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Can you see "dead people"???

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 27 Feb 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Ramses  27 Feb 2002 
Hey folks...

how are you?...Hope youīre all fine!

Well..." I see dead people" you saw the movie "The Sixth Sense", you know what I mean...but, no...I canīt see dead people...though I know some people who can...

My girlfriend, for instance, sees, once in a while, shadows passing by her apartment...sometimes she hears someone breathing by her side, when sheīs in bed, and thereīs nobody else in there...for many times, sheīs told me that she was in the kitchen, or in her bedroom, etc..., when she saw a woman, or a guy passing by the corridor, or next to her...and things like that... her place, I would feel very unconfortable...Iīm still not ready for such experiences...but, she is...funny, isnīt it?...
I also got a friend at college who told me she always talked to a little girl...well, the spirit of a little girl, who always wanted some candy...

As for me...well, I only, sometimes, have the feeling that someoneīs near...sometimes I can feel some smell that I shouldnīt be, one day I was teaching, and in the middle of my class I felt the smell, the strong smell, of alcohol, like vodka or something...then, I asked my students if they had felt that smell too, but none of them undestood what I was talking about...strange, isnīt it???

So...How about you, folks?...Have you ever had such experiences???
Can you see "dead people"???


Liliana  27 Feb 2002 
Ive seen human shped shadows, but no actual detail of dead people, Ive felt them often tho, with kind of a chill in the air. I often catches glimpse of stuff out of the corner of my eye but when i turn around nothing is there, and feeling like im being followedby nothig, I HATE that. Ive actually "seen" dead people while in the astral tho, a lot of people met on the astral are dead :) 

raeanne  27 Feb 2002 
My mother and sister are both on the other side and I have had a couple of experiences where I have seen them. I also see ghost cats rather frequently. I have had cats as pets all my life. It isn’t uncommon for me to see one of these ghost cats. I have three living cats now and they seem to enjoy watching the ghost cats come and go. The other night I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and just had a dim light on (just enough to keep from walking into things in the dark). When I walked into the living room there was a ghost cat on my sofa. My three living cats were all sitting around the room staring at this ghost cat. Just then the ghost cat jumped off the sofa and calmly walked across the room and through the front door. The three living cats and I just stood and watched. The funny thing about these experiences is that I never feel it is the least bit strange while it is happening but afterward I think it is very out of the ordinary! I have also smelled fragrances that shouldn't be there and heard music that isn't really playing. This isn't a skill that I can turn on and off, it just happens when it happens. 

Kalin  27 Feb 2002 
I've never seen dead people but have, on a couple of occasions, heard them. The voices were of family members who had crossed over and their messages were clear, specific, and very helpful.

Lately I've had a couple of instances of hearing nonsense messages from voices I don't recognize, but I wonder if that's a case of my subconscious momentarily making its way into stream of consciousness, rather than voices from an outside entity.

Kalin :) 

slinky_jo  27 Feb 2002 
I have experienced psychic energy, but nothing visual.

One thing that I have never been able to overcome is my fear of cemeteries. I just CANNOT go in them! It started from the very first time I ever went in one at age 11 or so. It's not that I SEE ghosts or spirits, but I HEAR them. It's like listening to a cacophony of cicadas all chirping at the same time. I have never been able to control or channel it properly, so I just keep away. I DO NOT find cemeteries "peaceful" - are you nuts?!?! It's even worse if I step on or near a grave. I can't even go near memorial gardens.

OK, "ghost story"! I flatted ("room mates" for you usa folks!) in an old house once, where my bedroom was a very cold, very dark room. I always felt movement in there, and breezes, like someone was brushing past me. One night I felt this heavy weight on me, and breathing in my ear. It was quite frightening but I also felt angry! I yelled out - "**** OFF!" and it never happened again! I found out later that the roommate before me left because she also felt the room was haunted.

I had a bad experience with a oujui (sp?) board, but that's on another post!

