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Tarot Wallpapers, Themes and Screensavers

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 12 Dec 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Keslynn  12 Dec 2003 
Does anyone know where to find such graphics goodies for our computers?

I found one:
Ciro Marchetti ( has made some desktop wallpapers with images from the upcoming Gilded Tarot. I love the artwork and I can't wait for the deck.

:) Kes 

zorya  12 Dec 2003 
can't wait for the gilded either!

did you know that aeclectic has it's own desktop wallpaper to download? 

Majecot  12 Dec 2003 
That is so cool... I never knew that was there .. thank you zoyra.
( I have to wait til xmas is over tho. have my xmas background on now) 

HudsonGray  12 Dec 2003 
You can actually take any picture from online & set it as your wallpaper with one or two clicks. A square picture works best, if it's too tall the image is squashed down to fit, and if it's too wide, it's squished vertical. So square works best.

Put the cursor anywhere on the picture and right click, then choose "Set As Background". Soon as you click that, the image should be on your wallpaper. All computers allow one to be added to the wallpaper selections, if you're on your index screen, right click on an open section, choose "Properties" then "Desktop" and scroll down through what's there. Your last 'saved' image from the internet will be in there till you overwrite it. There are some pretty nifty images over at which I've been alternating on my computer for a while. 

Majecot  13 Dec 2003 
I have tried with a few different cards to make them a background.. usually end up having to make them tile( which make it a very busy screen... I am sure there is a way to adjust the picture so it fits the desktop properly, but i haven't yet figured out how yet. 

Jewel-ry  13 Dec 2003 
If you like the Goddess Tarot look at this
You can set it as wallpaper.

J :) 

Strange2  14 Dec 2003 
Originally posted by Majecot
I have tried with a few different cards to make them a background.. usually end up having to make them tile( which make it a very busy screen... I am sure there is a way to adjust the picture so it fits the desktop properly, but i haven't yet figured out how yet.

If you Windows running on your computer, there is a program called Paint (usually listed in the Accessories menu) that will allow you to resize an image/picture.

Assuming you have saved the image to a file on your computer, open the Paint program, then select File, then select Open, then find and double-click on the image file you have saved. Then from the Paint menu, select Image, then select Stretch/Skew. Under the Stretch section, change the horizontal and the vertical to the same percentage (for example 150%) to make the image bigger. Select File, then select Save As, and give the file a new name.

You can determine the size of the image in Paint by selecting Image, then select Attributes. This will show you the Height and Width. Depending on your computer display, a Height of about 700 pixels is a good size for an image to display using most of the screen, without having to Tile it.

Hope this techno-babble helps! 

Jewel-ry  14 Dec 2003 
This is great Strange2. Thanks

J :) 

anjocoxo  15 Dec 2003 
My wallpaper is a card from Margarete Peterson's deck (I don't remember now which one, but I really like it). I did it like hudsongray said, saving it as a picture and then put it as wallpaper.


Majecot  17 Dec 2003 
Strange2 Thank you..
I will have to pratice with that, I have been assigned to work on my departments (work) web site, and I was having difficulty with the size of the images.
LOL... it is funny, they are all so computer illiterate at work that they think I am a genius...and when I get the hang of this ... hehehe ....they have No idea how ungenius I really am. }) even tho I tell them.. 

dadsnook2000  19 Dec 2003 
You can resize an image to both make it look good and to fit the computer screen. To do this you need a simple graphics program or a word processor or publishing program. First you choose the picture you want to use from the Internet by right-clicking on it and choosing to save it to a file (rather than as wallpaper). Second, you open it in your graphics program, word processor or publishing program. Third, you CROP it so that it is has a ratio of 4 to 3 for widith and height -- this is the ratio of most computer screens. After saving it in it's cropped size you can then use it as your wallpaper. Dave. 

rostie  22 Dec 2003 
these are actually from froud's oracle 'faeries' oracle' but i just love them...if you make yourself a member then there are a few more to download...

( /

and like many others here i take the picture i like and resize it in paint...just wonderfull!!!

with love,

BlueLotus  02 Feb 2004 
Originally posted by zorya
can't wait for the gilded either!

did you know that aeclectic has it's own desktop wallpaper to download?

I am trying to find the link to AT wallpaper, but no such luck. Does anyone know if there are any tarot wallpaper I can download on this site, or anywhere else for this matter...?
I followed the link for the Goddess wallpaper mentioned above, and I love it. So I keep it on my desktop for now. Thanks J 

Majecot  02 Feb 2004 
I did not find one either but I did save a pic and resize it in paint and then set it as my background. 

CreativeFire  02 Feb 2004 
I like to scan my Tarot cards and then use the different images for wallpaper on my computer at home and also the one at work.

As I spend a lot of time working on a computer, it is a good way of focusing on the card for a week or so, and then I change it to the next card I am working with. :-)

Sometimes just briefly looking at it during different parts of the day gives you some ideas or insights. Also works as a bit of an anti-stressor when things get hectic! Depends on the card though...


Alissa  02 Feb 2004 
That AT wall paper is ancient. And look how measly the number of elders was back then.

Half those folks have been gone from AT for a long long time too - they're virtual strangers to many of our new members. And others have changed their avatar, etc. Guess that's why I don't care for the AT wallpaper. 

The Tarot Wallpapers, Themes and Screensavers thread was originally posted on 12 Dec 2003 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.


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