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color of hair

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 11 Aug 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

falling water  11 Aug 2004 
what color or hair do cups women have? is it blonde? why? i can understand earth/pentacle queens having browny hair and fire queens having red/auburn/gold hair and air queens i should think light airy hair-gray or white but not black. Think outside the box a minute-forget rider-waite's hair color associations. what color hair would a water queen really have? water is clear but looks blue and green or black or any color really. i am a queen of cups-how can i look more watery through hair color. i have naturally dark blonde hair. 

ambermoon  11 Aug 2004 
Why not get some highlights in pale blue, aqua and green? I'm thinking about having it done. Just trying to find a salon that 'gets' the concept.


juju  11 Aug 2004 
Originally posted by ambermoon
Why not get some highlights in pale blue, aqua and green? I'm thinking about having it done. Just trying to find a salon that 'gets' the concept.


That would be really cool actually ;)

To answer your question - if you must associate a color with each suit - I don't know why cups automatically gets blond. Water can also be dark so why not black? And why not make pentacles blond (straw color - earth) and/or brown? For this reason I have never assigned physical descriptions for the cards to people - I always go by personality otherwise I'd go nuts.
When I was younger I used playing cards and some cards just seemed particular to a hair color:
Hearts= blond
Spades = black/grey
Diamonds = red
Clubs = brown/white 

falling water  11 Aug 2004 
love that idea however i'm not allowed to color my hair "unnaturally" where i work. there are these ways to attune to the queen of cups energy such as meditation, psychic dreaming and healing work. however i also enjoy experienceing outer physical examples such as hair color, clothing color, seashell jewellry, visiting the seashore, taking a watercolor class, sitting in a hot tub, walking in the rain, 'talking' to fish in an aquarium, and so on. i'm trying to apply the energy to 'my' level of understanding, not rider-waites or some other person's published interpretation of who the queen of cups is because then i understand and am not just memorizing. 

juju  11 Aug 2004 
See but all that you wrote points to a personality trait. I have two friends - one is a brunette and should be a pentacle queen and another is the redhead -spears. Both have the same impulsive personality and they both are active and attract others to them - spears personaities. They both exemplify the queen of spears to me but they both look totally different. So I think your best way of understanding the cards is by the traits they represent. I know many people like using physican attributes and sometimes they jump out at you. Many times I pulled a card and it had nothing to do with a trait but their looks and it was by intuition that I understood that. 

falling water  11 Aug 2004 
i agree that the court cards are expressions of personality traits. then why does tarot always give each suit the same hair color and why do so many tarot books tell you to use a particular card for 'a fair haired woman over 30' or a dark-haired youth? what is the original seed-from where did it spring? who came up with this system? was it ancient egypt. but egyptians are all dark-haired. where is the source and how do i apply it to modern day tarot understanding? 

juju  11 Aug 2004
This might help out a bit but I see what you mean. I have no clue how this came about.
There are many books that show the traits but I have yet to come across WHY. I remember reading an old tarot book years ago - name is not coming to my mind- that states that gypsy readers associated traits and that is how. 

WolfyJames  11 Aug 2004 
I think personally that the tarot color of hair was taken from cartomancy. juju here gave the hair color associated with the suits.

In the cards, as well as tarot, the best suit is Hearts (Cups) and the hair color blond is associated to it. Why? In the Middle-Age, people believed that the look of people was reflecting their soul qualities. They believed beautiful persons had to be good persons, and ugly persons had to be bad and evil, filled with sins. The color blond was associated to angels, and anyone with blond hair was believed to be special, angel-like, beloved by God. The opposite was believed as well, that people with dark hair (or red hair) were away from the light of God and close to the Devil. You will notice that dark hair goes to the difficult suit Spades (Swords), and that the Spades court cards in cartomancy are filled with bad qualities: envy, greed, thief, anger, hypocrisy, etc.

But as we know today, people's traits and hair color have nothing to do with what cited above and those beliefs have been debunked; you will notice though that people have still kept a fascination for blond hair and a belief that blond is better, unfortunalty.

Personally, I don't use hair color with tarot or with cartomancy. I think it's just an old tradition, an old outdated tradition that puts me as a bad person because I'm a brunette. I prefer using the qualities of the court cards to find which person is which card. 

katie_here  11 Aug 2004 
The first person I thought about being a hearts woman is "snow white" and here are a couple of images of her:

then there is the Queen of Hearts (Alice in wonderland) another black haired woman

but like any beautiful kind woman, her hair can be any colour. 

falling water  11 Aug 2004 
cartomancy...i've never heard of that...but yes, finally the court card appearances make sence. no longer lost in translation. thankyou. also i enjoyed the queen of hearts images. the tarot is such an exploration. well one good thing about our age and time is hair color is on the max increase. and all kinds of colors will be more and more the norm. perhaps the old 'blonde is better' will fade as the emphasis will be more on how you choose to express your creativity through hair color rather than what you were born with. 

Goldenhair  11 Aug 2004 
Very interesting question!

As a former hairdresser and colorist, I would recommend a variety of colors with names based on water, forms of water (ie., ice or snow) or located near water. From light to dark they would be:

Silver Snow
Platinum Surf
Artic Blonde
Pearl Ashene
Winter Wheat
Fresh Frost
SeaShell Blonde
Sandy Blonde
Soft Mist
Hazy Mist
Iced Brown

All but the last one are blondes, and all would be classified as cool or ash colors. 

The color of hair thread was originally posted on 11 Aug 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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