In saying this, the funny thing is that my mother died two years ago and I now live in her house. I have never felt her presence. 

truthsayer  27 Feb 2002 
i can't specifically remember seeing "dead ppl" but i sure have heard a plenty!!!!! i have heard and seen physical activity that couldn't otherwise be explained--no trick wires. the first was hearing my dead grandfather' perform his morning routine when i was 11. another was when i spent the night in a room w/ my younger sister that had nightly poltergeist activity. whatever it was walked from my bed to hers for hours shaking the beds. the lights were on but i saw nothing except the bed shaking and loud footsteps. a few years later i got a message from an uncle who had just died to give my aunt thru a dream. when the dream was over, i felt the mattress pushing down as if by someone's weight. i ran to mom's room and begged to spend the rest of the night w/ her! at first she said,"get out of here!" (she didn't want the spirit to follow me to her room) then she relented. :D :D i haven't had another experience in the past 9 years thank heaven!

i used to be terrified of graveyards too but i've lived beside one for the past 10 years. it's a nice place w/ little traffic to take a walk. i do stay away if i'm feeling depressed b/c i have sensed the dead and felt a "pull" from them and gotten odd imagery like inside a coffin. i believe in reincarnation and so i find it puzzling why i would sense these things. the only answer i can guess is that whether or not you move on after death depends on you specific beliefs of the afterlife. these beliefs can lead to a spirit becoming earthbound or moving on. 

amyel  27 Feb 2002 
Yes, I have seen those who have passed, but I don't make a point of seeking them, if that makes any sense at all.

When I was little, my mom used to talk about my "Imaginary friend". I called him "Peter Pan" probably because I had recently seen the movie or had the book read to me or something. It wasn't until years later that I realized, I really did *see* this little boy. I don't know who he was, but he must have been attached to the apt we lived in, because when my mom & I moved to live with my step-dad, my friend didn't visit any more.

When my great-grand-dad died, he came to visit me a few times. He told me to tell my mom that he was with "Masie" (my gr.grandma's nickname), so I did - and this freaked my mom out, so I knew not to talk to her about great grandpa anymore.

When my sister was born, a...I'll call say spirit guide, because to this day, I'm not sure who she was - came to me and told me to go downstairs and get a diaper to save my baby. My sister was about 2 months old at this time - maybe a few months older - and I slept walked three flights of stairs down to the basement family room to get a cloth diaper. My mom followed me upstairs - and found my sister was suffocating - wrapped herself in a blanket, I think, or something. To this day, I can still remember what the spirit looked like, and I am convinced she came to me because she knew the messge would be received.

Many years later, I was dating a guy who died in a car accident. He came to me many, many times, for about 6 months.

But mostly, I can feel spirits around me. I remember on my honeymoon in Scotland, hubs & I took this ghost walk tour through Edinburgh. We were in these underground vaults that are reported to be haunted, and I could very clearly feel someone's cold breath on the back of my neck, like they were breathing on me. Hubs is a bit of a prankster, and I thought it was him, got annoyed and turned around and told him to stop goofing off! Only, there was no one behind me - he was to my side, about 5 feet away. THEN, a voice whispered in my ear that he knew I could hear him & he wanted us out of there. I did not need to be told twice. I left. That was my only experience with an angry spirit - I do not want another one.

Now, after having said all this, I don't want anyone thinking this is a daily occurence, because it's not. But I do know spirits are out there and I have seen them and have sensed them.

My sister went to a psychic once, who told her that her daughter could talk to spirits. This was perfectly natural to me, so maybe these things run in families? If she reads this, she'll have to tell you what term the psychic used - I don't remember it. My sister also has a ghost who lives in her house. I call him Bob. I think he is the original owner of the house (she lives in a 102 y.o. farm-house). She's recently had some experiences, as she delves deeper into wicca, but I'll let her tell you about those. 

GeminiLady  27 Feb 2002 
Yes, I see them too...

To me, they look like negatives of a photograph. I rarely see in color, but I do see them "outside" of my third eye. --In my third eye is where the color is...

