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Tarot Journal

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 26 Oct 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Joywalker  26 Oct 2002 
It is adviced that as beginners,we should start off with a tarot journal.

Out of curiosity,for those who do keep tarot journals, what are the things do you record in your journals?

Please share so we could all learn and maybe even get to know other interesting way of tarot journaling.


wavebreaker  26 Oct 2002 
The things I write in my journal:
  • Spreads that I like. Most of them are from Aeclectic members who posted them here by the way... ;)
  • My own readings, so I can look them up again. Especially readings done on the same subject over time are very interesting to compare. Or sometimes a reading doesn't make sense right away, then I just write it down and most of the time it does make sense in a while.
  • Notes on tarot in general: things that I read in books, that I read here on Aeclectic, that I find on the internet.

temperlyne  26 Oct 2002 
I also make drawings of the cards as I see them personally, but pictures from magazines work wonderfully as well.
The more I work with the tarot, the clearer their personals meanings become to me so I safe a page or two for each card where I write down all that I connect to a specific card and combine that with the images I collect/draw.
Also, sometimes a perticular person is connected to a card, that can help me in future readings as well.

Have fun making a journal! And when you look back on it later, even deeper meanings and connections shall be revealed. 

jema  26 Oct 2002 
my "journal" is in several parts. a ring binder with loose papers and prints out from the net, spreads etc, and then several notebooks with just about everything in them in chronological order which makes it hard to find specific things unless i know when i wrote them down oh and then there is the little notes i keep in tarot books, the tarot folder on my hard drive, the tarotposts in my on-line journal etc etc...

it is just that i write a lot about tarot and i am not a very structured person - never has been so it may look like chaos and it is chaos - but a rather creative one.

important is to do it in a way you like and can keep doing for years to come. remember that not everyone is neat and orderly and keep the journal cross-indexed (but oh what a treat it would be to have that!!)
some of us are disorganised and messy and if we try to keep a neat tarot journal chances are it will only get a few pages written and then be seen as a burden and not a joy.

but here is some lines from one of my journal posts for example:

deck: tarot of the spirit
card: 6 of winds - clarity

first impressions:
a diamondshaped enclosure that looks messy, surrounded by 4 sword edges and two swords crossing it. pale and icy colours, blue white and yellow. containing the chaos, crossing it out, don't letting it rule you. the clarity to cut through lies. but the "messy" part inside the shape is also what contains meaning and what makes one grow.

from the book:
everything is suddenly clear. enjoy it but be careful not to be overly optimistic or pessimistic. balance is needed. nothing is inherently good or bad. clear lines of communitcating with higher self.
oh and the "mess" is really "wings of protection"
i don't know, i think i like to see it as the mess of life anyway. like something that is bothering us but still manage to give us nurishment. just that we need to be able to see through it.

how this relates to me right here and now:
i think i know pretty well that it is my choices that makes up my future and that if i keep a cool head and try to cut through my own fears and preconceptions i will gain clarity and some kind of elevated calm. but i think i see a risk here of detachment too. the unwillingness to deal with "messy" things. perhaps i am hiding from those insecureties.

i'll keep the card open today and see how i feel about it later." 

Talisman  26 Oct 2002 
'Lo all,

Oh, Jema,

My "journal" is so like yours, I had to laugh.

A three-hole, lined, spiral notebook. By my printer, I have a ream of paper three-hole punched, so I can print out homemade spreads and neat stuff from Aeclectic. These loose sheets are jammed in the back of the spiral notebook. Also some sketches on index cards are jammed in there, and often flutter out when I pick the thing up.

Sometimes, when I'm reading Aeclectic, the notebook, open to a fresh page, is next to my 'puter, and serves as a coaster for a cup of coffee or tea. You can tell 'cause of the rings.

There were times when I'd get ambitious, for a page or so, and color-code my daily three-card readings, so there are splotches of color in my journal. But for writing, I prefer black ballpoint or, rarely but sometimes, pencil.

Come to think of it, Jema, my journal is probably a lot sloppier than yours. I love to look at those blank books with creamy pages. Such an invitation to creativity. But it would never work for me. I'd be so intimidated by all that perfection, I'd never desecrate it by making a scribbled mark.

