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riffle shuffle?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 04 Oct 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Kaz  04 Oct 2002 
can somebody explain what this is and how you do that?
thx :-)


MeeWah  04 Oct 2002 
Kaz: There are several threads on shuffling, but try this one: 

Strega  04 Oct 2002 
Meewah: 404 File Not Found.

Kaz: You can try this thread. :) 

Strega  04 Oct 2002 
Also see this SITE (provided by Major Tom). :)


Eyes of Night  04 Oct 2002 
I don't know if I should ask here or not.
If you don't riffle your cards, how can you get reversed cards? 

Strega  04 Oct 2002 
Eyes of Night: The same question was asked at these threads:

Hope that helps. :) 

MeeWah  04 Oct 2002 
Strega: That is so strange, as it worked when I used it! Wil check again. & thanks! 

MeeWah  04 Oct 2002 
I located the thread in question. It is accessible via another thread, which I am skipping. Here is a copy of NexyJo's post:

i remember a discussion about shuffling and the different ways that people use to mix up a deck. my boyfriend used to work in a casino, and happened to mention the "proper" names for the two different types of shuffling that i'm aware of, so i thought i'd pass along that info.

what i would consider "normal" shuffling, the way you typically see a regular deck of playing cards shuffled is called riffling - "to riffle", pronounced like the firearm. that's when you divide the deck in half, one half in each hand, and bend the corners, and let the cards slip past your thumbs, effectively piling back the two halves of the deck, in alternate order from each half. sheesh, that's a confusing description - i hope it's clear enough. anyway, there are several styles of doing this, but it's all the same as far as shuffling. i see this method as pretty hard on a deck - it bends the cards, weakening them to some degree, and i believe causes some wear and tear.

the other common shuffling method is called "lacing" - "to lace", pronounced exactly as you'd think, like the trimming on my night gown. in this method, i hold the deck in my left hand, and with my right, grab most of the deck, and let several cards fall out of my hand, placing them in the front of the cards still in my left hand. i keep doing this until all the cards are back in my left hand. in the past, i incorrectly refered to this as "hand over hand" shuffling.

i think lacing is much less hard on a deck - my robin wod deck is shuffled every day with this method, for about a year and a half, and shows virtually no signs of wear. it's the only way i shuffle a tarot deck.

so, which method do you use? or do you use another method, like spreading the cards on a table, mixing them around, and piling them back up? or all three? or something else all together?

luv and light,

Eyes of Night  04 Oct 2002 
Thanks Strega. I just never know when to flip them around.
Do you know a link where I can learn how to riffle the cards without having to hold the whole deck? My hands are really small and I have a lot of difficulty holding onto my RWS, even when I'm lacing the deck. 

Strega  05 Oct 2002 
Originally posted by Eyes of Night
Thanks Strega. I just never know when to flip them around.
Do you know a link where I can learn how to riffle the cards without having to hold the whole deck? My hands are really small and I have a lot of difficulty holding onto my RWS, even when I'm lacing the deck.
You can check out other shuffling methods. Or you can create another thread to ask for shuffling tips. :) 

divinerguy  05 Oct 2002 
I'm a swoosher shuffler. I like handling the cards. 

Kaz  05 Oct 2002 
ok i have the answer, i found what i looks like on one of the links.
sorry for asking a q that has been asked before, i know it was, so sorry for being a huge lazy-ass.
moderator please close it?


The riffle shuffle? thread was originally posted on 04 Oct 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.


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