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"Guided (taped) Meditations" - good or tripe?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 09 Sep 2001, and now archived in the Forum Library.

tarotbear  09 Sep 2001 
The thread on spirit guides started me thinking about those tapes we all buy and never seem to get into. Years ago I was told there were 4 guides around me - two men over my head, a female one on one side, and a crystal one on the other. Supposedly they talk to me all the time ( no wonder I can't sleep). I bought a tape that was supposed to introduce me to my spirit guide. Yeah, right.

My biggest problem is that my rational mind tends to override many things. I once rented a Lazarus video and fell asleep in the same spot twice! My mind probably said "I don't believe this' and shut me off!

Back to the tape ---

What I dislike about meditation tapes is that they spend 2/3 of the tape talking you in to a meditative or alpha state, then they rush through what you came there for! I know how to get in to an alpha state from years of meditation. So now that you talked me there, you start firing things to do at me - I barely got to see my guide and now the tape is bringing me out of it! What if my spirit guide doesn't answer as fast as you are asking the qustions. No wonder my mind shuts these things out.

Secondly, (again, being rational to an extreme), I tend to view what I see as " Is this what I am supposed to see? Or is it a movie? Or is it a creation of my own mind?" Once I get into this mode, I am no longer meditating, only 'editing' what is happening. One tape has you get into a car that drives backwards as you go into alpha, one has you walking down a long staircase, one has you counting from 10 to 1, and the number changes color as you do......

Personally, if I sit in a darkened room with a one-hour CD playing and a HUMAN 'talks' me, live, into a meditation, I get far beter results.

Still have never met these four guides, though! 

Kiama  09 Sep 2001 
I agree tarotbear, and I usually do guided meditations for my friend when he wants them, (People seem to think I have a posh voice and that I should do radio or something!) I have done tapes for him though, which don't ruch him through th emeditation, so he gets good results.


jade  09 Sep 2001 
i got some excellent guided meditation tapes for my eldest daughter when she was 3. they greatly assisted her and she loved to go to sleep after doing her meditations.

for myself however, i like to go on my own journey so i can lead myself and then let 'me' go and i have a great meditation.

i have lead many meditations and i usually close my eyes and take the group on a journey with me. as i go places i share it with them and they come along, although i always suggest that if their meditative state takes them elsewhere to ignore me and go go go.

i agree that sometimes we are rushed during meditations which is why i don't like being led by anyone.

i do, however, think that guided meditations are a great way to learn how to meditate.

blessed be.

jade  09 Sep 2001 

i have a great meditation that i do with groups. we start in a meadow, among the flowers and we follow a path thru some trees to a fountain. around the fountain is a seat (circular - surrounding the fountain).

i have them sit on the seat and look around. in the distance they see a light form approaching them. it is one of their guides or a guardian angel, whichever 'friend' they are choosing to meet. they invite the light being to come and sit beside them.

different things happen at this point but more or less they have their 'friend' step towards them and then back away again so they can 'feel' their energy. then they sit down, sometimes holding hands, and have a chat. then the 'friend' gives them a box or trunk and inside is a gift. they say thank you and then goodbye knowing that they can come back and share with this 'friend' whenever they choose.

they walk back down the path and see a pond. they disrobe and swim in the pond (cleansing) and then they get out the otherside and their clothes are there, clean and fresh waiting for them and then they go back to the meadow, lay on the ground amongst the flowers, staring at the sky and slowly come back into the room.

perhaps this will assist you to meet your guide or angel.

blessed be.

StarShine  09 Sep 2001 
I have been looking for some really good guided meditation tapes/discs. Are there any that you guys could suggest and where do I get them. I have a friend who offered to make me one, but that was before her life exploded. She does not really have the time right now.
If you've got one to reccommend, I would also appreciate some sort of description and what type of meditation you mainly use it for.(Healing, Energy, Stress Management, etc.)

Thanks So Much! 

GeminiLady  09 Sep 2001 
Something that helped me was to make an edited copy of the guided tape. either leave a predetermined empty spot on the tape and then edit in your closing or just leave it open ended, depending on your prefrence.

I have to admit, I wonder about the visions that I get during some of these...I did one where I met guides too...--However, during a later reading that my friend gave me (she uses a crystal ball), she gave me a description of three of the guides that I "met" -Just about knocked me off of my chair!

