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Fractal Tarot

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 12 Aug 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

wavebreaker  12 Aug 2002 
Does anyone have the Fractal Tarot? I think it's amazing!
I don't think I would be able to use it for readings, I think it's too abstract for that, but I would love to have it just for meditation. 

DarkElectric  12 Aug 2002 
Thanks for posting the link, That is a GORGEOUS deck!
To be honest, I don't think I could read with it to save the farm, but I think you're right about it being great for meditation. 

wavebreaker  12 Aug 2002 
I have the Portal Tarot too, which is similar in that it is also very abstract, although less so than the Fractal. I just love looking at its images, I always feel like I'm being drawn into them... ;)
I think the Fractal would have the same effect. I especially like the Water suit, just looking at these cards feels like going underwater... 

darwinia  12 Aug 2002 

I love the Portal tarot, I know just what you mean about being drawn into the cards. I am going to wait until they do the complete deck with the minors too. It's a very expensive deck but the quality of the images is supposed to be better.

Do you have the regular size deck or the bigger one? I bet the large one is an absolute knockout. The Fractal Firebird is beautiful as well although probably not great for actual readings. I prefer to use them for meditation anyway, and they are breathtaking images for that.


wavebreaker  13 Aug 2002 
I have the regular size Portal tarot, which I thought was expensive enough... ;). But the cards are all original prints, no copies, which is why it's so expensive. And because of this, the quality of the cards is really amazing! 

the hermit  13 Aug 2002 
tarotlady, I'm sorry, but you are an EVIL person, sent by the powers of darkness and over-extended credit limits to tempt the poor dwellers of this place. have you no shame?

(thanks for the link) 

wavebreaker  13 Aug 2002 
Originally posted by the hermit
have you no shame?
Nope. }) 

the hermit  13 Aug 2002 
Originally posted by the hermit
have you no shame?

Originally posted by tarotlady
Nope. })

i'm shocked... truly shocked

(you could get a promotion for an attitude like that... maybe all the way to Imp first class) 

Sullanciri2002  13 Aug 2002 
for posting these links, folks. Great art - didn't know about these.
Will certainly take time to take a closer look (I've been thinking about buying a majors-only deck for a while now) 

Pollux  13 Aug 2002 
WOW! I would not mind that deck in my chambers too.
I could read the Majors, but not the Minors, at least not Earth and Air.
You are right, tarotlady, the Water suit has a strong underwater feel!

I was wondering... Where do you find such gorgeous decks?
When I try internet searchs I only get junky sites promiting readings, not really unpublished arty decks or similar...
Your dark powers must help you a lot in this - I'll have to add this skill to my list. }) 

wavebreaker  13 Aug 2002 
Originally posted by Pollux
I was wondering... Where do you find such gorgeous decks?
When I try internet searchs I only get junky sites promiting readings, not really unpublished arty decks or similar...
Your dark powers must help you a lot in this - I'll have to add this skill to my list. })
I don't find the decks, Pollux, they find me... They sneak up on me when I least expect them and then haunt me until I get out my credit card... And even then they won't leave me alone, they will keep pestering me until I have posted about them on the forum and have gotten at least one other tarotholic interested in them... Only then will I find peace again, until the next deck comes along...

tarotlady - Imp first class (and proud of it! }) ) 

Laurel  13 Aug 2002 
I am ready to cry- both of those decks are so beautiful and my wish list is growing longer and longer by the day!


raeanne  13 Aug 2002 
The Fractal Tarot is very interesting! I loved the Majors. The Magician card appears to have a fist raised into the air with power just screaming off of it! Very intense! There is just a hint of RWS images in each of the Majors. The Minors are more like pip cards which I think works very well in this deck. The Prince and Princess cards were rather abstract but the King and Queen cards were very well done with the image of a person very noticable on each one. Iím going to bookmark this page Ďcause I just might have to order this one! 

Strange2  14 Aug 2002 
I have the large size Fractal Firebird deck, and it is a mezmering and beautiful deck! I have not yet read with these cards, but find them excellent for meditation and creative inspiration. One of the best new and original decks that have come out in recent years, in my opinion.