I will, however, eventually, maybe, put the whole affair in a three-ring binder. Have a couple empty and waiting, for something.

Love to read stuff like this.

Umbrae  26 Oct 2002 
1) Each and every reading. The spread used and the cards.

2) How the spread was interpreted.

3) Things I thought about but did not tell the sitter.

4) Random thoughts that come through later.

5) Ideas about life in general. 

Maan  26 Oct 2002 
readings with date and deck and my first impression and many times the insights i got after a few weeks

New decks spreads of every deck i have

Spreads and intresting threads printed out from aeclectic

My personal insights and ideas about the cards

Some ideas about what a certain card needs to look like in MY deck and some drawings of those ideas

Poems and proverbs that fit a special tarot card 

Fuzzmello  26 Oct 2002 
Originally posted by Umbrae
1) Each and every reading. The spread used and the cards.

2) How the spread was interpreted.

3) Things I thought about but did not tell the sitter.

4) Random thoughts that come through later.

5) Ideas about life in general.

Ditto this, except that any "ideas about life" are Tarot-related. My tarot journals are tools more than anything else.


ihcoyc  26 Oct 2002 
I've a couple: a readings book, where I keep most readings, assuming the book is handy for me to write in when I do them. Usually this just contains a note as to which deck I used, the cards themselves, and brief comments. I usually leave space to make any notes as to later things that happen that confirm or disconfirm my first impressions.

I've a commonplace book besides this. This contains musings on cards for the day, when I think of something to write for them, back when I was in a more regular card of the day habit. It contains song lyrics, bits of poetry and quotations, keywords, and literary, historical figures, or celebrities who remind me of certain cards. (The Queen of Swords is Greta Garbo. The Queen of Swords Rx is Lady Macbeth. That sort of thing.) 

Mystica  26 Oct 2002 
I use 2 journals, one is a spiral notebook for all daily readings, quick thoughts on decks or cards, new spreads to try, etc.

The other is more reference I guess, a 3-ring notebook so that I can add pages. Divided into different sections:

1. Readings I've done for others, with thoughts that came later, and notes about the querant. (date of birth, phone and/or e-mail, etc.)
2. Readings for myself, not daily, but more like birthday readings, or regarding a important question or situation.
3. Print-out of Thirteens' helpful list of card interpretations.
4. Print-outs of e-mails that I wanted to save for whatever reason.
5. Spreads
6. Misc.! 

Melvis  26 Oct 2002 
I have more than one journal, too. I have (had, actually...I can't find it now! aarrghh!) one with one card per page where I write notes about each card, keywords, quotes to go with the cards, and opinions of the cards from different authors (Rachel Pollack, etc.).

I have a second journal with notes on decks that I have started creating over the least 2 or 3 to date!

A third journal is a general journal where I keep spread ideas, readings I've done, and all kinds of miscellaneous tarot stuff.



WolfSpirit  27 Oct 2002 
I have a self-made "reference book" with spreads printed from aeclectic or anja's spreads website, Thirteen's basics etc.

The real journal has all spreads I've done, the deck I used, my instant interpretation, and sometimes I search for more meaning from my tarot books, I add that later (so there's sometimes lots of arrows to comments added later). 

Joywalker  27 Oct 2002 
Thank you so much for all the responses!!

This is great! Really help beginners like me! ;)

BTW,what's the Thirteen Basic? 

Maan  27 Oct 2002

This is thirteens tarot basic's
Full of wisdom and insight i hope you will learn asmuch from it as i did:) 

Joywalker  27 Oct 2002 
Thanks Maan,but when I tried to read the link, it says "I do not have the permission to the page..."

Is there anywhere else I could access to these Thirteen Basics? 

wavebreaker  27 Oct 2002 
Yes, try this link in the Text section of Aeclectic Tarot. 

Alissa  27 Oct 2002 
My readings, those I've done and those done for me, I keep in printout form in a file folder at my computer desk. That's a record of the reading, or copy of an email/post.

However, I started keeping a tarot journal after getting involved in this site, and I love it now.... (both the journal and the site)

It's a 5x7 navy blue blank book, and on one end I write journal type entries -- thoughts on tarot, connections, quotes, anything. Mostly stuff I may want to touch base with again.

