOL* :* You know I love you. :)

Minderwitz: I'm sure you'll have a blast. And you got some good people working for you there. :)


21-12-2002, 19:16
Aeonx, you are in denial: you are part of the Scorpio Rising Sect too, don't you remember? })


21-12-2002, 21:54
OHHHH...sounds like WAY fun......

21-12-2002, 22:03
Originally posted by Pollux
Aeonx, you are in denial: you are part of the Scorpio Rising Sect too, don't you remember? })


I hoped you didn't remember that... }) *lol* :*


22-12-2002, 04:54
i think aeonx and i are the TRUE scorpio risings. WE can keep a secret! ;) takeover???? what takeover???? mwahahaha :joke:

22-12-2002, 08:04
oh yea, we just loooove a good secret! MWAHAHAHA! })
I know something you don't know.... *evil grin*


23-12-2002, 19:33
Hurry back!!

Scorpio rising. I am a scorpio rising. Anyone one want to tell me what that means? LOL, I have a Leo moon. I know a little about what being a scorpio rising means but that leo moon of mine makes me want to hear it again......and again, and again, again and again.

23-12-2002, 23:15
And deleted my reply. Apologies...