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Ever Hear of Anastasia Starr?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 16 Aug 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

DollChica  16 Aug 2002 
My mom just got sent a letter from some would-be psychic called Anastasia Star. She refers to herself as a "scholar of Tarot and spirtual advisor" and is sending Wheel and Star cards to people along with a lovely form letter.
My mom thought that it was so funny that she held on to the letter long enough to read to me.
Just wanted to let y'all know that a Tarot Scam Artist is out there. 

Dark Inquisitor  16 Aug 2002 
Sounds like it might be a Tarot Shark .

My daughter was in a drug store when a young lady came up to her & pushed a flier into her hand, saying she was a great psychic tarot reader. She tried to hint at all the problems my daughter was having, saying she could really help her .

Only problem was, none of it was true, and it's kind of ironic that this tarot shark would pick my daughter out for this nonsense. Not much intuition there!

People who do this make the rest of us look bad, and they reinforce stereotypes of tarot readers being con artists.

Could be that Anastasia Starr will have new name next week!


Strega  16 Aug 2002 

Is that her? 

Umbrae  16 Aug 2002 
Great web-site!

Excellent marketing.

Shoving a flyer into Tarotphelia's daughters hand...bad marketing. 

jade  16 Aug 2002 
i agree. i can't stand it when that happens.

and remember everyone.......don't ever go with them anywhere! a member learned that lesson last year!

in light,

Pollux  16 Aug 2002 
Oh My Gosh!!! I am empowered... *LOL*

Are those Wheel and Star cards collectable? *LOL* :D 

Umbrae  16 Aug 2002 
I think the form letter is in bad taste, the flyers into a person's hand and telling them they have issues, "You are the reincarnated soul of Maralyn Monroe, will love ball players and take drugs..." was in bad taste...

Guys, on one hand there are frauds out there, Tarot Sharks.

Then there are the ones who are not, but who do understand marketing.

A good card reader/psychic in this country (USA) can make (on average) $100,000 per year.

Look at the gal on Grant/Columbia/Broadway in San Francisco! Up above the Vesuvius. She has been there for 30 years that i know of, that is prime real estate. She is good, markets herself well, is not a shark, pays the rent...

With a good business plan, adaquate can do well. Just do not stoop to being a shark.

Come to think of it, you could give out wheel and star cards with your name and logo on the back...It would be collectiable!

Oooohhhh then they have those cards they pass out in Las Vegas, I got a whole set to go with my baseball cards!!! 

Rhiannon  16 Aug 2002 
I think she's awfully pricey! $60 for 15 minutes, I hope she's worth it.

I like the idea of marketing yourself with a website... that's one of my plans... eventually. Her's needs a bit of work, but she probably did what she could afford.

And jade, I don't remember what you're talking about...

R :) 

Umbrae  16 Aug 2002 
One thing to remember about price…

If people did not pay it, and if her services were not worth it, folks would not pay it and the price would come down.

You need to ask, “What is price? What is worth? More importantly, what am I worth?”

The answers should surprise you. Your own worth and value are more than you think… 

jade  16 Aug 2002 
i agree!


the story..........hmmm, i'll be paraphrasing and definitely not doing the story justice and i don't even remember who it happened to.

one of our precious members was walking on the street and a 'psychic' approached them and wanted to read for them, so they went with them, into the person's apartment! alone! unsafe!

the 'mothers' of the board told this (female) member not to do that again.


Pollux  16 Aug 2002 
Jade, wasn't it funkpuss?
Mh... Maybe not. But I remember it was her.
And I also remember that this member was in a very cr@ppy shi§§y period, and that was one negative happening of a long chain. Serendipity. 

Umbrae  16 Aug 2002 
The average price of a good psychic/tarot reader is between $2.00 a minute and $3.00 a minute. The lady on the website charges $2.33 per minute. 

Laurel  16 Aug 2002 
My first thought when I was read the start of this thread is "isn't Anastasia Starr a dominatrix-slash-prostitute?"

There appear to be two very different Ms Starr's out there on the Internet. :P 

purplelady  16 Aug 2002 
I enjoyed looking at her web site. But I think $60 for 15 minutes is too much. I don't care how good she is. There seems to be 2 differing opinions on this. One is that you charge a "reasonable" amount. The other is that you charge as much as you can get. Well, I understand that people need to make a living. And counselors and psychologists charge quite a bit......................... 

DarkElectric  17 Aug 2002 
$140 US dollars an hour. I wonder if the home made, cutsey looking website is to make people think 'I'm really not in it for the money'. She has all of the 'proper' new age cred. There are so many people out there who are raking in the bucks from the burgeoning interest in the esoteric arts. Many of them are charlatans. It looks like this woman is trying too hard to avoid the glitzy, Ms Cleo approach. 

zorya  17 Aug 2002 
has anyone had a reading done by her? what makes you so sure she's not worth it? a good reading can change someones life for the better. what is the value of life changing information? people spend that much on a nice outfit. (well, not me, but lots of people do, lol ) how much does a fancy meal out cost? often readers have families to raise and bills to pay too. you want to try to do that on $10 or $20 a reading? *zorya's wondering what happened to her? did i really just say all that? LOL * 

jade  17 Aug 2002 
some people hear that i charge $60 for a reading and they think, OMGoddess, that's waaaaay too much.

but i haven't had a client yet that says i charge too much, especially after they've had the reading. ;)

i'm sure she gives them their money's worth, or she'd be broke and couldn't afford the website heehee

in light,

The Ever Hear of Anastasia Starr? thread was originally posted on 16 Aug 2002 in the Chat board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Chat, or read more archived threads.

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