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Cutting hair during the full moon?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 05 Apr 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

RedWood  05 Apr 2002 
I have heard that when you cut your hair during the full moon it will grow faster...Everytime I remember to try it, there is never anyone around to cut my hair...Has anyone else tried cutting your hair during the full moon? 

New River  05 Apr 2002 
This info is from a book called Living By The Moon, by Ute York.

a hairstylist who worked according to the moon phases for fifteen yrs. sites these observations:

hair is an energy carrier. hair is as sensitive as it's owner and needs a certain vibration in order to feel well. the best day for cutting/trimming is the third day after a new moon and the third day before a full moon. on these days the hair does not lose any energy.

if the ends are trimmed on these 2 days, it will continue growing without impedence.

he has found that when men regularly get hair cut with the moon in the sign of Leo, their hair improves and becomes stronger. i think this would work the same with women.

American astrologer Linda Goodman says if you want your hair short then continue cutting during the full moon; it will not grow back as fast. however if you want it to grow back quickly, trim regularly at the new moon, even just a tiny bit. then you will realize your hair is growing much faster.

love, light and hope, New River 

grailmaiden  05 Apr 2002 
My fella has always been funny about when he has his hair cut - always before a full moon. I thought it was just a funny quirk of his - now I know! :D 

zorya  05 Apr 2002 
never cut hair when moon is in virgo. if you want your hair to grow faster cut it when moon in cancer or pisces in the 1st or 2nd quarter. if you want it to grow slower, cut it when moon is in aries , gemini or virgo in the 3rd or 4th quarter, with saturn opposing moon or square. to make it grow thicker, cut when moon is full, or,when it's in opposition to the sun in the signs of taurus, cancer, or leo up to and on the full moon. 

jade  05 Apr 2002 
excellent info! 

Bings  06 Apr 2002 
Oh wow. I agree with Jade, excellent info.


Malachite  06 Apr 2002 
Well, if I ever GET another haircut, I'll bear this in mind! 

Kiama  06 Apr 2002 
So that's why my hair keeps growing so fast....

Thanks for this thread!


floracove  30 Apr 2002 
My hair has been to my hips 5 1/2 times in my life this being the almost 6th...
I always trim it on either the evening before a new moon or on the new moon itself. Always in a water sign... and some time in the sign of gemini because I read some where that gemini cutting would be twice as fast (???) And My bangs and hangy down hair on a full moon so as not to grow as fast...
works for me....
(but I also have a major estrogen count) 

The Cutting hair during the full moon? thread was originally posted on 05 Apr 2002 in the Chat board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Chat, or read more archived threads.

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