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Christian tarot reader...Yes there is such a thing!

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 10 Apr 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Andryh  10 Apr 2002 
I am a practicing Christian and an ardent tarot lover. Some people find this very inconsistent if not heretical. Some might say that I'm not truly a Christian if I read tarot cards...Most likely these comments will come from other Christians! The fact is that I feel that my study of the tarot has only enriched my faith. For a long time I struggled with my love for tarot and my faith. At one time I got rid of all my decks because I was told God disapproved. With a lot of thought and prayer, I came to the understanding that tarot cards are not evil, but beautiful expressions of spiritual realities and the human condition. Needless to say my decks are back, and my collection is bigger than ever. Is there anyone else out there who has struggled with this...Who is struggling with this. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

RedWood  10 Apr 2002 
I am not an ordinary christian as it is..I have struggled with tarot and my faith..I grew up hearing that they are pagan and all pagans are evil. I used to be very afraid of them. When I met my boyfriend he explained wiccan and tarot to me in depth and now I see no evil in the cards. (I am still scared of the ouji board tho). I think it does bring me some discipline and closer my faith..Great subject to bring up!! 

Zhritza  11 Apr 2002 
From the little I know about Jesus and his life, I hardly think he would frown upon people using a certain method to stimulate our thought processes and discover more about ourselves so that we can hopefully become better people. His self-appointed spokesmodels, on the other hand... :( But, their opinions are irrelevant to what Jesus is really about; and if you're Christian, and you follow Jesus, I think you have every reason to ignore those who try to put words in his mouth. I will never be a Christian. I am unwilling to follow and emulate one person, which is what Christianity is supposed to entail. If following a messiah feels right for you, however, then Jesus is certainly a good choice, and he was tolerant and loving. ;) 

Diana  11 Apr 2002 

sarahenglish  11 Apr 2002 
I am a christian and it was hard for me to let go of the fear of Tarot. However, the more I study it, the more I see correlations. The Tarot shows us Archetypes and Jesus is the ultimate archetype. I even wrote a paper one time about how he is the archetypal father, mother and child all in one. At least that is my humble opinion :) 

Mairead  11 Apr 2002 
I am a Roman Catholic who practices tarot! Since my Irish mother has not yet beat me with her rosary beads, I figure I must be ok. Jokes aside, I think we have to remember that a lot of the "fear" allotted to tarot is "man-made."

Fear of the onknown has always ill-affected people. Ignorance is another curse. It is my belief that if you use something for evil, evil will come of it. If you use it for good, only good can come from it. 

Andryh  11 Apr 2002 
Thanks to all for the thoughtful replies to this post. I was especially interested in this most recent reply because I am seriously thinking of converting to Roman Catholicism (I am currently a Methodist). I love the beautiful rituals of the Church, the Saints and the Virgin Mother...So powerful. I am concerned that I will be excommunicated if it is discovered that I am a tarot enthusiast. Have you ever discussed your love of tarot with a priest, and if so (dare I ask...) what was his reaction? I'd love to hear from you. 

Mairead  11 Apr 2002 
Hi Andryh

Yes, I, too, love the ritual of the Mass and it truly nurtures my spirituality.

I, however, haven't discussed my tarot practice with a priest. I'm rather independent in all parts of my life, so I must let you know that I don't really allow myself to be led by anyone or anything unless I deem it worthy. I also have a rather expanded sense of spirituality. For example, I believe in reincarnation. The Catholic church doesn't, but I don't let that stop me from practicing my faith. Since I see tarot as only good and a method that can enlighten my life and give wisdom, I trust my own judgement in using it. I don't think that it is cause for excommunication. I think you really have to try hard to be excommunicated these days.

As with anything, I really think we need to trust our own judgement when it comes to our sense of spirituality. If you are having trouble accepting your tarot use, I would invite you to consider what it is that troubles you. Are they your beliefs or beliefs held by others? Let your own intuition be your guide. God (or the universe, whichever anyone prefers) gives us each a light. Let your light guide you.

Let me know if you have further questions. I would be happy to help in anyway I can. 

Liliana  11 Apr 2002 
Im an eclectic Christian myself, combining myfaith with muchof the beliefs of Wicca. The Rider Waite deck is very Christian,I mean Adam and Eve as Lovers, the Devil card, the Ace of Cups showing communion, the pillars of the High Priestess from Solomons temple. The fundalmentalists really have screwed up Christianity,none of them practice the 2 commandments that Jesus said were most important, love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Neighbor doesnt mean only other Christians, especially not only Christians the same denomination as you. I was raised United Methodist too, and I love the ritual of Catholic Church as well as the Virgin Mary, but I dont agree with much of the Catholic doctrine. If you would like to remain Protestant ut have a lot of the Catholic ritual I recommend an Episcopalian church. Ive recently started attending one and its lovely :) 

Pedeka  11 Apr 2002 
I am a Christian, and although I hide my tarot from my "more" Christian relatives. I have checked and double checked. The Bible stands against FALSE prophets and the worship of other gods BEFORE God. It cautions against putting faith in idols before or instead of God, but doesnt say anything about WITH God. Some people take passages from the Bible and misquote and take things out of context. They do this to further their own agenda. Besides its much easier to say Prophesy and prophets are bad, than to try and figure out which ones are and which arent. Look at the Old Testament... you couldnt throw a stone back then without hitting one of Gods oracles or prophets.
The Bible also tells us that God answers prayers and that we should look for his answers in signs. The way I look at it, a tarot deck is a big flashing neon kind of sign.
Thats just how I see it. 

