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La Magica Sibilla!!! by Luigi & Giulia Scapini!

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 08 Jun 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

BoomVoom  08 Jun 2003 
Hi everybody!

i just got so excited about getting this deck that i had to post and ask if anybody els has one!
what you think of it?
how do you use it?
do you finde sibyl decks easier or harder to use than tarot.

I also wanted to try to bring back the subject of the sibyl decks.
some links to some samples of my new deck:

i think the deck is gorgious. i'm just trying to get through the italian instructions.

something interesting that i realized is that the italian sibyls are not consistent with the french parlor sibyl...

if any one knows anything just leave a message.


BoomVoom  08 Jun 2003 
sorry those first links didn't work the first time around.
now they do. 

Maan  09 Jun 2003 
Hi BoomVoom
i never worked with these kind of cards but i love the beautiful and clean simplicity of these cards.
thank your for showing it hard to work with these cards?


BoomVoom  09 Jun 2003 
this is what i'm trying to work out.

it appears to be quite simple. there are no meanings in the little whight book, just on the cards. i'm curently trying to transelate the LWB because it only comes in italian. i can understand some italian so with the help of an online transelator, i'm just managing to scrape by.

the funny thing is that "The Parlour Sibyl" has many diferences. from images i've found on the internet, it appears that there are 2 diferent ways of designating the cards. all those you can finde in french and other languages seam to follow one scheem and thos that you can "only" finde in italian follow another.

but i'm very curious because i can't seem to finde anything on the internet or any where about the sibyl / sibylle / sibilla.
it apparentaly derived from the lenormand deck, but there is very little resemblance.

i'm wondering if the "Grande Le Normand" which also seems to have 52 cards, has anything to do with this deck.

i've also knoticed that there are alot of similaritys between the "Parlour Sibyl" and the "Livre Du Destin".


please if anybody knows anything...
you know what to do.


Maan  09 Jun 2003 
I might know a book about the sybil oracle..i'm not sure but i remeber something along the lines.....but its in dutch( do you speak dutch? being in belgium and all?)
I will try and see if i can find it again.


BoomVoom  09 Jun 2003 
dang! can't read dutch.

but thanks for the thaught any way. :) 

Maan  09 Jun 2003 
Tsssk your in Begium and can't read dutch. very very bad boy LOL;)
Anyway i have located the book but its OOP. But i remember were i saw the local library as a part of a book about fortunetelling. I might be able to rent it the next time i'm there and see if i can do some trancelation..but don't expect much...i'm not a very good at english..and it is short chapter


BoomVoom  09 Jun 2003 
no problem! thanks so much!

if you could, i would deeply indeted to you!


stella01904  13 Apr 2005 
MM ~ Just a hint from another Sibilla lover who doesn't speak Italian - if the Itailian translator won't work on a word, try a Sicilian one. BB, Stella 

tarotbear  13 Apr 2005 
So, what meakes a deck a 'sibyll' ? Are they divination-type decks? I actually have an unopened one done by Tavaglione but decided not to open it even though I bought it because I like his artwork. {I bought it on a private sale from Stu Kaplan.} 

WolfyJames  13 Apr 2005 
Sibillas are an italian form of cartomancy. I love sibillas. I have La Magica Sibilla, Il Vostro Destino and I Misteri della Sibilla. My favorite is I Misteri della Sibilla, I find it very special with all these italian scenics. 

annik  13 Apr 2005 
Even if I haven't used them yet, I have a few sybilla decks. I bought them first for the artwork. Maybe I will end trying a few spread with them. 

stella01904  13 Apr 2005 
tarotbear wrote:
So, what meakes a deck a 'sibyll' ? Are they divination-type decks?
MM ~ I'm not sure why some decks are called "sibyll" and some are not. They are all divination decks. An Italian Sibilla, proper, is a 52 card divination deck with playing card insets (or at least something indicating the suit and number) and a set "structure", for instance, the Queen of Clubs could be Giovine Fanciulla or Giovanetta, but in any case it is a young woman. You can still get the first Italian Sibilla, the Sibilla Originale from the 1890's. I think they are based on an older, traditional system of cartomancy with regular playing cards, as they are quite accurate! It works too well to be made up on the spur of the moment. A Sibilla Originale with a different coloring process is called a La Vera Sibilla This is my personal favorite but I also love the Sibilla Della Zingara It appears to be from circa WWI or so and is the first deck that drew me to Sibillas, it looks like antique postcards. Since then I have found them to be the easiest and most accurate decks in my collection. There are also french decks called Sibylls that follow a completely different structure. My Italian Sibillas are more closely related to Biedermeier, Biedermeier being the original version of Zigeuner, which looks like 50's pulp magazine art. But neither Biedermeier nor Zigeuner is referred to as a "Sibilla". Go figure.
I actually have an unopened one done by Tavaglione but decided not to open it even though I bought it because I like his artwork. {I bought it on a private sale from Stu Kaplan.}
Well, you are very lucky to be able to buy from the man himself! (Me, I've always dreamed of being around when Stevie Nicks cleans her closet..) Are there any images you could link us to? I'd love to see it! BB, Stella 

tarotbear  14 Apr 2005 
stella01904 wrote:
you are very lucky to be able to buy from the man himself! (Me, I've always dreamed of being around when Stevie Nicks cleans her closet..) Are there any images you could link us to? I'd love to see it! BB, Stella

I have four decks by Georgio Tavaglione: "I Tarocchi delle Stelle' - which is outstanding, "The Stairs of Gold Tarot", "The Enoil Gavat tarot deck" (Still unopened), and "Oracle de la Sibylle." Tavaglione draws very elaborate borders and has a lot of nudity in his art. He is not ashamed of the human figure, female or male.

I wonder if Tarot Garden has scans of any of these decks? 

stella01904  14 Apr 2005 
MM ~ The Tarot Garden Search on "Tavaglione". The have three of his, quite beautiful, but I couldn't get the url to work, you'll have to do the search yourself. But it's worth it, they're very nice. BB, Stella 

stella01904  14 Apr 2005 
MM ~ Is your Oracle de la Sibylle the same as L'Oracolo della Sibilla? That's Tavaglione, too, and a kissing cousin to the regular Italian Sibillas, although not the same. BB, Stella 

Cerulean  15 May 2005

It's a rather nice deck, done with the 'Greco-Romanesque' style that Tavaglione favored and it has classic 'godlings'. I know I posted a reading using some of the pictures/meanings, but still am looking in the forums for's a good deck for readings.

I have a hard time reading non-tarot decks for others, but I recall I managed something with this one...



Cerulean  15 May 2005 
to the so-called Egyptian style of tarocco you sometimes see as "Etteilla-style". They are interesting because if I read meanings Papus or Arthur Waite, there's a nodding and somewhat vague feel of the card meanings being similar to playing cards (without the majors) .

My Jeu de Princesse style decks (Watteau Tarot in Papus' description) or later (after 1880) Etteilla have similar depictions or pictures of 'Morte' for instance.

Italian Cartomanzia

Jeu de Princess - similar to my Italian Cartomanzia

Esoteric Tarot - Lo Scarabeo 

stella01904  16 May 2005 
MM ~ You are lucky to have that Italian Cartomanzia, it's gorgeous! Another foreign made, limited edition, expensive and hard to get deck on my wish list! :D BB, Stella PS And the other one is not bad for a Lo Scarabeo! Might end up getting that, too! 

The La Magica Sibilla!!! by Luigi & Giulia Scapini! thread was originally posted on 08 Jun 2003 in the Tarot Decks board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Tarot Decks, or read more archived threads.


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