If you flip the book over and start from the other end, it's a record of spreads (mostly from Aeclectic, thank you all :D).

I LOVE flipping my tarot journal, it feels like working with reversed cards~! it's the only (of many) journal I've done that with. Eventually, they will meet in the middle, and the journal will be full.

I'd like to get a gold pen soon and decorate the blue cover with gold stars, to match my Waite deck's back. 

air521  27 Oct 2002 
i dont really have a tarot journal, by its self. i just pop in everything in with my other stuff i write (dreams, poems [not very good ones] and other stuff)

but what i do write is my question, the cards i got, and what i think of what i got. ill have to buy a seprate one for the cards, its kinda hard to find anything in that big journal of mine 

Joywalker  27 Oct 2002 
Thanks Ladytarot! I got it! :D

I've chosen a B4-sized file binder with 5 seperate index tabs (I like my stuff organized!) for my journal.

I haven't decide which/what are these five sections, but I could always add loose/extra pages later on.

Hmm...another question:
Do any of you use seperate journals for each different deck or do you put everything into one single journal? 

VGimlet  28 Oct 2002 
I wish I had started with a loose-leaf binder, instead of a spiral pad. Oh well, I can always consolidate everything at some point. :)

My first tarot journal has small scans of all the cards, laminated (I carried them around with me when I was studying). I used one card for every 2 pages for the minors, and every 4 for the majors.
I wrote down my description of each card, the symbolism depicted, and a short version (longer for the majors) of the meanings condensed from 8-12 books I was using. I tend to understand concepts better if I write them down.

At this point, I am writing down every reading I do, all the cards and their positions. I'm also going to do some of the exercises for Tarot for Yourself there.

When I start studying the Thoth (probably around the first of next year, if all goes well) I will probably use another spiral, but leave a lot more pages open between cards so I can write down more of my own impressions. 

WolfSpirit  28 Oct 2002 
Originally posted by Joywalker

Hmm...another question:
Do any of you use seperate journals for each different deck or do you put everything into one single journal?

I just put it into one journal, but I try to make a note of what deck I used. Especially if I get an additional meaning of a card just by looking what it is in the picture (sometimes this just hits me). Sometimes I lay out the same spread with a different deck just to see what that looks like and if it adds anything. 

zander770  28 Oct 2002 
i started out using the "basic" donald michael kraig format: the date, day of the week, time; my daily tarot card draw & my interpretation of it, including comments & suggestions & hopes to how i'll "use it" during my day; phase of the moon (i.e., waxing/waning); weather conditions; my (current/"at the time") emotions; my physical condition; name(s) of rite(s) performed; my performance; the results/general outcome, et. al.

i am a writer and have been keeping "journals" (e.g., diaries, dream journals, notes for fiction/articles, written "scripts" of what i'll say before The Girl picks up the telephone [well? that has ben a few yrs gone!], etc) for a long, long time, so, it's like Second Nature to me, now (in fact, i am "lost" when i don't/cannot "journal," and i usually find some/ANY KIND of paper to scribble on until i can "get back home" and add it into My Journal!), so, this is not "difficult," in any way, whatsoever, for me to do. (and, if one "practices" this Daily Ritual, it too will become "second nature" to you, too!)

i just cannot see/understand why a serious "occultist"/magickian would NOT do this (or, at least, Want to!), for how will s/he ever know The Results of these "experiments" which we do/perform, every day? for example, my dream journals: how would i ever know for a fact, for certain, that i'd had a Precognitive Dream if i couldn't Look it Up in my journal and Prove It? moreover: how would i ever be able to Prove It to "THEM?!?"

i think we also might feel a sense of Freedom in the fact that we are Living in and of a Time where, albeit "these things" (i.e., "magick") are not "accepted," at least, by most of the General Public, at the Very LEAST we cannot be "burned at the stake" if & when ("OOOooo yes! You will be Found Out! you WILL! and Sooner rather than Later!!! mark that") it's "discover" that you've been "caught," Red Handed, w/your "little Black Book" and--indeed!-you, Dear Sir, are a WITCH!


