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How much do you pay/charge for readings

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 21 Nov 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

moonman  21 Nov 2002 
As some of you might of read the thread about charging. I would like to know how much you pay for Tarot or Clairvoyant readings and how long is it for?

Here are some examples that was in the charging post
5-10/$20 for 15 minutes
Others here charge between 480-650 kroners
I charge 350 danish kroners for a clinik reading
150 danish kroners for a distance reading

I know in the Uk it can be anything from 20-50 for half an hour.
I have paid 40 for one hour for a clairvoyant reading. But wouldn't pay any more.

Also I know of another clairvoyant who charges 30 and she is always 3-4 months booked up in advance. 

Laurel  21 Nov 2002 
Back in '97, I charged $20 for a 45 minute reading. That summer, some silly people paid $300/hour for me to read for them over the phone as a PRN "psychic"- PRN paid silly me $15-$18/hour. ~Never~ use a 900 # tarot reader. Ever. ~Never~ become a 900 # tarot reader. Ever. :P

Most tarot readers I know personally charge $25-$60/hour here in Seattle. If I was going to read professionally again, I would charge $25 for a reading if someone booked an appointment 24+ hours in advance, $35 for a reading for a "drop-in". If someone who made an appointment bailed on me, I'd tack $5 onto their next reading... stating all of this as my policy in my brochure, of course.


HudsonGray  21 Nov 2002 
At the psychic fairs here in the Midwest USA it's $20 for 15 minutes. I think the independent readers who have people come to them charge far higher. 

DeLani  21 Nov 2002 
Different areas will have different prices, of course.
Here in my little corner of the universe, the going rate is $20 US for a reading. Most readers limit it to 15 or 30 mins, depending. I don't do that. I don't like making my clients or myself feel hurried. So my policy is "as long as it takes." If it is taking more than an hour, I suggest another reading (if appropriate), at $10. If not, I suggest scheduling another appt. This is very informal, I know, but that lets me be flexible, and lets the querent feel that I'm giving them as much time as they need (which I try to do).
So, I guess I'm a bit cheap - $20 for up to an hour. Much cheaper than a licensed therapist! And I even make house calls! :) 

lupo138  21 Nov 2002 
Here they cahrge between 30 USD to 50 I think, of course in local currency. I for myself never charged anything, feeling to be too little experienced. Recently I attended some sort of public esoteric meeting and swa how some "professionals" worked there - now I think I am maybe not that terrible - but only in comparison ;) 

MeeWah  21 Nov 2002 
I think the going rate here ranges from $1/minute to $2/minute, based on the advertisements I have seen.

I charge flat rates for in-person: $25 for a repeat client; $35 for new; a higher rate for an in-depth reading that includes a transcription via email. The length of time varies as I do not watch the clock. 

napaea  21 Nov 2002 
the going rate around this area is also about $1. a minute (how many kroners is that? that is the best darned name for money i've ever heard!!! kroners!!!)

it seems a lot of people charge about $35. for half an hour, $60. for a full hour. 

Fuzzmello  22 Nov 2002 
I never read for drop-ins anymore since I have to schedule my time. I really don't do as many readings now as I did once either, but I've charged $35 forever. No time limits. I'm enjoying myself and hopefully, so are the clients.

This isn't even close to being a regular source of income for me or things would be {i]very/i] different!


moonman  22 Nov 2002 
[quote]Originally posted by Laurel
[b]Back in '97, I charged $20 for a 45 minute reading. That summer, some silly people paid $300/hour for me to read for them over the phone as a PRN "psychic"- PRN paid silly me $15-$18/hour. ~Never~ use a 900 # tarot reader. Ever. ~Never~ become a 900 # tarot reader. Ever. :P

Oh my God! how could I forget get to mention......

When I was 19 many years ago I was going through a rough patch and I was totally hooked on having phone readings.
It was something like 60 pence/cents at the time and the first bill came to 2,000 and the 2nd bill was 1,500.

