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Tarot Deck Disposal

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 13 May 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

nemuri  13 May 2004 
To All-

I was wondering what the proper way to dispose of a tarot deck that is no longer in use is. I not longer have the need or desire to use this tarot deck and was wondering if it would be suitable to give it to someone else, even though it has been worn down quite a bit.

If anyone is interested, I will post in Deck Trading forum.

Thank you,

HudsonGray  13 May 2004 
!!! Don't throw it away!

Give it to someone, trade it off for the price of the postage, or stick it up on ebay. Even used decks find homes very quickly. 

raeanne  13 May 2004 
Hi Nemuri,
There are several folks here that use old cards in very creative ways! If you are artistic, you might come up with some nice decorating ideas that can put these cards to good use. You could decorate your room or maybe make some "tarot boxes" with these cards glued to the box and then put on a coat of shalac or something like that. 

sunflowr  13 May 2004 
You could lay the cards out (or your favorite cards) on a big table and get clear glass to cover it all with and have a unique table top! :) 

yve  13 May 2004 
I think someone starting out, who cannot afford a new deck might appreciate them! Older cards have character and are comfortable to use for someone starting out. I don't believe that there are any stigmas or things to be worried about trading or giving away cards. We do it all the time on this forum! 

laura_borealis  13 May 2004 
What deck is it? *is curious* 

skytwig  13 May 2004 
Puhleeeeeze don't destroy them...... (I must be too attached to Tarot.... it's like hearing that a puppy is going to be put down.... :( )

My first deck was a used deck that a friend 'gifted' to me; I love that deck and still use it today....

Thanks for asking, though :) 

kerri28  13 May 2004 
Hmm, what about a study deck? I have a deck which i've written on to help with intuitive meanings. I'm no longer needing to use them and i pretty much do fully fledged intuitive readings now anyways.

I know some say it's sacrilege to deface tarot but they served me well and I loved them like my own child. Still do actually, just not wanting to work with them anymore. Hope they're not feeling

So, what should I do with them??? Hmm, i think that's something i need to ask myself!lol 

Imagemaker  13 May 2004 
Which deck is it? (seconding Laura's question) 

nemuri  14 May 2004 
To all-

Your suggestions are wonderful. The tabletop one is really nice, and I would do that if I a) had the table and b) had the space. I do, however, have tons of wall space. As for writing on them, I'd probably feel like I was doing something wrong (lol).

This is my first deck and has also been given as a gift, but I hate to see it go to waste, as I don't use it almost at all.

In response to the questions, it is the Mythic Tarot.


hedgecub  14 May 2004 
Originally posted by nemuri
This is my first deck and has also been given as a gift, but I hate to see it go to waste, as I don't use it almost at all.

In response to the questions, it is the Mythic Tarot.

I think giving it to a friend who is inteterested in tarot or divination would be a lovely idea. The Mythic Tarot is a great deck for a beginner, and they can get the Mythic Tarot Workbook to go with the deck, which is a nice workbook to learn from.

Who knows, maybe you'll turn another 'normal' person into a tarotholic this way! :D 

Dark Inquisitor  14 May 2004 

skytwig  14 May 2004 
Ah, I have the Mythic Tarot..... have you read the book that goes with it..... lot of good info in it......

I use the Mythic when I am really struggling with Shadow.... yes, it seems to be a 'dark' deck, which is why I find it helpful at times....


moonlove  18 May 2004 
A deck (more than one actually) has come to me in very poor neglected condition. I was asked by a family member to dispose of them. They belonged (I think) to a relative who had an unhappy life and an unhappy death. The energy on the cards is not good. Their physical condition is poor, perhaps unusable. Cards missing. I suspect used for some unworthy purpose. Now, I beseach those of you who know to suggest a proper treatment for these cards. Should I try to clean them up and purify them, or simply give them an appropriate burial. I have never heard of a situation like this, have you? Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions. 

Raine  18 May 2004 
unless a deck is posessed, I wouldnt throguh it away. Im sure theres lots of people who would want a nice used deck! 

HudsonGray  18 May 2004 
If there are cards missing, it's still useful for an art project. They can be listed on eBay in the ephemera section instead of the tarot section. They'll make good collage subjects. I wouldn't just toss them. If you like, maybe donate them to some art project in your local area? Or put them up on the trade board here. 

dolphingirl  18 May 2004 
personally I hang on to alot of things cause I can't begin to count how many times I have thought that I would never need a item again then 6 months later been seen ripping the house apart to find it cause I need it again. I am also alittle suprised at how many people I see who use a deck for a while and then get rid of it. I keep all my books (I never know when I want to reread them) and I kind of look at tarot decks the same way. I just never know when I am going to want to use it again or heck pull it out when a group if going to discuss it. If you decide you must get rid of it I would

a) put it in the trade section (you just never know when someone else will come up with something you want desperately)

b) give it to someone you know has been interrested in tarot but didn't have the money to buy their own deck

c) you can always list it on Ebay or one of the other auction sites.