I've heard them talking, playing music to me, also they show lots of symbols to me on the walls and such..
I am especially thankful for a warning that I received about my home needing additional lighting due to a dark spot that would prove to be a problem. I'm very glad that I listened to their advice!

My son has seen my twin sister who crossed over years ago. For the longest time, he would talk about his "other mommy" and wonder how I could be in his room, when he just saw me leave.. :)

One thing I'd like to say is that since I have started having more of these experiences, I've stopped looking at them as "dead"...The way I see it, we are the ones who live in bodies that will age and die. We suffer physical ailments, and all sorts of things.
Most of the contact I have had with "them" shows me that what we call death, is truly life......just something I have been kicking around in my head for awhile... :)

Love and Light,

New River  27 Feb 2002 
hey everyone. well i totally freaked out when i logged on here and saw this topic.

i just saw the apparition of my great grandma 3 nights ago. i've only told 3 ppl about this so far. i woke up because my cat was scratching at the door. i let him out and when i looked back, there she was sitting in the rocking chair. i wish i could say i was as composed as some of you had been, but i was so startled that my heart started pounding and i dived back under the covers. when i looked again she was gone.

then i felt bad, like maybe i'd hurt her feelings by being freaked out and not talking to her. she died when i was 4 yrs. old and i am the only one left who would remember what she looked like.

i have always heard and felt spirit's presence but i have never seen one. maybe a shadow once in awhile but nothing like this. it was all white and ghostly looking, but still looked like her.

no wonder the cat was wanting to get out of there!

i still am wishing i had asked her why she had come to visit. the only thing i'm getting now is that she just wanted to visit. but this was the night before i had to drive home in a blinding blizzard, so maybe she was letting me know she would be with me.

everyone's stories were so interesting about this. i am a true believer!

love, light and hope, New River 

catlin  28 Feb 2002 

No, I do not see dead ppl but I see if someone will pass away, even this person just walks past me in the street and seems to be ok, I get the feeling that s/he will die in about 4 weeks and sadly to say the 4 cases I have had this experience it proofed to be true.

I also see a kind of cloaked and hooded black fellow if a very distressing catastrophy is ready to happen. I saw this fellow shortly before the terribel train crash of Eschede and shortly before 11th Sept. 

GeminiLady  28 Feb 2002 
It's so nice to have other people to talk to this about..

I also believe this is something that runs in families. My mother can see them, and in fact showed me how to re-train my eyes to see them more easily. (I don't know what else you would call it)
My mother tells me that as a small child, I ran into her bedroom, all excited about the little girl in my room, that looked just like me. --I had no idea at the time that I was seeing anything unusual.

It's not an everyday occurance for me, either. But it is picking up quite a bit. About the time I turned 30 I had a "reawakening" and all kinds of things started getting stirred up..

I had just given birth to my son, and I would find I was so scared, getting up with him at night with all of the noises, and things I was seeing--of course he was a one of those babies that never did sleep through the night till he was after

New River,
the noises, and sights did frighten me so much at first that I asked for these things to stop happening until I was ready. I also prayed and asked help from the spirits of my loved ones who are already on the other side.

--yes, it really did help....and my mother showed me ways to "tune out" of that frequency for awhile by making sure I had lots of distractions. --Something else that I have learned is when our loved ones come to us, they really don't want to scare us, and will hold back if they are aware that it has that effect on us.

I guess now I am more used to it, and I see some of my crossed over relatives more now than when they were alive...--go

It is not unusual to receive messages from them when we have our weekly reading night get together.

it would be difficult to live with your gift. I don't know whether or not I would be able to handle it as well as you do.

that is an interesting thought. I was just reading that about astral travel the other night in the ebook that I posted the link to..Are you able to have any kind of interaction with them? Do they seem to know that they have crossed over?

Very good thread idea, Ramses :)

Love and Light,

Ramses  28 Feb 2002 
OH...hey folks...

