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20-12-2002, 04:23
As some of you might have guessed I'm dabbling my toes in astrology at the moment :) and decided to get a free natal chart done for my son who has an autistic spectrum disorder and dyspraxia, a motor skills disorder.
When the actual chart came up online it was amazing as all his activity was soley on one side of his chart, all quite close together.
The natal explanations were amazingly accurate in that it echoes so much of his problems. Mine and my other two childrens charts were all fairly well spaced, making Matthew's even more outstanding by it's lack of balance, it's total onesidedness.
I was wondering if illnesses or disabilities generally show in natal charts in this way?


isthmus nekoi
20-12-2002, 08:31
I've seen a number of charts where the energy is highly concentrated (my own being one of those!), and I wouldn't take this to necessarily indicate disability/mental illness. Although the imbalance could be a factor.

20-12-2002, 19:09
Hello allibee,

Minderwiz would be the ideal person to comment here but I think he has gone away for the week end.

There are correlations btween signs, houses and various health or disability issues. I have a physical health issue which could be seen in my natal chart. I also had a car accident earlier this year which I later found was predicted in a progressed chart.

It would be useful to see a good astrologer to get an overall analysis of your son's chart.

It would be also interesting to see where Chiron is situated in your son's chart and your own chart as well. Chiron is the Wounded Healer. I have a friend with a severely disabled but delightful young daughter whose presence can be partly foreseen or explained by Chiron's presence in Mum's chart.

Off topic, have you read any Oliver Sachs? He writes very interesting cameos of people with autism and other similar disabilities.



20-12-2002, 19:54
Oliver Sachs, funnily enough, wrote some articles we had to illustrate at college.... I got to do Super Tourettes!

Hi Isthmus, yes that was what I was getting at, can the imbalance possibly be a factor.



20-12-2002, 20:38
The A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator points out different areas in life and where to look for the info in the chart. One of the topics is health.
Look to the sign on the cusp of the first house and the ruling planet. Note it's influence by sign and house. And major aspects. The Sun also plays a factor for it is the male in astrology as the moon is female (if looking at a girls chart you would look at the moon's position). If the sun falls in the 6th house, this is unfavorable for good health. Uranus indicates complex disorders.

20-12-2002, 20:45
Thanks, I have temporarily added Matt's profile at astro.com, so you can see what I mean, and mine is up too.
Lunalafey, you share the same birthday as my number two son...small world, isn't it :)


21-12-2002, 00:15
having looked at the pdf's it says that we both have Chiron in the 5th house, and we both have Uranus in 11th house.
Matt's Sun is in 11th.

Hey, my Moon is in the 6th House!

21-12-2002, 03:30
I am 100% sure there is a "section" of astrology, just as there is Karmic Astrology or Horary and bla bla bla, that delas with health issues and conditions detected from a birth Chart - I have read references to it as "Diagnostic Astrology".
I am sure there is such cos there used to be some articles in an italian astrology magazine I used to buy, and a fixed two pages section where people made such questions and got some very interesting replies.
If you want, I can go delve some issues and post some examples.
Among the factors considered the are some specific cusps (especially 1st, 6th and 12th); each sign, and house related, represent a part of the body (obviously). Each part has a corresponding zone in the zodiac between two degrees: for example, nose goes from 10° to 16° Aries. Each planet has got some specific attributions. Mars represents operations, accidents, traumas or surgery/cuts; Pluto processes of cautherization, regeneration; Moon is fertility and births; Jupiter stands for hormonal balance and glands and so on...
In the end, they are all notorius associations coming from traditional astrology, but with a very specific application in this case. Honestly, I also thought I'd include some Diagno-Astrology onec I am a medician, it would be an interesting study.

21-12-2002, 07:10
I'm just on the verge of leaving for Dover but I felt that I need to make at least a holding response here. Firstly could allibee post the natal details of her son - Time, Place, Date - because I wouldn't make any comment without seeing a chart.

Secondly, I'd echo Isthmus' caution. Just because all the planets are in one hemisphere is not of itself an indication of any health related issue.

Please post the details and I'll feed back to you later on when I return from Dover - though it's likely to be after Christmas before I can post a reply on it.

21-12-2002, 08:30
Okey Dokey Minderwiz

He was born at 10.30am on 5th December 1986 in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex.

His problems aren't going to go away in his lifetime, so another week or so shouldn't make a difference.
And thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer.

Pollux, my friend,

It is an interesting thing isn't it?
I should think it would add a whole new dimension to your medical practice!


25-12-2002, 02:14
Just some general comments about the chart shape first. Your Son has all his planets in one hemisphere, this is not particularly unusual and is called a 'bowl' pattern. This is usually taken to indicate that life is full of demanding choices, usually of the self-interest versus self sacrifice type with often little in between. The task is to steer life towards a balance between the two - to try and manage an unselfish sharing type of life, which nevertheless seeing to your own needs. Helping those around will bring its own rewards.

The predominant elements in the Chart are Fire and Water - Action and Emotion, with very little Earth (grounding) or Air (Relationships). Normally these two latter areas would be the one for the person to work on, especially as Fire and Water are not a particularly harmonious pair.

The Chart Ruler is Saturn, (Capricorn Rising) Which is also conjunct to his Sun in Sagittarius. A normal interpretation here would be that this is a person who is strongly self defensive, and self protective - self discipline and self control would be other features. The main issue for such a person is normally taken as the issue of identity - who am I and how do I relate to others and to authority.

