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Tarot won someone the lottery in the UK

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 20 May 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

HudsonGray  20 May 2005

Lottery winner 'saw it in tarot' ----

A woman who won more than 5m on the lottery says she saw her win predicted in a tarot reading. Deborah Mather, 47, from Chorley, Lancashire, bought a ticket for Saturday's Lotto draw after dealing herself the wheel of fortune card.

The mother-of-one thought she might have a 10 win, but instead scooped the 5,150,514 jackpot.

"The cards told me there was a windfall to come - but I didn't think it was going to be this big," she said.

Mrs Mather left her home town of Liverpool at the age of 18 to live in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

I was shaking and jumping up and down and shouting 'I've won it, I've won it', Deborah Mather

The former bookkeeper had to give up work after falling down a flight of stairs three years ago. She moved to Chorley at around the same time.

Mrs Mather said: "I had an accident and broke a lot of bones and could not work so decided to take up a hobby and the hobby was tarot card reading."

She is now thinking of using some of her millions for a dream move - also predicted in the cards - by going back to live in Wigan.

Mrs Mather said: "The cards never tell you anything that is not going to happen but I never thought in my wildest dreams it was going to be this."

'Dream car' ----

Mrs Mather bought the Lucky Dip ticket with the winning numbers - 12, 18, 22, 33, 43 and 48 - at a Spar shop in Wigan.

"I am afraid I was shaking and jumping up and down and shouting 'I've won it, I've won it'. It was absolutely fantastic, I have not slept for the last three days. I am really thrilled."

Mrs Mather also plans to go on a cruise and will buy her "dream car" - a Citroen C2 - as she does not want anything "too flash".

Story from BBC NEWS 

Moongold  20 May 2005 
Hmmmm ... I just drew VIII Swords, King Wands and X Wands.

Think I'll be working for da man for while yet :( 

huredriel  20 May 2005 
LOL - I read this yesterday ... she drew the Wheel of Fortune. Now that damn Wheel has been following me for months, so it's a good thing I do the lottery every Wednesday and Saturday .......... now why haven't I won yet! :D 

similia  20 May 2005 
What a shame see saw the win predicted, and not the numbers. I wouldn't mind learning that spread :D 

lark  21 May 2005 
what's a Spar shop? 

Fairawen  21 May 2005 
Wow. How interesting! I'm definetly doing a readin on this asap... :P


Fudugazi  21 May 2005 
lark wrote:
what's a Spar shop?
a small supermarket

Well when you think about it it makes sense - she literally fell down, had to move and probably live very uncomfortably for years - the Wheel scooped her up for a life change - there was nowhere for her to go but up.

I'd also like the spread showing the numbers LOL :D 

rainwolf  21 May 2005 
Sylvia Abraham has a book that explains a spread giving an outlook on your odds of winning, and then it gives some numbers that also have a meaningful purpose....its not a popular book so im guessing either it doesnt work or that she's never lucky. 

Emily  21 May 2005 
I saw this too in the newspaper - it was the Mythic Tarot :) - its nice to see tarot getting good press once in a while. :) 

Fudugazi  21 May 2005 
Emily wrote:
I saw this too in the newspaper - it was the Mythic Tarot :) -
So the Wheel is symbolised not by a wheel but by the three Fates...

Interesting. The whims of gods and chance and fate...very lottery-like! 

Elven  21 May 2005 
What a wonderful turn of fortune for this lady!!:) and a great story!

I have read one lottery win which came true for a friend who won the NSW lottery. It was a Celtic Cross spread, and the cards came up in the Near Future position (mind you - it was a year and a half before it came about) and the card were the Ace of Pentacles, The nine of pentacles and the The Emperor. (3 rounds of cards over the Celtic Cross).
I thought it was her father (who is a millionaire) was going to give her some money at last - he hadn't given her a cent! But I just said - who ever is going to give it to you, who cares - its alot of money!!!
She thoroughly deserved it too! She had just been diagnosed with a blood disease. She bought herself a house and is happy as a pig in mud.

We still have a laugh about it! (Once you've won that much money, you can laugh about anything!) :) and no... I havent put her fees up!! :)

The Universe does provide!!:) (So do the NSW lottery) LOL!! :)

I bought a ticket yesterday, maybe I should do a reading around it. Hmmmm.

Many blessings
Elven x 

psychic sue  22 May 2005 
The paper cutting I saw, she was holding the wheel of fortune, the King of Pentacles and The Ace of Cups, from the Morgan Greer deck. She must have a few decks and held up various cards for various pictures.

She won 5 million! Congratulations to her and well done! 

Emily  22 May 2005 
I think it was the Daily Mail that has her showing the Mythic Wheel of Fortune - Wish I'd seen the clipping with her showing the Morgan Greer. :) - Wonder if she's ever been here to AT? 

Scorpion  22 May 2005 
Oh no - and my colleague who's taken an interest in Tarot told me Friday he'd pulled the Wheel in his daily draw and was thinking of having a flutter, but my reaction was "no - stick with the 9 Cups" which is the card that worked for him last time. I hope he took no notice of me and went ahead - or I'm in trouble tomorrow!

That said, good luck to her - it sounds as though it's just what she needs.

The only Lottery spread I've seen involves dealing the Majors out into six lines of three cards and totting them up for the numbers, adding the figures together if it comes to over 49. Can't remember what you do with the remaining cards - apart from being able to use them to replace numbers you don't like. Can't find the book at the moment - anybody recognise the spread? Must admit I've taken to cheating and use the first 49 cards of my I Ching of the Goddess deck: much less complicated! 

Emeraldgirl  23 May 2005 

Congratulations to that lucky lady. I agree with Emily in that it's nice to see tarot getting some good press I only hope that readers aren't inundated with lotto numbers requests 

firemaiden  23 May 2005 
Do you think the tarot helped her win? or just gave her the courage to play? I didn't get the idea from the article that she used it to help find the winning numbers, only that it made her think she would win.

I gather if the tarot really worked to help people win the lottery there would be mostly tarot card readers winning... 

Webwitch  23 May 2005 
Hmmmm, why couldn't it be me and why couldn't it be the Eurolottery?

I wish this lady well, she sounds like she could really use the money.

Webwitch :) 

The Tarot won someone the lottery in the UK thread was originally posted on 20 May 2005 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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