Joywalker  01 Nov 2002 
OK!! :D

After much consideration,this is what I've decided:

2 separate binder journals-

Journal 1-Cards meanings(22 index for majors,4 index for 4 suits)

Journal 2-Daily Reading,Readings for Others,Misc.,Spreads & Exercises.

Thank you all for your contribution. I'm ready to start my journalling now!! :) 

Jewel  01 Nov 2002 
Personally I love Tarot Jornaling ... granted I am not very consistent *LOL*. I love doing a lot of academic type stuff with the Tarot so a lot of that stuff is in my journal (i.e. working with 78 Degrees of Wisdom and other sources). I have other mutiple journals that I get for specific work and keep it separate from my "every day journal" (i.e. Tarot Shadow-Work, Tarot for Self Discovery work).

In my everyday journal I record all exercises I do, spreads I see that I like, neat tid-bits from here and there, etc. I do date the entries, but I think that one day when I have time I will put these in a 3 ring binder and divide it by topic. But who knows when that will happen. I am awful about recording readings, then again I am more interested in the meditation, study and all that jazz anyways. 

evenstar  06 Nov 2002 
Hi, This is very helpful, and interesting... I am just starting my own tarot journalling and it's great to learn what different people find useful (and their "systems", or not as the case may be :) ).

I have got a spiral notebook (with holes punched for later use if i have to expand further...). It's got colour-coded pages and they even kind of match up with the suit types!! there's red (wands), blue (cups), green (pentacles) and grey (swords) plus purple (majors) and another one (yellow I think) which I am using for my readings, spreads and misc notes etc. I can see it filling up quickly though! I've got a couple of pages set aside for each card and I add to it as they come up in readings or books that I study. 

zander770  06 Nov 2002 
Originally posted by Joywalker
OK!! :D
After much consideration,this is what I've decided:
2 separate binder journals-

that's Great! i mean: two- three- TEN-journals..."index cards," "post-it's," whatever (just keep a Daily Journal and Don't Get Carried Away, 'kay?) ok . . .

as jewel said (paraphrasing): "i LOOOOVE to journal!" and, to me: that's it...all there's is, really (save, if you wanna actually "Help People," and all that "garbage," hum-bug! ha!!!)

to me? if you don't "journal" (viz: record your "experiments," DAILY), then...just get yer ASS on Some Tarot Board and Post Your Daily Card before Getting the Morning Dishes & Laundry done, the kids off w/their daily luncheon & school ditties; hubby in-tow in time for HIS work, just to say: "e-gads! glad i DID 'that'! KNOW i can RELAX! 'the Star!' great! whew..."), ya know?!!?

why tarot?

read for People? of course, but--read for Yourself, First!!! Be Honest! (try to, at least! hard! i know: it IS "hard"...but: READ FOR YOURSELF, first); trust! be intuitive--To YOURSELF!!! good, bad, and Them Uglies (be honest)!!! it "ain't sooooo very bad, now! it ain't.

MOST OVER: it does NOT MATTER, joy--i am Here to Tell You!--whether one's a "beginner," "wanna-be," "pro," or "some gypse-joe," on them Dirty Streets in Downtown, Wicked Phoenix, ya know? you--if, that is, you'd "like to Read Tarot" for "understanding" and "personal revision," and "GROWTH," then:

YOU MUST journal/record! yes: You Must.

that's it, as far as i am concerned. 'nuff said. sorry! Final Word.

Just Do It ("like Mike!!!") "Just Say 'Yo'!" like Mo! "Just Say Nothing!" like kurt cobain! "Just Say Yeah!" like jerry garcia!

"Just Say:
"What a WASTE it is to LOSE one's Mind..."
--Daniel Quayle at an N.A.A.C.P. luncheon, 1987!

Just SAY SOMEthing!!!! (and: Mean It).

them "dishes" can WAIT, surely; they can aWAIT...sura'!


Mystica  06 Nov 2002 
This really has been an interesting thread. I like the idea that Wolfspirit mentioned, laying out the same spread with 2 different decks for comparison. I'm going to try that. 

WolfSpirit  14 Nov 2002 
bringing this thread back because it is of interest to some people... 