I just remembered something that happened to me once...
I was at my girlfriendīs grandmother funeral, when all the family members were called to be next to the coffin for the last prayer...I was, then, the last person outside the room...behind me, just a loooong corridor...then, I felt that somebody had sneezed on my neck...I turned around to see who had done it, but there was nobody there, just the long windows open...strange...hehe...and I remember that I was very sad that day...I just had seen my girlfriendīs grandmother twice before she died...I didnīt know her well, had no emotional connections...but, I remember I had to run for the bathroom that day, before the burial, and cried really hard...I donīt know what happened to me ...and my girlfriend was just calm, as if nothing had happened...and it was HER grandmother who had died, not mine....strange, isnīt it ?

LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Liliana  28 Feb 2002 
GeminiLady (01 Mar, 2002 00:56):
that is an interesting thought. I was just reading that about astral travel the other night in the ebook that I posted the link to..Are you able to have any kind of interaction with them? Do they seem to know that they have crossed over?

Yes you can interact with them, most of them were mine and/or my husbands spirit guides.In fact one was my mentor, he doesnt come around much anymore, but if i want to i can get in contact with him. I miss him sometimes. And this group definately all knew they were dead. I supoose their are some that dont know. If you look closely enough you'll be able to see their silver cord ifthey are living (some its obvious, some are invisible unless you are looking for it) If they dont have it, its likely they are dead :) 

Mystick Dragon  28 Feb 2002 
I can see them. I've seen my grandfather once or twice, and my passed dog Patches. I continue to see her. I also see astral plaine creatures like dragons and the occasional unicorn.


amyel  28 Feb 2002 
GeminiLady (01 Mar, 2002 00:56):

It's not an everyday occurance for me, either. But it is picking up quite a bit. About the time I turned 30 I had a "reawakening" and all kinds of things started getting stirred up..


That's interesting, Gem, because some of my most intense experiences with many things "aeclectic" came around my 30th b'day, including the astral travel stuff I posted about in Ramses' other thread.

Like Catlin, though, I do have the ability to sense when someone is going to die. Specifically, it comes to me as a "fact thought" - I just know I will never see that person on this plane again. This does not happen all the time, but it has happened on three occasions. The first with my father, the second with my grandfather and lastly, with my step-mum. It's hard to describe how the knowing comes - sort of like a waking dream, or a thought that pops into my mind.

So, I wonder - people who can see or sense those who have passed, do you think we are just attuned more so with passing? Are any of you afraid of dying? If you aren't, do you think this makes you more attuned to seeing/sensing? 

napaea  05 Sep 2002 
yes, i have seen dead people and spirits.
i saw the spirit of Iron Cloud, the indian, and spoke with him.
i saw a ghost (hee hee in running shorts!) in my house, right next to my bedroom.
i see glimpses of things, in trees, in fog, in the clouds from the sewer release things in the streets.
i saw an angel in my mirror (or something!)
i saw a protective angel guardian standing by my friend. i didn't have my glasses on, and i was thinking, "now who is that? i haven't met that person!" and i put on my glasses and they were gone.

usually i just sense things though. i have to be pretty relaxed to see spirits. but i have heard voices too, someone calling out my name.

sometimes it's frustrating, cause i want it to be more clear. but i guess it will work itself out in time. 

HOLMES  05 Sep 2002 
i never seen dead people :O( but it is a good thing :O)
as i am scared of seeing them.
but something deep in me wants to see them !! 

