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Cats are Angels with fur

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 02 Jun 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

joya250  02 Jun 2002 
(from Inspiration Sandwish, by Sark)

Surrender, You are now entering the tunnel of cat love it's soft, it's warm, it's cat-a-tonic some little know cat secrets: cats are polka dotted under their fur cats love lemonade on hot days cats refuse to play scrabble cats will pay your rent if you let them cats have not nine lives, but two: theirs, then yours some cats make pay offs to flea gangs C.A.T. stands for Clever Anatomical Tricks cats know how to cozy up cats sleep circular cats invented naps kiss your cat a fur ball is not a toy adopt a cat... it will take over your life (and you won't mind) 

truthsayer  02 Jun 2002 
i LOVE that particular quote by SARK. i think i have it on a poster somewhere. have you read any of her books? she's written so many i don't buy them anymore but for the most part what she does is such fun! (and often true). i have a cat named angel-i named her that before i discovered SARK and it's so TRUE!!!!!! (except i don't know about the lemonade-i think my cats would turn up their little pink noses! LOL) 

joya250  02 Jun 2002 
hey Truth! I actually just received "Inspiration Sandwich" from a dear friend for my birthday -- and I love it! I couldn't have read it at a more perfect time (and place! -- nude sunbathing on my deck with my cats and my crayons. haha)

This is a great book and sooooo much fun to read. I highly reccommend it for playful, light reading. :) 

kayne  02 Jun 2002 
Oh! That's so cool Joya!
I had to go up stares and give my Morgs, who is curled up on my bed, a pat after reading that. He turned over onto his back, stretched his arms out, opened one eye to say hello and curled up again...
Gotta' love the life of a cat! :D 

Faerie Lin  03 Jun 2002 
Originally posted by joya250
(from Inspiration Sandwish, by Sark)

some cats make pay offs to flea gangs

LOL That one is pure classic! love it!!!! 

catlin  03 Jun 2002 
I also love this SARK quotation. What a shame I cannot get her cat poster or even a tiny cat postcard with this quotation on it here :(

I also think that my furry boys won't drink lemonade. Italian or English tablewater, yes, but other stuff? 

Ravenswing  09 Jun 2002 
***cats climb up on your lap while you're reading, turn three times clawing your legs to make them acceptably soft, nudge the book away from you and glare their hungry 'i know you just fed me, but that isn't attention enough' look. ***

***cats wait 'til the dog's asleep to whop him in the nose and run under the sofa.***

*** cats scare the hell out of you by hiding in paper bags and making them scoot across the floor as soon as you come into the room.***

***cats wake you up in the middle of the night to present you with a prize mouse.***

***cats are impossible to live without...

steve (who is owned by four cats) 

Maan  09 Jun 2002 
He Cat lovers

Any one of you read the book by DJ Conway about cats?
Think you all love it:) 

joya250  09 Jun 2002 
I'll have to check that out, Maan. thanks for the suggestion. I did just get her book about Dragons, which was neat. (though she seemed to repeat herself an awful lot!) 

The Cats are Angels with fur thread was originally posted on 02 Jun 2002 in the Chat board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Chat, or read more archived threads.

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