Silverlotus  14 Nov 2002 
I know this a wee bit of an old thread, but since I'm new, I'd like to add to it. Thank you Wolfspirt for bouncing it back up to the top.

My Tarot journal right now is part of my Book of Shadows, but it is quickly out growing that home! It all kept in a three-ring binder on coloured paper. :) I have general Tarot notes (correspondences, numerology for the pips, etc.) as well as notes based on my deck, which was the Witches Tarot. I have some spreads in there as well, but most of those are still in an old book I've used since middle school. Most of meanings are also in another book. I'm planning to move these over soon.

I keep my Tarot notes with my other divination notes, because I'm finding that topics like astrology and numerology really tie in. You'd think I would have noticed that sooner! lol! ;) When everything gets moved to a larger book, I'm hoping to expand my notes to include some info on the Kabalah.

Oh, and I do have several loose sheets of papers full of notes that I've copied down from here! :) 

isthmus nekoi  14 Nov 2002 
I'm pretty systematic when it comes to my journal... It's gotten pretty ritualistic in its own way although it's always changing.

Right now, I record 2 pages/spread:

Left Page~
The spread itself
Trends w/i the spread (ie numerological ties etc)
How many cards reversed, repeated from the last reading
The positional history of each card
links> I put my cards away like this: I open the deck at random and then search for a corresponding card from the throw. They don't have to have a similar meaning, they just have to be related in some way. Each card then builds up mega rich associations. I often flip back and see who's gone w/who.

Right Page~
Intuitive impressions
examining relationships b/w positions (esp if it correlates w/an earlier throw)
Analysis & summary

Every now and then, I tally up the cards for a statistical analysis 

Joywalker  15 Nov 2002 
Hey! I'm going to confess:

Haven't had the time or the discipline to work on my journal daily!:P This forum has taken up all my energy and time!! :D

Does anyone have the same problem? 

lawguy51  16 Nov 2002 
I was just in the Book forum. Check out the journal that MystiqueMoonlight had custom made:

Gorgeous. I'd be afraid to write my illegible scribble into it. 

MeeWah  16 Nov 2002 
I use a 3-ring binder & record my daily cards on looseleaf sheets that are sectioned into columns as follows:

Date------Card------Experience/Event, People, Situations

In the margin to the far left, I note the deck. I note initial impressions of the card(s). Later, followed by actual experiences & try to keep it brief.

I keep a separate binder for readings; others for spread references & anything I like printed off Aeclectic & elsewhere. My BOS is a large, black binder. I would love to get one like MystiqueMoonlight's, which Lawguy51 kindly included in his post! 

Jeanette  16 Nov 2002 
My journal is more of a notebook, not actually my thoughts on the cards, but rather the things I've copied from Tarot books and info. from the web. A plain black 3-ring binder, confiscated from an old school project of my son's. But, I really like the idea of having a journal that's two-sided, that you flip and it can meet in the middle! That's so cool! But, I, too, am afraid to start scribbling in one of those very pretty journals and "mess" it :( I start off neat enough, but then it quickly deteriorates! Maybe if I get one that isn't too expensive, I won't feel so guilty! Maybe, I'll go to the bookstore today and shop around....... 

Talisman  16 Nov 2002 
'Lo all,

Jeanette, I'm with you, and others. I would be so intimidated by one of those oh so beautiful books -- I could never use one.

You could go to an art supply store and buy one of those hard-cover, blank page sketch books. They are very common and not expensive. They usually have plain black covers. They come in many sizes.


Woof  16 Nov 2002 
I've found journaling an invaluable tool for learning the tarot.
I first write the cards I've laid out, then my impressions, then I read the books I've got and write a synopsis of their meanings and I write a final interpretation. I'm finding I need the books, or my impressions differ from the books less and less. I'm also finding my first impressions have more meaning and are less just question marks. I'm also gaining more confidence about weighing my impressions vs the books and tossing their interpretations when I feel mine are more valid.
I think at a later date I'll go to a 3 ring binder and make more of a my own reference book about cards and spreads vs a journal which is what I have now.


Celtic_Dragon  17 Nov 2002 
First off I just want to say hi to everyone. This is my first post on this board and I'm really excited! I was going to post something up in the new members thread but there doesn't seem to be any, and I wasn't sure that anyone was going to see it.