Either way, the biggest problem for me is just staying awake...LOL

Love and Light,

truthsayer  09 Sep 2001 
i use some type of soft music and guide myself. the shamanic journey tapes by michael halpern are pretty good. i also love enya. i have a particular meditation format i've used for years and i add new elements. i have tried tapes by shakti gawain and hers are pretty good. i've also heard some good stress and pain management ones but can't remember who did them. i believe louise hay does some good meditation tapes on personal growth and healing. 

raeanne  10 Sep 2001 
I have used Kelley Howell's BrainSync tapes quite a bit. They have been researched to produce the proper brainwave patterns by the use of specific tones. The problem I have with tapes is the jolting sound that most tape recorders make when they shut off! I prefer CDs because of this. The web site for BrainSync is: 

New River  10 Sep 2001 
I have been guided through meditations by other people but have never used a tape. i sometimes felt rushed into the relaxing state and through the meditation. this was enough to have me choosing to do it for myself.

we are all working at different levels though and what works for one will not be right for others. trust yourself.

love, light and happiness, New River 

tarotbear  10 Sep 2001 
Jade's meditation pattern is very nice because it 'flows' and is logical in sequence. On the 'Guides' tape I have, AFTER the got through the long meditation to get to Alpha they start you (cold) walking through a woods (how did we get to the woods?); you walk until you hit running water when you get onto a boat that takes you across a river or lake to a hillside full of different gardens. YOU chose which garden is yours. Then you sit in the garden on a bench until your guide appears. Then they RRRUUSSHHH through all these questions you are supposed to ask your guide, leave the garden to the boat to the woods, and it all ends.

I do have a lovely guided meditation that brings you to meet Quan Yin; it is a copy so I have no info for you. In short:

Once you hit alpha you are guided through a misty forest where you come to a great river with a bridge. You start to cross the bridge to the island when you realise you are standing on the backbone of a great dragon! It swims you to the other side of the river. There you walk though a misty woods towards a building that takes shape as a temple as the clouds part. You walk into the 'empty' temple, and realize you are in the presence of Quan Kin.

Quan Yin listens to you and answers you questions. She asks about your problems. Suddenly and easily, she reaches into you and removes your problems or illnesses from you and places them in a large bowl. She walks outside the temple to the dragon who breathes on your troubles and burns them away. Quan Yin gives you a gift and asks you to return to her when you have problems. You step on the back of the dragon and he brings you back across the river as the clouds roll in to obscure the temple from view.

I got goosebumps just typing this! 

MeeWah  10 Sep 2001 
I've been in groups that have a person leading the mediation where the leader uses a taped meditation. I do not care for guided meditation tapes. They usually talk too much & detract from the listening, which is what part of meditation involves. Also tend to feel limiting.
I like Jade's & Tarotbear's versions. (Thank you both for sharing!) They have a natural rhythm from beginning to conclusion because there are points of reference.
Years ago, I mentored meditation groups. We prefaced the meditation with breathing exercises & neck exercises, prayer & an affirmation. It is a routine I still follow with occasional variations. Often the routine is superfluous; thinking about meditation will automatically lead to that state. 

Nasser  10 Sep 2001 
From a former unbeliever, and current person in search of the big "whatever"... I gots me a question. It will be impossible for me to find books on the subject where I live for various reasosns... mostly because of religious beliefs in this community... but is there any info online for me to learn how to meditate and maybe get proficient enough at it that I may try to meet any spirit guides... if I may be so lucky to have any?
(I am picturing that movie with Robert Downy Jr. with the six spirits... singing "Walk like a maaaaaan, talk like a maaaan...") 

jade  10 Sep 2001 

thanks for sharing that meditation. i love it. i'm going to use it (loosely) at my next guided meditation group.

in light and love,

tiger lily  11 Sep 2001 
Nasser (11 Sep, 2001 11:44):
... but is there any info online for me to learn how to meditate and maybe get proficient enough at it that I may try to meet any spirit guides... if I may be so lucky to have any?

There are many sites about meditation on the net ... here´s a digest ;-) :
(this one is about contacting your spirit guides)

I bet you´re a bit occupied now }> 

The "Guided (taped) Meditations" - good or tripe? thread was originally posted on 09 Sep 2001 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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