The creator of the deck, Maria Kruze, posts weekly write-ups on the Fractal Firebird cards on the Learning the Tarot forum on Yahoo, at:

Also check out Maria's new deck in progress, The Tarot of the Black Flamingo, at: 

purplelady  15 Aug 2002 
I Love the Fractal Firebird Tarot! It's on my wish list. I Love the use of color in all the suits, especially earth and air. Where do I find all these decks? A Lot of them are posted right here in the decks forum! In fact I think it was ME who originally found and posted a link to Fractal under decks. Usually I go to
and other deck review sites and find links under "what's new" or new reviews. When doing a search like in or type in "tarot deck reviews" or other variations like "tarot reviews". Yes some will be promoting readings but others will have reviews and links. Be sure to check out the "Links" page of various sites. Hope this helps. 

Kaz  15 Aug 2002 
i somehow dont like the fractal deck, and i do like abstract.......wondering why i odnt like it, dunno yet.
the portal tarot is stunning :-)
and the tarot of the black flamingo is also a beauty, i will keep an eye on that one, thanx for posting it


purplelady  15 Aug 2002 
The tarot of the black flamingo, how interesting! Thanks for reminding me to check out that link kaz. I wonder if it will ever be a 78 card deck or for sale?? I wonder what style of art that would be called? It looks like on some cards a bit of fractals is used. Some may be collage, drawing, or even some type of textured printing- interesting! I love finding a new deck! A few of the cards I didn't care for, others I really like. 

Sullanciri2002  16 Aug 2002 
Since this threat was posted, I've put in quite a bit of time and effort to contemplate both the images and backgrounds (even some reviews) of these two decks ... and I'm leaning strongly towards buying the Portal-deck.
Whereas I only see something of the card's meaning in the Fractal's imagery (the devil-card is one example where you get visual associations easily enough), most of the cards just don't give me enough of a linkage to what the card means: guess that's the problem when you use the same design-process for no less than 78 cards - using different colors doesn't really help that much.
The Portal tarot - the more I look at the cards, the more I understand where does short poŽtic pointers come from, and the more I realize how well the words were chosen. Besides, each of the cards shows a lot more links to the card's meaning (even compared to classical RW-meanings) than they seem to do on first sight. The price - OUCH - but, well, perhaps if you are willing to let four other decks off of your wishlists .... 

wavebreaker  16 Aug 2002 
I agree, the Fractal is far more abstract than the Portal. I just like the images a lot and I think it would be wonderful to use for meditation.
With the Portal, I keep seeing new things in the images all the time. I also like the concept of using portals for all the cards. Yes, the price is pretty OUCH ;), but then I prefer the more unusual decks like this one. And like I said before: the cards are all original prints, no copies, so the quality of the artwork is stunning. 

Kaz  16 Aug 2002 
%^&$# tarotlady, now what have you done........i almost ordered the portal deck, still doubting if wait for the minors or get it just majors and get minors later.
anyway, it's on top of wishlist


Jewel  21 Aug 2002 
Well I am impressed! not only with both decks but shocked at myself! ... why? well I do not typically like abstract decks and I really liked the Fractal. I am actually having a hard time restraining myself from ordering it right now.

The excuse that I am using with myself in relation to the portal tarot is that I do not collect Majors only dekcs (only have the Tarot for Cats in that category), and that for $5 less I could get the large sized Fractal *LOL* ... I am so lame ... 

purplelady  22 Aug 2002 
Actually Jewel, I totally agree with you. I would get the Large size Fractal. And I'm waiting for the 78 card portal to come out! :) . Nothing Lame about it! 

Sullanciri2002  23 Aug 2002 
ordered the Portal Tarot, and - strangely enough - wouldn't want it if it was a full 78-card deck.
It's something about the idea of using portals to symbolize the cards, and the idea that portals are similar to the "paths" between the sefirot ... which is how the 22 major arcana are sometimes explained.
Having 78 portals could be too confusing and would detract from that symbolic meaning - well, at least IMHO. 

Molly  23 Aug 2002 
Yes, ever since the Portal Tarot was featured on Tarotpassages it has been on the top of my wish list... listen to me. As if it had been on tarotpassages forever - I just discovered it, what, a week ago? and it feels like years. I hate having to wait to get my impatient, gready mitts on my dream decks!!!!!

I do like the idea of owning a majors only deck for meditation and clarification purposes.

BTW, thank you for the link to The Tarot of the Black Flamingo. I am not really drawn to the Fractal Tarot, but I LOVED what I saw of TOTBF and added it to my list. Hmmm, Maybe I should be saying thanks sarcastically too. (I know my husband will be - LOL!) 

The Fractal Tarot thread was originally posted on 12 Aug 2002 in the Tarot Decks board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Tarot Decks, or read more archived threads.

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