But anywho, I've been writing in this spiral note pad for the last three days now and it's been really helpful. I have no order in which the journal is written or organized except a few numbers tucked up in the right upper corner for the date and page #. I've decided that it and my other book that I've been writing my dreams in are going to be the start of my BOS. I went to the link that Lawguy51 posted and saw all these beautiful books! I just couldn't believe that the pages inside were empty! I can't wait to get my own.

If anyone does want to know more about me and why all of a sudden I'm joining I'll have a complete description in the new members section! 

allibee  17 Nov 2002 
Nice to meet you Celtic

*allibee zooms off to new members section to be nosy*


Jeanette  17 Nov 2002 
Greetings and a warm welcome to you, Celtic Dragon! I just went and got my art sketch book; although not a hard-cover, it's spiral. But, I can write front and back and have it meet in the middle (I just think that is such a fun idea)! I'm just not decided yet on how to cover it ~ maybe fabric, who knows. 

Small-tree  21 Nov 2002 
Hi, I'm kinda new to this so i just started on my journal. One question.....i leave a few pages for each card in my deck to write down meanings/impressions etc. prob is, the more books i read the more things i tend to write about the card. I originally left 2 pages per card. but now i find that i am running out of space !!! Uh so what should i do? Perhaps it would have been a better to get a binder instead of a notebook?? 

Myrrha  21 Nov 2002 
Originally posted by Small-tree
One question.....i leave a few pages for each card in my deck to write down meanings/impressions etc. prob is, the more books i read the more things i tend to write about the card. I originally left 2 pages per card. but now i find that i am running out of space !!! Uh so what should i do? Perhaps it would have been a better to get a binder instead of a notebook??

Hi Small-Tree
One thing you could do is put a number on each page, at one of the corners, and then if you run out of room in a particular section you can just write "continued on page 21" or whatever is the next blank page.


StargazerLily  21 Nov 2002 
Before I finishded reading your post I had already started planning out a reply suggesting the use of a binder. :) I also started out using a notebook, and soon realized that a binder would be more practical for writing about each individual card. I plan to still use my notebook, but to also buy a separate binder just for card interpretations and thoughts. It might also be a good idea to use a different for each deck (when I get more than one).

Someone may have suggested this already, but I also think it's a great idea to use different colored highlighters (or pens, pencils, whatever) to easily find spreads, cards, readings and whatever else you might frequently look back on. For example (just to clarify my meaning), I am using pink to highlight entries on individual cards. I don't have other colors yet, but let's just say I use blue for readings and purple for spreads and green for daily cards. 

Keslynn  21 Nov 2002 
Mine is in a binder, and I use different colored paper for each section. Spreads are on pink and card meanings are on green. I have a spiral notebook in which I write my readings in order. That also gets put into the binder. Overall, it's working pretty well for me so far though I can't say it stays organized. ;) I also have random astrology info shoved in the back.

:) Kes 

Jeanette  30 Nov 2002 
Well, I went and got a nice little sketchbook I planned to use for my new journal. I had all these big ambitions! I covered the front with fabric, and glued pretty trim along it. I even started writing in it. Then, I thought I'd do it differently, so out came all the pages I had written on (about 10). In the meantime, I thought I'd decorate the blank pages with rubber stamps. So that got done and looks pretty good. So, now I'm all set to start, and I can't think of a thing to put in it, or how to start. But, I keep adding stuff and writing stuff in my plain old 3-ring binder, which is not beautifully decorated, and is just a hodgepodge! I guess I have to face the truth that this sketchbook thing isn't going to work for me, and the binder is just going to remain my journal! Oh well. 

RedWood  30 Nov 2002 
Oh Jeanette LOL...I am just like you..but then it is pretty..and you erase or add to it..and all sorts of things come up...and just have to go back to the hodgepodgieness of the binder..Accept your fate! lol Maybe you could use the pretty a wish list..what decks you dont like why..etc.. 