meatbox666  15 Apr 2002 
I have donethe same 

Temperance413  15 Apr 2002 
I'm a Roman Catholic and have struggled over this issue for so long. I tried Wicca, some pagan paths, well not really tried them, but read up on them to see if they were for me.
I can honestly say that who ever said that about fear being man made is soooo right.
If you look at the bible and what Jesus said and talked about, it's not any different than what all the othe great prophets talked about. All the old religions and thier Gods all said the same thing.
I believe there are many ways to seek God and His greatness, and catholicism is one way, but not the only way.
If you have a way to connect with God, your higher self, divinity, the Holy Spirit, amd who ever else you may want to contact, (That will BENEFIT you spiritually, emotionally, etc.) than Ii truly believe that they were put here by God to help you. They are not a work of the devil, who was made up by us Christians by the way!
So after all that I am still a practicing Catholic, but I'm not so much into all the hell and damnation and scare tactics and guilt trips that were put there by human minds. I concentrate on the glory of Christ and how beautiful the mass is and get all the love that God wants to bestow upon me, and still read my tarot! 

Andryh  15 Apr 2002 
Thanks for the wonderful replies. It is so good to hear from insightful Christians like you. Sometimes the most difficult part of being a Christian is thinking for yourself. I really had to struggle between trusting my own intuition, and trusting people in positions of power. I've discussed my love of tarot with my pastor, and while she didn't reject me or show any personal disdain, she made it clear that she did not approve of the tarot. Talk about inner conflict. I am so glad that I was finally able to come to terms with this, and trust my inner guidance. I love Christ and I really feel that working with the tarot has only deepened my relationship with him. It makes me so glad that others have come away from similar struggles with the same peace. Thanks again for the thoughtful replies. 

Kellinator  17 Apr 2002 
I'm an eclectic Christian who practices magick, and I agree with everyone: Follow your heart. Even the apostle Paul, whose writings I don't always agree with, suggested that.

I treat tarot and magick as an extension of my worship. I always ask God for guidance before I read the cards.

It's so nice to see so many similarly-feeling people! :) 

Logiatrix  18 Apr 2002 
i'm not now a christian, but i did attend a few different places of worship for most of the 1990's, to see if christianity was for me or if i was for it.
i was raised by a buddhist papa-son and a hispanic catholic mamasita, with a lot of born-again relatives trying to save me during the holiday gatherings.
i borrow from both sides of my religious heritage to create a kind of spiritual convergence that works for me.
tarot is actually the first spiritual practice i have found that marries well with just about any other practice or belief.
also, i do readings for several christian individuals who clearly have no issues with tarot. 

Sorceress_Jade  19 Apr 2002 
I too struggled w/ my whether Tarot was a sin or not, and I too got rid of my deck. That was long ago, and I am no longer a Christian, and now have my small family of decks close to me always.

Here are some things in the Bible, however, that you may wish to read, on Divination and Prophecy.

Deuteronomy 18:20-22
Ezekiel 13:3, 6-9
Deuteronomy 13:1-5

I feel like there's more than that, but I don't know where my concordance is :D


suzyspellbound  20 Apr 2002 
I have always used the tarot as a tool to help me when I can't see things clearly and need guidence. But this dosen't mean I won't look to God too! When I do readings for others I am just trying to help them out with a problem, but I just help them to see further + give them clarity, I don't think God would have a problem with me trying to help others in need.

These are just my simple feelings, however my bible always sits on top of my deck on my book shelf!

You just need to do what feels right, what you have leant from God and Jesus will help you do what is right. 

SusanAe  25 Apr 2002 
Hey.. wuzz up?

I am also a Christian Tarot Reader and I have not only come up against the right wing Christians (they worry about demon possession and Mr. Satan alot) I have been persecuted by them at my workplace. I have been told that there is no such thing as a Christian Tarot Reader, it is an oxymoron and that I have to be either for Christ or against him. Tarot is, as they have said over and over with their hands over their eyes, ears and brains, witchcraft, a tool of such and oh my my my. I tried to explain that Tarot is knowledge, it is a tool, it is a means of communication with the Divine, the Holy Spirit, it is acceptable in the quest for the Christ consciousness, it is a way to pray, a way to hear answer from the living God. Nope.. they have their minds made up and you can't change them. I spent many years in church and in serious bible study.. I'm no novice to faith for Christ, they couldn't put me down, and they couldn't win a debate they seriously attempted to win. I refuse to discuss it with anyone who isn't sincere with their questions as the prejudice and superstion is legion.
I say at my altar, "I am surrounded by the White Light of Christ and nothing but good shall enter, all evil must return to the darkness from which it came" I also say the Lords prayer before I do a layout.. nothing but the Holy Spirit and I! 

Kiama  26 Apr 2002 
Three cheers for SusanAe!

You show great courage and strength to be able to put up with people from your own religion persecuting you like that. Well done!

It is a shame that fundies like this are so set in their minds that they won't accept anything else, even if that something else is right! Mind you if, we could change their minds, then they wouldn't be fundies, would they?! ;)


floracove  01 May 2002 
When I was younger I had no REAL spiritual teaching and that's ok...I have been to several different churchs and am an inactive morman...there are alot of things(issues) that are very interesting there, and I do appreciate that they belive that we all have the right to believe, follow & worship; who, where, and what we feel is right for us...
I believe that no matter what your inclination, it is better to know something about as much as you can learn about everything than to know nothing...
And since there are many levels of heaven I am sure that we will all be there...For we are loved unconditionally. And are given many, many opportunities to better ourselves...
And we should keep in mind that people are just people and we all have gifts and shortcomings and we do not all have to agree on everything, thank goodness for free will.
And I personally do not feel that using tarot is the same as worshipping it as a god/idol...
So live your lives as you see fit, because it is your life.

Here's to love and laughter!!! 

The Christian tarot reader...Yes there is such a thing! thread was originally posted on 10 Apr 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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