Your son also has The Moon in his first House, a position which usually indicates extreme sensitivity, sometimes moodiness, often with intense feelings that can be so powerful that they tend to turn away from issues or appear cold or unfeeling - because they have no buffers to protect against painful situations. He also has Mars in the first, usually a sign of assertion or agression. However in his case it is in Pisces, which again adds some sensitivity and compassion. Again it might be difficult to be self assertive because of feelings of personal and emotional vulnerability.

Finally the first House also contains Jupiter - normally a sign of personal growth, confidence and self assuredness. Jupiter is in Pisces, and is the traditional ruler of the sign (modern co-ruler) so it is strongly placed. It is squared by Saturn from Sagittarius, though Saturn is the weaker of the two planets (being ruled by Jupiter) and is in a loose conjunction with Mars (in Pisces). These may impose some restriction on Jupiter's expression but normally I would have said that Jupiter will still break through.

I'll make some health comments separately.

25-12-2002, 03:06
Seasons Greetings to you:

WoW, Minderwiz, thank you.... I shall look forward to your health related comments very much, and thank you for posting at all on Christmas Eve, that is very kind of you.

Thanks again


03-01-2003, 01:29
I promised a comment on health issues relating to Matthew’s Chart. In order to do this I want to firstly say something relating to Astrology and health in general. I believe that whilst a natal chart may show areas of strength and weakness relating to health, it does not indicate what will happen. For example someone who comes from a family with a history of heart disease may set out to diet and exercise in such a way that they reduce the risk to themselves significantly. In the same way Leo’s may carry a risk of heart problems (The Sun rules the Heart and the cardio-vascular system) but diet and exercise will reduce the risk. It’s not true to say that Leo’s will suffer from heart problems, more they may be prone to them if they do not act sensibly.

The first House together with the Part of Fortune gives some indication of general Health and planets in the first House may amplify the information. In Matthew’s case the Ascendant is Capricorn and ruled by Saturn. The first House contains the Moon (emotions, receptivity, intuition,), Mars (Assertion, aggression, action), Jupiter (growth and expansion) and the Part of Fortune. Jupiter and Mars are in conjunction and both square the Saturn/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius (on the eleventh House cusp). The almost exact Saturn/Sun conjunction usually indicates issues relating to self control, self denial, authority issues (either strongly for or strongly against) and as the Ascendant ruler, I would see this as indicating someone whose take on the world was strongly controlled by their own individual perception of it. Mars/Jupiter in the first may indicate that the person accident prone because their desire to act is so strong that they do not think through the consequences of their actions. At least one astrologer has linked this pairing to getting into hot water both metaphorically as trouble and literally in the form of being prone to scalds. Mars is also square to the Sun/Saturn conjunction, this may indicate trying to do everything at a rapid pace and possibly rage or anger at anything (including authority) that restricts them

The Moon in the first is also square to a Pluto/Venus conjunction in Scorpio. The latter is often an indicator of an intense, even compulsive need for affection (giving or receiving or both) – however this may be ‘buried’ or difficult to express and communicate given the Moon square as the Moon governs emotions. This may be made more difficult as the Moon is not really at home in Aquarius

The sixth House rules illnesses, diseases, and ill health. This House is in Gemini and ruled by Mercury. Mercury rules both the central nervous system and also the ability to communicate through speech and writing (and indeed rational communication generally). Mercury also rules the respiratory system. Mercury aspects the Ascendant and the Midheaven but does not have any aspect to another planet. This might suggest a difficulty in integrating Mercury functions into life.

I am assuming that Matthew’s condition has been with him since birth, so casting a chart for the onset of a disease, illness or accident would not help in the analysis.

Personally, I would not have identified any particularly serious problem from this chart, but some areas where trouble could arise in some form or other. Issues that I might have looked at if the your query had been more general would have been related to knees, bones, teeth, skin and nails – typically Saturn and Capricorn issues, possibly legs (Ruled by Aquarius, which is also Saturn related and Matthew has the Moon in Aquarius) and Sagittarian issues, usually related to Liver, gallbladder, sciatica, and problems caused by overindulgence.

03-01-2003, 07:07
I assumed he had saturn or capricorn somewhere lurking in that first house. People with disabilities or handicaps usually have Saturnine influences in the first house.

04-01-2003, 00:22
Yes, the Ascendant is in Capricorn but I'm always loathe to take one indicator of evidence of something as significant as a handicap or disability, around 8% of the population of the world have their Ascendants in Capricorn and all of us have Saturn somewhere in our charts.

Traditionally the position of Saturn may indicate a weakness in the body - in this case it would be the hip joint and neck of the femur (ruled by Sagittarius).

The Saturn/Sun conjunction is almost exact and this might well indicate a difficulty or restriction in expressing individual creativity and putting one's will into practice. With this conjunction being on the cusp of the eleventh this is likely to relate to relationships with friends, or a restriction on the achievement of hopes or wishes.

I must stress that Saturn/Sun contacts or other Saturn aspects do not necessarily imply bad things - they do usually imply restrictions, limitations or challenges.

04-01-2003, 20:49
hi Minderwiz

I suppose it's not fair that I haven't said much about what Aspergers Syndrome is. It's an Autistic spectrum Disorder and you have very accurately discribed things that impair him so badly in relation to other children of the same age. It's an interesting field, which tarot could not possibly touch on in the way astrology can. Also his Dyspraxia is very closely related to his legs and the clumsiness and discoordination there.

I expect it's somewhat like saying 'this is a certainty' when reading the tarot, but I think, personally, both your posts on his condition re natal chart are very accurate.

Thank you


04-01-2003, 23:12
Thank you for the post allibee. Whilst its 'professionally' comforting to know that the posts were accurate, this does not alter Matthew's condition and I wish him well with all my heart.