Jeanette  30 Nov 2002 
Yeah, I guess I will just have to accept my fate RedWood! At least I didn't pay full price (I had a 50% off coupon at Michael's Craft Store I used when I bought it) so it was only about $2. But with everything I've done to decorate it, I know if I start using it I will just make it look like a big mess, like the binder. Maybe I'll try to start again, and not worry about what it looks like.......... 

RedWood  30 Nov 2002 
Wooohoo love those 50percent off coupons..Good luck on your next one! 

zander770  30 Nov 2002 
Originally posted by Joywalker
It is adviced that as beginners,we should start off with a tarot journal.

one's "tarot journal . . ." one's RITUAL DIARY . . . one's GRIMORE is NOT "for beginners," and, the faster WE (on this site--all of us, all) BEGINNER'S "get over that," then, The Better . . .

i've more than 200 "Tarot Journals," i guess (sure, they're filled w/"dreams," and "titles for poems," and "bitches 'bout girlfriends," and "important spells," and mere "phone numbers" for jobs, and...these "JOURNALS" are a Part of Me, now...!!!...

imho, your "journal" does NOT have to be LEATHERBOUND W/ ONE'S PERSONAL SIGLA EMBLAZED UPON IT! ha! screw THAT.

i use "composition notebooks" (yes--those "black & green" ones) and i always have--since the third grade. i LIKE them.) find YOURS.

they WORK, for me. they are STRONG and TRAVEL quite well...

. . . in MY "book"!!!

jaysus . . . Stay GREEN!!!



Jeanette  30 Nov 2002 
zander770, you are right about journals not having to be fancy and all that, but it would just be so NICE to be able to have a journal that was beautiful, and organized, and PERFECT :) But, I guess if it's going to really represent a person's personality and contain their thoughts they consider worth saving, it's just going to be what it will be; and mine's not beautiful, or organized, or PERFECT :) It's very utilitarian and PLAIN and not very well thought out. Come to think of it, I guess the majority of what I do on a day-to-day basis fits that description, too, but that's OK. I'll just keep on stuffing my binder! 

Trish  30 Nov 2002 
I don't keep one myself ... although I probably should.

Anybody have any suggestions for getting started? 

RedWood  30 Nov 2002 
grab whatever paper and notebook is handy then start jottin gthings down lol...

I have just started doing a card a day questions..I have 5 of those medium black paper notebooks i got at a garage sale for 1 dollar..I am just giong to use those for now..then when I run out of space wi ill move it all or something..i have figured if i try and find something perfect I will never get started.

Also in the Tarot Handbook is a page of 365 squares for each card..and as a quick reference i am going to put my dates in there for each card..that way i dont have to flip thru notebooks all the time to find the trend. 

purplelady  30 Nov 2002 
zander770, I notice we are both capricorns born in the same year, and you seem to share the passion, or is it obsession ? with journals! My family at one time, was making fun of me because I Had to journal like 3 times a day. I even once blew up the kitchen because I left a hot wok on the stove. What was I doing? I Had to run to the bedroom to write in my journal!
I have currently:

dream journal
tarot journal
book of shadows
poem journal

When I was doing tarot daily card I had 2 seperate spiral notebooks just for that . The main tarot journal is a looseleaf binder. I record tarot meditations, tarot readings, how many cards of each suit come up, my initial impressions, book meanings, my meanings and interpretations, the spread (I also draw the spread and the direction of cards, reversed etc) . This is usually many pages for one spread. Also the date and anything else relevant. I haven't had time to do a reading in months. I am Trying to bring current and concentrate on my dream journal these days. I know exactly what you mean about the precognitive dream! I've trained myself to record any dream I remember . But I do this, when just awakened and sometimes in the dark, on pieces of paper , which I then recopy into the "real" dream journal. I end up with huge piles of paper to recopy. sigh! I used to have a "Simple Abundance " gratitude journal And picture book. The picture book was really fun. It was kind-of like a "collage" journal where I pasted any picture I found that suited my fancy ( comics, magazine or newspaper pictures or articles, greeting cards)
I have a whole file cabinet FULL of old diarys and journals! I sometimes fret , what shall I do with them? What if I drop dead tomorrow? Will my family read the journals and be horrified? Or, more likely , bored to death! Will it end up by the trash bin? Will it burn in a house fire? Will some weird stranger find it on the street and read it?? Maybe one of my distant ancestors in the future will somehow dig it up? MAYBE I'll die and be reincarnated and find my own journals in some museum or archeological dig? ! 