I had to sell a lot of stuff to pay the bill and I will NEVER do that again. I don't know what came over me?

I feel sick just thinking about it 

Kiama  22 Nov 2002 
I am charging 15 for a reading which will last between half hour and an hour, which is good for round here. As Moonman said, it's usually 30. The other readers I've seen here charge 25, and one I saw charged 30.

Because I'm a student, I will offer discounts for those who can show me their NUS Cards (Student ID) I know how much 15 is for a student, so I'd probably drop the charge down to 10.

In pubs I charge 4, cuz that's a totally different type of customer! They don't usually want the in-depth spiritual readings that pre-booked customers do, and most of them do it for a bit of fun.


bec  22 Nov 2002 
1 dollar is about 8-10 kroners. BTW our cents are ears in translation - hehe.

So I see my prices are international intact with the rest, conclusion must be that the "professionals" in denmark are charging waaaay over their head. I have seen one charge a: 80 dollars for an half hour head-line reading. Unbelievable !

lupo138 :) a good boost for the confidence, always a nice thing to get.

Who decide when you are "pro enough" anyway 

allibee  23 Nov 2002 
Down here on the way-over-the-top expensive South coast of England, the last time I prebooked and paid for a reading was at an Esoteric shop for the princely sum of 25. This was about 10 years ago. I got a tape recording of the reading, which I soon taped over because it was the biggest pile of poo I'd ever paid for in my life and the only thing I got of value was a cheap tape I could reuse :(
At about the same time, I found a good clairvoyant who also charged 25 for a mediumistic reading. Suffice to say, she's still in business and charges twice that now.

After that tarot reading, I found there was such a thing as premium rate telephone tarot, and once I'd gone through every phone reader in the Northern Hemisphere and found just one that had some aptitude I became absolutely addicted. At great financial cost too Moonman!
But the end result was I brought my own deck and started the long learning path I'm still on. *LOL*


finn  24 Nov 2002 
personally, i prefer to learn tarot and do readings myself.

yes, i suck. but didn't those professionals suck when they were beginners too? 

Kazz  24 Nov 2002 
Moonman, I have just started to do pro readings (very slowly) and i only charge $15.00 Aus. I think that tarot readings shouldn't have to be expensive. I remember a long time ago I went to a reader who charged me $85.00 and told me absolutely NOTHING, and I mean nothing!!!....that I didn't already know and then proceeded to tell me that I was going to be well off with money and marry a rich man...(like that is what all young women want to here..) and that never happened...;)
So after that I never paid that much for a reading again........and like mentioned before, I found the cheaper the readings were the more I got out of them. So now that I read, I do not want to charge alot.



Trogon  25 Nov 2002 
Originally posted by Kazz
So after that I never paid that much for a reading again........and like mentioned before, I found the cheaper the readings were the more I got out of them. So now that I read, I do not want to charge alot.

Hmmm... I wonder.... The thought occurs to me that, perhaps, when a person makes a conscious (or perhaps even unconscious) decision to overcharge for the Tarot readings they give - they end up getting "blocked" somehow? In otherwords, a person who is a good Tarot reader says to themselves "I am now an expert reader and so I am going to start making people really pay for my services" - perhaps that conscious pursuit of money blocks their intuition, their energies?

There is a woman in our town who is operating out of her own shop. A short reading (past-present-future) is only $10 U.S. She seems to be having quite a bit of success with her business. And I've heard from a couple of people that she is quite good.

This is not to say that if you do readings you shouldn't get paid for them. In fact, just the opposite - you should get paid for the time you spend and the knowledge you have. But $85 does seem to be a bit too much for a reading where the client apparently gained nothing. Then there's the $300 or so that was mentioned as an amount people will pay on those 900# phone readings. Definitely too much from my point of view. Then again, perhaps if a client is wealthy and gets a lot out of the reading... }) 

The How much do you pay/charge for readings thread was originally posted on 21 Nov 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.


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