I wouldn't do what others do (leave it on a park bench or somewhere) cause gosh knows if I found it like that I would assume that it was lost and turn it in to the lost & found (not doing anyone any good) or someone might find it who would destroy it. Which is sad no matter how you look at it. 

peace_pixie  21 May 2004 
sit citrine crystals on the deck as it draws out all negative influences and purifys them. alsoif you want wave the cards through incense or see beautiful white light in and around the cards clearing them of all negative energys

hope this helps

Blessings Pixie 

moonlove  22 May 2004 
Thanks to Peace Pixie. I'll try your suggestion.
However these cards have suffered physical damage, spilled food, layers of grime that I doubt can be removed witout dissolving the ink. Some are stuck together so that when separated the surface tears. (I wasn't kidding about their being seriously misused). I would like to purify them and set their spirit free. There must be away to dispose of these precious symbols, safely and respectfully. (A national flag is properly burnt when it is beyond use...what do we do when the cards come to their useful end?) 

hedgecub  22 May 2004 
Originally posted by moonlove
I would like to purify them and set their spirit free. There must be away to dispose of these precious symbols, safely and respectfully. (A national flag is properly burnt when it is beyond use...what do we do when the cards come to their useful end?)

I would probably burn them with honour and respect. You could build a pyre for them and burn them while saying a small prayer or eulogy. To add to the respectful tone of the 'funeral', you could set up candles around the pyre (I believe you can get outdoor candles that are basically large candles on poles that you stick in the ground) and burn some incense. 

dolphingirl  22 May 2004 
There have been a couple of people to join that didn't have money for a deck, you could always offer it to somoen who would really love it for the colst of shipping. Even a well work deck deserves agood home :) :) 

moonlove  26 May 2004 
Thanks to Sarah Mitchell. This is the kind of suggestion I was hoping for. Perhaps devising a funeral pyre ritual would be best. The cards belonged to a family member, now deceased. It is hard to just burn them up. Scary to keep them.
Thanks again to all who responded.
My feeling is that the cards are sacred objects and ought not be handled carelessly. Use in works of art might be okay, but I would be reluctant to hand over Tarot cards to anyone who might misuse them or fail to respect their power (e.g., giving them children to cut up seems like a bad idea). Just one opinion. 

lark  26 May 2004 
Burn it
Take the ashes,
Put them in a little cloth bag,
Hang it by a string in a tree,
And let nature, the wind, and the universe take it back. 

Cerulean  28 May 2004 
Just another opinion, but it might not work for people

If you do not want to recycle by giving them away or using a few of the cards for art or other projects, there are other ways to recycle sensibly--books and text are considered by us learning to be rather special, even today.

If you want to do your own releasing kind of thoughts and such for comfort, better feelings and as it suits your personality, that is wonderful.

However recycling, which includes shredding laminated or unlaminated cardstock and separating them in the appropriate bins for pickup is not a bad idea. Because of ink processing and finishes, I don't think they can be good mulch for your garden.

I live in an area that we are careful to check the fire restrictions in the local area when we choose to incinerate items. We're getting into summer (sigh) and the local elements and wildlife are curious and we even have to consider how we are disposing of natural garden, tree and items. It's just another thought...may not help...



moonlove  30 May 2004 
Lark's idea is great. Placing the ashes in a cloth bag and tying it to a tree--this seems wonderfully healing to me. White sage to sweeten the blaze.
What heals the past heals me. What heals me heals the world.
Set the spirit free in rites of purification. A good thing to do.
Burning is no problem where I live, except in summer, but care with fire is always essential. One can burn in a fire ring of stones or in a brazier. Or even in a fireplace or barbeque. I have a burn barrel. BUT I will treat the cards with respect and burn where the ashes are readily collected.
Fire is a long recocognized intrument of purification.
But Nature is older and surer still. To that from which we came may we return to be born anew.
Maybe summer solstice is a good day for a fire. (Burn restrictions begin here usually on July 4.)
Blessings and thanks to you who have offered your suggestions.

tao51  21 Jun 2004 
My first deck is over 30 years old and was used heavily but I was careful by not exposing it to environmental dangers. I hold my Tarot cards with such respect that I could not use them in an art project or simply toss them out. I think the suggestion of burning them if they are absolutely of no use (cards stuck together, so filthy that they can barely be read, cards missing, etc.) may be a better choice.--Tao 

The Tarot Deck Disposal thread was originally posted on 13 May 2004 in the Tarot Decks board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Tarot Decks, or read more archived threads.

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