Jeanette  30 Nov 2002 
I've been writing little things down for ages, but never put it all in one place! You mean I've been journaling all this time? I thought only a "proper" journal counted! Unfortunately, I've lost most of my little tidbits, I like to tidy up and everything gets tossed! Now I feel all inspired to attack my decorated sketchbook with a renewed interest ~ Purplelady, you've given me some good ideas to include in it, I like the collage idea! 

juice  04 Dec 2002 
I have about 5 files on computer for journaling. Nothing in dead tree yet. One is readings with question, deck, cards drawn, first impressions, and maybe more interpreting if I look up the book definitions. One is spreads I've found and thought might be useful. One is a referrence book style thing with a chapter heading for each card, same number cards, each suit, reversal techniques. and planned other section on "systems" of meanings. The other 2 are older with hodgepodges of things like readings, general notes. One of the hodgepodge ones has my deck wish list at the bottom.

Actually I just realized I did copy off something from the back of a book in dead tree form. Its the meanings/charts for the animation/cluster tarot from the Anthony novel that I plan to make a deck to match. That would be my 6th computer file... time for new directory. 

Talisman  04 Dec 2002 
'Lo all,

Unlike juice, I'm a compulsive writer downer, and often write on whatever is handy.

Maybe explains this note in my Tarot (?) journal. Following a meandering path through city streets to the library, pack heavy with books, pass a strip theater which advertises on the marquee that Peaches Christ is back. What a great name!

But the strippers are on strike, carrying picket signs. They chant: "Two, four, six, eight, pay us more to gy-er-rate!"

Folks, I dunno.

But -- the more you put into your journal, the more you will get out of it.

Oscar Wilde once quipped: "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train."

So, the traveling formula is Tarot deck+blue bandanna+something to write on. The insides of matchbook covers are too small. Itsy bitsy little space means squinchy little thoughts.

Happy journaling.


Khatruman  11 Dec 2002 
Originally posted by juice

Actually I just realized I did copy off something from the back of a book in dead tree form. Its the meanings/charts for the animation/cluster tarot from the Anthony novel that I plan to make a deck to match. That would be my 6th computer file... time for new directory.

Hey juice,

Would that happen to be Piers Anthony's Tarot series... Have a small published deck of those suits and would love to see a professional deck done... Also, do you know where the books themselves may be available?


Keslynn  12 Dec 2002 
You can often find copies of the Piers Anthony books on eBay for fairly cheap. Another place to check would be

:) Kes 

Shadow Wolf  25 Dec 2002 
I just started a journal. I'm starting to study the Celtic Tarot deck and I'm writing my results in my journal. I'm starting with 1st impressions of each card and then I'll go back and add any other insights I might make.

It's also a great way to keep track of changes you want to make.
If you write down your daily spreads, you can look back after a couple of weeks and see if you are any further along on your journey than you were then.

Also write down any cards that keep coming up in your readings,
these are cards that are calling for your attention !!!!! 

Aoife  19 Jan 2003 
I've pulled this thread back because I found it so useful and in response to Tarotbear's recent thread "Talking 'tarot members' anyway".

My journal has taken the form of a ring binder divided into sections. After reading this thread I've been able to re-define the sections better. I've also now decided to start another section I can best describe as 'moods, influences and reflections'. I want to write down in diary form, pulling together all of the sections and to be able to track the ebb and flow of my feelings and introspections. This feels particularly important at the moment because I feel almost overwhelmed at times by the sheer quantity and extent of the influence the people in this forum are having on me - so much internal and external insight and information. I've decided that this new section needs to be in notebook form so that I can carry it around with me all day.

On a lighter note, I'm having real trouble finding this notebook because I can't bear to write on lined paper - the lines affect my focus and almost make me feel dizzy. It's a hang-over from schooldays when we were made to write on plain paper - I have to say it's been a useful skill though. So, for the moment I'm writing on scraps of paper but will assiduously copy them into the notebook when I find it. 

The Tarot Journal thread was originally posted on 26 Oct 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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