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29-05-2008, 05:50

I have an overwhelming amount of Gemini in my chart - my sun, rising, Mercury and Mars is in Gemini. Ugh. Yeah, I know. I am the communications master. I talk too much, I interrupt, I have a constant need for information, I have a severe problem with boredom...

But. My moon is in Pisces and I think that is what is saving me. My sister is a professional astrologer and she says that the moon is very prominent in my chart. So is Pluto.

She hasn't done my full chart reading yet, so that's why she hasn't gone into full detail and why I'm on here asking questions instead of my sister. We're still trying to get together as her schedule has been hectic.

Sure, I'm an information junkie (internet, books, talking) but I have this mysterious side and an intense interest in the paranormal and divination (hence the reason I'm on this Tarot forum) and am just consumed with anything of the other side. That didn't seem very Gemini-like.

I am just wondering if anyone has as much air in their chart? Sometimes I feel that despite the amount of Geminian influence, I feel more like my Pisces Moon. I'm an emotional sponge. I'm an emotional wreck, too, when I think of the plight of mankind and animals in a world like this (why I can't watch the news anymore!) Can a moon be so prominent in a chart as to override some major planets (especially ones in the SAME sign)?

04-06-2008, 23:25
Hello :)

A male friend of mine has Sun, Mars and Mercy in Aquarius, but a pisces moon...i have met him once but spoken to him many times over a period of two years....

I feel he is very "airy" and yet he tells me when his emotions come they almost drown him....he has a problem emoting but feels very very deeply....

This maybe how you feel at times....it is somewhat hidden from others...but is very intense and yes the Pisces Moon is a very strong influence even in the airiest of charts.....its also prone to escapism...

Hope this helps

BTW I love Pisces mooners...there is always something very enchanting about this placement..


Ocean Bliss
08-06-2008, 06:15
I wish my Moon was in a different sign to most of my planets. I squashed between Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Scorpio as well as sharing a sign with Venus and Pluto. (The latter two are also squashed together.) Heck a different element would be nice.

I actually agree with the Sun and the Moon being in different elements dominant to most of the chart. I just have to look at my brother to see that. Most of his planets are in Earth signs, Capricorn in particular but his Sun is in Sagittarius so he comes across as fiery to most people. (Plus his Sun is in his First House as well.)

08-06-2008, 21:14
It's never easy for me to do much in the way of analysis without a chart in front of me. You say 4 major planets in Gemini but only list 3. From your post I'm assuming that your Ascendant is also in Gemini but don't treat the Ascendant as a planet - it's a point. It's important and adds to the Gemini imbalance but it's not a planet.

From your post I guess that the Moon is somewhere near your Descendant and its prominence would come from its angularity. However without the chart I can't assess how angular it is.

Also without the positions of the other planets it's difficult to say how much Air you have in the chart. Mercury and Venus are likely to be in either Cancer or Taurus, depending on the degree of the Sun and the phases of Venus, it might be in Leo or Aries. So there should be some Earth or Water. possibly some Fire. Without the natal details its virtually impossible to place Jupiter and Saturn with any accuracy. I would down play the outer planets because they are at most generational rather than personal.

The Moon is not particularly well placed in Pisces - it's too Watery so your intuitive, nurturing side might not always work well with your main means of personal expression and its not something you can easily hide away. However as you grow older you will learn to control it, so you may well see that as an asset as an adult.

If you want more feedback post your natal details or a link to your chart.