Emily  05 Sep 2002 
I saw a friend of my nans, an old neighbour, who had been very ill and in a nursing home. I was shopping in our local town and saw this lady hobbling towards me, I recognised her straight away, she looked the same as always, I spoke but she just looked past me - I watched her hobble away and realised that she had an old blue mac that I'd seen her wearing when she went shopping but also both her legs were very heavily bandaged and she had sticks to help her walk.
It was on my mind all the way home, I thought that perhaps she was out for some fresh air, but I wondered why the home would let her go out like that - anyway I phoned my mom and mentioned that I'd seen her. Mom told me that she had died two days before, so I'd seen her having a last look around the town after she had died.
I also saw one of my elderly lady neighbours about a week after she died waiting for the bus, I didn't get to speak to her though, I just sort of walked the other way lol :)
Its happened a couple of times since but with members of my own family, I saw my uncle some days after he had died, again in the town but when I mentioned it to my Mom she got a little upset so I said I must have made a mistake and it wasn't him but it was. 

Violet Gargoyle  05 Sep 2002 
Most of the time, I can only feel thing just passing through, can't really explain it very well. I feel it more often in older houses, or nearby cemetaries.

I can swear that I will hear my name being called out to snap my attention to something, mainly when I am half asleep, call it half dreaming, or you can call it someone making sure Im not late for work. I'm afraid I don't have any of those close contact stories. 

WhiteDrag0n  05 Sep 2002 
Well I have sometimes been able to see "dead people", but I can feel them better though. It like a "chill" or "warmth" on my back between my shoulders whenever a entity is in the room. Depending on if its a chill or a warm feeling usally indecates if it is friendly or not. 

Kismet  05 Sep 2002 
To my knowledge I've never seen a spirit/ghost/dead person.
I have heard my boyfriend once, and also believe my half sister's Dad used to speak to me when I was 12. I used to think I was crazy and "hearing voices" and never have shared that with a soul.
This thread is really fascinating. :)
Love and Light,

Umbrae  06 Sep 2002 

Strega  06 Sep 2002 
I've never seen "dead people"... but I have heard and felt them... unexplainable noises... voices... footsteps... pounding sounds... rapping on walls... 

VGimlet  06 Sep 2002 
I saw something once, but I have never been sure if it was a spirit, or something else. It was neither friendly, or unfriendly. In the neighborhood I once lived in, I felt and heard things. (I have talked about my bad neighborhood before.)
I had a ghost cat sleep on my feet like he always used to one night when I was very sad. And my husband and I were both awakened one night by our dogs barking. The live one, and the dead one. *That* was spooky, because Ken is a very practical person, and his realm of experience does not generally extend beyond the physical world. 

wavebreaker  06 Sep 2002 
Originally posted by Liliana
I often catches glimpse of stuff out of the corner of my eye but when i turn around nothing is there
That's what happens to me sometimes. Although I haven't experienced it in a while.
I know that my grandfather is often with me and a while ago I felt for a few days as if he was really close, as if he was trying to "come through". Nothing happened though. It did scare me a bit, maybe that was the reason nothing happened in the end, because he didn't want to scare me. On the one hand, I would like to see him, but on the other hand I think I would get a heart attack if I would actually seem him... ;) 

bec  06 Sep 2002 
I lost my brother tuesday morning sep. 3rd 2002, since then I have felt connection through "our" kaz.

Yesterday, thursday I visited the spot where he decided was his last place on earth and I saw him as clear as I see living people.

When driving home friday morning I felt him in my car next to me, his cologne was so strong I felt sick from it. Once I was in bed I felt the same smell ooze in from the open window and I fell asleep, well aware of him taking care of me.

I feel him around me now all the time, as if he was the very air I breethe, I know it is not sorrow or heartache but him, I feel surrounded by his comforting nature.

My brother killed him self, and knowing my brother and realising the alternatives, I love him for it, I never realised that one person could love so much that he would die to save them.


Violet Gargoyle  06 Sep 2002 
Originally posted by bec
I lost my brother tuesday morning sep. 3rd 2002, since then I have felt connection through "our" kaz.

Yesterday, thursday I visited the spot where he decided was his last place on earth and I saw him as clear as I see living people.

When driving home friday morning I felt him in my car next to me, his cologne was so strong I felt sick from it. Once I was in bed I felt the same smell ooze in from the open window and I fell asleep, well aware of him taking care of me.

