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Are any of the "Erotic" tarot decks useable?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 14 Mar 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

jeseryn  14 Mar 2005 
I like the looks of the Decameron, Manara and Tarot of Cassanova. Of course given the subject matter I wouldn't use them often but maybe as a personal deck from time to time for myself or a lover.

Can anyone recommend which of the three has arcane imagery worked into the cards that you can connect and work with?

I think I've seen some of Manara's graphics on his website years and years ago as having been in his older comics. I'm a bit leery about that if the images are just arbitrarily yanked from his comics then I'd rather get his playing card set.


tarotbear  14 Mar 2005 
There is also the 'Tarot Erotica,' and the 'The Garden of the Erections' {AKA Garden of the Penises}.

Needless to say, I wouldn't read for my grandmother with any of these decks. However, they may work well for readings about sexuality, and/or readings you do for your sexual partner. If you do sex magic, or do spellwork with tarot cards, then the images could work very well in those contexts.

For asking questions such as ' Will I ever be able to afford buying my own house?' with these decks ... one of the images in the tarot Erotica is a man being raped by his cellmate ... maybe that is the answer to the question!

IMHO - these are decks for collecting, but not for doing everyday readings. 

closrapexa  15 Mar 2005 
I tried Googling 'The Garden of the Erections' but I coudn't find it. Is that its real name? 

Umbrae  15 Mar 2005 
It’s not Garden of Penises, but the OOP Garden of Priapus. The actual name is Tarocco dei Giardini di Priapo.

(Personal Opinion Warning)

I prefer the now also OOP Tarot Erotica by Lori Wells…it’s very cool. The Manara deck also is worth a mention here.

Now you also have to put the Black Tarot in the erotic category. It features the the work of Louis Royo. However the art is not truly arraigned to symbolize tarot, but a method to showcase 78 Royo illustrations.

One highly opinionated thought on Erotic Tarot – as with all erotica, know your audience before you whip it out… 

Sechat  15 Mar 2005 
I recently posted about the Tarot Erotica on the "underrated decks" thread. Is it useable? My experience with this deck is that it has a very defined outlook. It isn't a deck that I would use to ask "what are the issues at work at my job?" unless you are seeking insight on the corporeal drives that are impacting the situation, e.g., sexual, health, etc.

One trend that I've noticed is a focus on the spiritual motivations and/or implication to be found in the Tarot. I believe that the Tarot can also bring to light factors that arise from our existence as physical beings.

The example used of a card that depicts someone raped by his cellmate happens to be the five of cups--which I find to be a very interesting, meaningful portrayal.


tarotbear  15 Mar 2005 
The Five of Cups is a card about despair. Being raped - possibly continually - by your cellmate without anyone to stop them or help you would probably fill the bill of 'despair.' 

Jeannette  15 Mar 2005 
For what it's worth:

-- Jeannette
The Tarot Garden 

Fudugazi  15 Mar 2005 
I'd also recommend the Tarot Erotica by Lori Wells. It's gorgeous. One of my grandmothers would have liked it, but then she was unusual :). 

truelighth  15 Mar 2005 
There is also a Erotica Tarot by the Swedish Yllva Trollstierna. I think you can images on Tarotgarden. It is in black and white, but the symbolism in that one is actually pretty good, even though it is erotic. So maybe worth looking for if someone wants a good erotic reading deck. 

The Are any of the "Erotic" tarot decks useable? thread was originally posted on 14 Mar 2005 in the Tarot Decks board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Tarot Decks, or read more archived threads.

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