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Choosing a significator?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 13 May 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

RedWood  13 May 2002 
How does one choose a significator? How do you do that for someone on email or over the phone? Thanks 

debins  13 May 2002 
You could try using their astrological sign or if consulting by phone work intuitively by the sound of their voice. Also, you could work intuitively by reflecting on the nature of the inquirer's question.
Hope this helps.

jade  13 May 2002 could just pull it out of the deck. unless you like your significator to be a court card....then you could always pull them out first and then choose from that smaller pile.

in light,

RedWood  13 May 2002 
jade, is that how you do it? The thing I have heard about pulling one out of the deck..If it is a major then it wont be in the deck for the reading... 

Kaz  14 May 2002 
i use a "significator" as a starting point in a reading where all cards are in line and there are no meanings for positions. this works very well for creating a storyline, i just pick any card that is there, i don't know why i pick the one i pick, but it works just great.


Mermaid  14 May 2002 
I'm a rebel ... I don't use one at all :D

I do that because I like all of the cards to be in the deck for my reading, so that any of them could come up in the spread. It's always worked fine for me.

Does anyone know what the purpose of the signifier is? I can see why you'd want to use one if you're reading for someone else with a deck that is attuned to you! But why would you use one if you're just reading for yourself with your own deck?


Mermaid  14 May 2002 
PS - :| I'm not trying to be argumentative or critical or anything nasty like that at all, I'm just curious! 

Liliana  14 May 2002 
When reading for someone else over the phone or online its helpful to have something to help you focus on them, a significator. For people you dont knowwell astrological sign/ade/sex can choose it, like a young female water sign would be Page of Cups. Someone you know better you could use something to suit their personality, like a shrewd cool thinking woman could be Queen of Swords.

But for personal readings for myself I wont pull one. I do know whatmy significator is, so if it shows up I know theres something important being said and should listen up.


jade  14 May 2002 
*whispers* i don't either mermaid!


Geenius at Wrok  15 May 2002 
I don't use significators either, but I do identify certain cards with certain people and interpret them accordingly, depending on context, of course. 

Ravenswing  15 May 2002 
the best solution to the signifacator question that i have seen is that of the transfomational tarot. there is a blank card with a border entitled "significator". this way all the cards are used for the reading, and rather than trying to find a match for the readee, one can impress on the blank.


Mermaid  16 May 2002 
What a totally funky idea, Steve!

I think I'd find it kind of spooky to read with just a blank card for the signifier, but what is cool is that you could draw yourself on it & make your very own signifier for your own readings! How more personalised could you get? :D

What a cool idea! (Mermaid hurries off to find some blank card, scissors, coloured pencils and of course HEAPs of glitter!) 

Zhritza  16 May 2002 
I also don't use a significator when reading for myself. I don't read much for other people, but when I do, I might use a significator if I don't know them well. That's only happened once or twice. I don't like only having 77 of the cards in proper use for a reading, it feels imbalanced to me -- of course, I'm sorta obsessed with balance. 

Aerin  16 May 2002 
I also don't use a significator. I do hold a picture of the person I am reading for in my mind though. When I am reading for myself I just hold me in my mind :)

Like others, I wouldn't fancy having a card short. And quite often I read courts as if they are different aspects of the querent. I would find it distracting to have to choose one as if that was all I/ someone else was.

Like the idea of a blank card though.


Kiama  16 May 2002 
Sometimes, if I do need a significator, I will include a position in the spread I am using to accomodate a significator, chosen by the deck... So, I will possibly have card 1 as 'Where this person is now' or 'What they are like'... That will be my significator, as well as helping me with the reading and its overall context and interpretation.


The Choosing a significator? thread was originally posted on 13 May 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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