I feel him around me now all the time, as if he was the very air I breethe, I know it is not sorrow or heartache but him, I feel surrounded by his comforting nature.

My brother killed him self, and knowing my brother and realising the alternatives, I love him for it, I never realised that one person could love so much that he would die to save them.




wavebreaker  07 Sep 2002 
Anja: I too don't really know what to say after reading your story. Thank you for sharing it.
And I wish you all the strength and courage and love you may need to deal with this.


divinerguy  07 Sep 2002 
I feel a strong tie to the period around 1890. I know what life was like ... more than I should. I don't believe in reincarnation, or least I don't think I do. But something from that time continues to call me ... 

napaea  07 Sep 2002 
i don't know what to say either... 

napaea  07 Sep 2002 
does GeminiLady still post here?
if so i would love to get some more info about how you "retrain" your eyes to see more clearly. i know there are times that they are right in front of me, and i'd like to be able to see more often.
help! :)

and i'm so glad everyone has shared their stories!
i too had a 'friend" when i was little, and my sister used to make fun of me for having these "make believe" friends that i played with and talked to. when i was that age - 8 or so - i used to read all mystery and ghost stories, and i remember envying the kids in the stories who could go with "their" ghost and see the ghost's life (time travel stories)

anyway, i hope you all keep posting, cause it's great to read these stories 

blue_fusion  07 Sep 2002 
well, the occult was my fascination as a child, particularly necromancy. as a child, i was more receptive to "external" forces working about. i've felt, and heard them ("dead people"), but what terrified me as a child was seeing them.. a lot. now though, this ability in me has waned. although i still "feel" them, i only get to see them in glimpses, especially at the corner of my eye. of course it was quite ironic, because i would get scared but i'd still try to summon spirits back then. :) 

Diana  07 Sep 2002 
I miss Ramses. :( 

DarkElectric  07 Sep 2002 
Wow, fascinating thread.

Sometimes I can see them, sometimes I can't.
I live in a huge, ancient building. It was once the largest public high school in my city, it has now been converted to condos. The building was built in 1897, on city property which had been, in former times...the hanging grounds. It also happens to be in the oldest part of town, and there is a LOT of psychic energy here. According to all reports from people who know more about it than me, this whole area is a vortex. Doesn't surprise me.

I have seen the otherworldly residents here on occasion, but feel their presence a lot more. Temperature changes ( it suddenly gets very cold), noises, and sometimes people come in my room and sit on the bed with me. I can actually feel someone else sitting down. And when they're here, The way things look to me changes drastically. Shadows deepen, lines become very distinct. It feels as if I am seeing the world the way it would look to them, as if there's a subtle interface between my realm and theirs, and I see my world as if I am actually in their world. I'm not scared, they just live here too, Yuckky ones can't get in here, I have shields up against those of ill intent. They can't penetrate the stasis fields.

However, when I'm not in my home I see ghosts in other places.

I will never forget last year, when I went on Holiday to New York City for Thanksgiving, and we all visited ground zero.(It was still smouldering) We took the subway there, and when we got off the train, I was amazed to see so many business people down there waiting for trains. I mean, the station was packed. So I commented on it, and was told,

"What are you talking about, there is hardly anyone here at all".

I looked more closely, and realised that these people were a bit...incorporeal, and they were waiting for trains to take them to jobs that weren't there anymore. Then when we approached the site, I felt as if I was going to pass out, and heard what sounded like a loud, echoey mass of voices, all speaking as one. They said "We ARE New York City now. In every crack, and speck of dust. Forever." I started to shake, and my knees got weak. I wanted to run away, but I was with other people. I wasn't quite right after that, all the rest of the trip. 

Yogi Cat  07 Sep 2002 
I see dead people but have not seen them in colour - I don't see them every day - Whenever I go to a funeral the empty seats always have dead people sitting in them and I see them when they come with living people into the room. I also sense their presence and their feelings - sometimes a smell of tobacco or scent will come in with them.

