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Shuffling Cards for a reading

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 04 Dec 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Star Gemini  04 Dec 2003 
I want to know if I do a reading for friends, I let them to shuffle the cards or this should be done by me? I have heard that it is not so good if u let others to touch your cards. How about cutting the cards and choosing the cards for questions, all should be done by me? and they only need to ask a questions?

WolfyJames  05 Dec 2003 
I was raised in a cartomancy environment, and in cartomancy, it's a must that the querent shuffles and cuts the cards, and chooses them if necessary. So, when I read someone, usually friends (I've never read strangers), I let them shuffle, cut and pick the cards. But I've noticed here that people are quite reluctant to this and prefer to do the shuffling, cutting and picking themselves and are quite successfull at reading tarot. My guess, do what you feel most comfortable with and see the results. 

Star Gemini  05 Dec 2003 
My practice is: let them to think of the question, then shuffling, cutting the cards, choosing the cards. Because I think if I do it for them, I don't know whether this will affect the accuracy or not.

But I heard someone said that, if u let someone to touch your cards, their negative enery will go into your cards, u need to clean them. I wonder this is something like crystals. U can't let others to touch your crystals and usually u need to clean the crystals after u bought them. 

Sulis  05 Dec 2003 
Originally posted by Star Gemini
But I heard someone said that, if u let someone to touch your cards, their negative enery will go into your cards, u need to clean them. I wonder this is something like crystals. U can't let others to touch your crystals and usually u need to clean the crystals after u bought them.

I let anyone touch my cards, they're just pieces of cardboard.
A crystal on the other hand does store energy, they're like batteries. Just my opinion, I think you're best doing what feels right for you as far as letting people touch your cards goes (and how often do we hear that *lol*)
If you're happy with folk touching your cards then let them, if you're not, don't :D

Love and light

Sulis xx 

Majecot  05 Dec 2003 
I always let them shuffle the cards while the think of their question. I do somehow feel a need to shuffle after the reading tho. 

Mystic Zyl  06 Dec 2003 
When I first started doing readings I would not let anyone touch the cards, but actually they were touching the cards when I fanned them out for the querent to pick. So I decided to let them shuffle the cards, so what. Nothing happened to the cards. I do cleanse the cards after every reading by using a candle. One question, why do people always assume that the cards soak up negitive energy, why not positive too? I feel the cards soak up a variety of energies. I always cleanse them because do not want the previous person's energy on the cards for the next reading. 

jmd  06 Dec 2003 
When doing readings, I tend to first shuffle them a little, then hand them over to the querent for fuller shuffling. I then usually ask them to put them on the table, face down, split the deck into three piles, re-unite them into one pile in whatever order they prefer (a little more on this later), and hand the deck back to me. I then draw the cards from the top of the deck.

From the three piles, indication is already given as to what kind of orientation the reading will have. I have already determined, in such cases, that the split deck indicates past, current, and future influences/causal connections. Hence, if the way they place the deck back into one pile the 'past' lands on top, this indicates that the reading will mainly focus on something which has occured in the past and that the querent may need to look at in connection with what currently is (if the present was placed second) or what is coming towards them (if the future was placed second). Likewise for the other orderings.

Interestingly, a querent who comes with strong elements of reservations as to the likely accuracy of readings will usually first have a short 'testing grounds' readings in which they place the deck with the future in the bottom, then the present, and the past on top - and the cards will indicate some aspect they will be able to 'easily' verify.

Though I tend to ask if they have any questions before and during the reading, I do not tend to ask them what the question for the reading is - and in fact ask them to focus on shuffling the deck: NOT focussing on the question at all, but on sensing when the deck 'feels' as though it has been shuffled just right.

Part of the reason for this is that I do not want to take up the question as the querent may have constructed it, but the 'living concerns' inherent in the question itself - which are far more important, irrespective of the way in which the querent may have constructed or limited their concern by the phrasing. For example, it may be that a querent wants to ask: 'What should I do about my son's problems?' - To focus on the cards, without voicing the question, allows it to be transformed to 'How may he best be helped?', or 'How may I better understand what is going on?', or 'What is coming his way which will need my support?' These varieties of questions, in their answers, all answer the question in various ways, and yet not at all.

But to return to the original question. If a querent was to come in, wipe his or her greasy hands (whether on clothes or hanky) from a barely finished burger, the sweetened fizzy drink sugaring their other hand - in such a case, cased my cards would remain. Case closed... unless they care to go and wash their hands...

Following a reading, I tend to again briefly shuffle them, bringing them back to 'my' cards, dispelling their previous usage. 

Jewel-ry  06 Dec 2003 
Mystic Zyl,

Can you tell me how you cleanse your cards using a candle??


nocturnaldreamr  06 Dec 2003 
when i shuffle and do a reading, i hand the cards over to the querent and they shuffle them, and then they cut the cards into 3 piles. i then take a card from the top of any of the piles.. which over one im drawn to... yah. thats the way i do it. 

The Shuffling Cards for a reading thread was originally posted on 04 Dec 2003 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.


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