I often hear my father call out my name - he has been in spirit for over 8 years. I feel he is just letting me know he is there but I have not seen him at all nor my mother but I definately feel her presence.

When I was really starting to get involved with the psychic I had a person materialise in front of me - this came in like mist and formed a body dressed liked the madonna, you could see her features clearly - I was so stunned I just stared - I have never seen this person again - but have been told she was probably a master.

I have also seen when some people were going to die - one was a colleague of mine who died suddenly at 43 - all through the week before everytime I saw her she went blurry like she was fading out. Another person was at my house for xmas and had to leave suddenly as she was not well - as I was seeing her out I got the saddest feeling and knew in my mind she would not be coming back again.

On another occasion I became very agitated one evening and could not settle - the next day we heard of a car accident in which 2 people we knew were killed and 1 seriously injured.

I have also seen my husband's astral body - one night I felt him get out of the bed and looked up to see him walking out of the room - I pushed my feet back into the spot where he was lying and he was still lying there in a really deep sleep. I didn't see when he came back in.

I have spirit cats coming in to the house especially on the bed at night - I have briefly seen them in the day and at night I feel their presence especially when they walk up and down the bed and onto the pillow. I would love to see the spirit of my dog who died 2 years ago but have not. 

napaea  08 Sep 2002 
i am so glad for this thread!
DarkE: boy your experience in NY gave me goosebumps!
and YogiCat! i am so glad you all are sharing these stories! 

Kismet  15 Sep 2002 
After posting here the last time, this past week I had an experience at work that was different from other times I have felt my boyfriend or hear him, etc.
I was testing a computer, looking down to make sure all was correctly done, and out of nowhere, I literally felt breath on my skin, like someone was blowing air from my ear down my neck on my left side. I wasn't scared or startled as their is a guy at work that takes pleasure in sneaking up and scaring people, but when I turned around, no one was physically with me or near me. I thought of venting and A/C through the facility, trying to rationalize, but this area has no air vents near it.
In the past 4 months, when I have felt my boyfriend, it has been that I feel his spirit with me, trying to comfort me. The banging at the door that first occured when he passed scared me, other things, like the fan coming on by itself have amazed me, but this is the first time my physical body has actually felt touched.
Does this make any sense to anyone?
And by the way, no I still do not see dead people/spirits/ghosts.
Love and Light,

Alex  18 Sep 2002 
never seen dead people. I often miss seing the live ones.

My professor's seen one this way. He told me every time he tried to schetch somebody, he would draw the face of someone else, someone he had never met. It turned out to be a spirit that was following him. 

ming  22 Sep 2002 
the previous post, where someone has breath on their face---we get this in my daughters house which is haunted. always on the left side, sometimes your whole left side goes cold too. 

Kismet  22 Sep 2002 
ming, glad to know I'm not alone on this. It's only happened the one time, but was, if it makes sense eerie and reassuring at the same time.
Love and Light,

ming  27 Sep 2002 
it just starts off all those questions---if they got breath, they must have bodies...if they got breath, then they alive..if they got bodies, why cant you see them....on and on forever! My daughter can go on for DAYS like that... 

ChrisTheObscure  27 Sep 2002 
I have never "seen" a dead person, per se. But I've heard them, and felt their presence.

When I was a freshman in college, I'd often hear, just after the lights were out and I was in bed, a scratching sound at the foot of my bed in my dorm room that would intensify until it was very loud. I was always petrified to look, instead Id turn on the radio and try to sleep.

I am living with my grandmother at the moment, and I am convinced the place is haunted by my grandfather, who died there, as well as other entities. Often the cat will sit for several minutes, staring at a spot at the back of the house, and then run under the couch and hide there for over an hour. Also, the room he died in is always very cool, even in summertime and even in the winter with two space heaters running. Also, ever since I started studying the tarot and paganism in general, I have had a very strong urge to enter the room in which he died and do a reading or try to contact him. This happens only when I'm alone in the house and it feels as if someone is trying to get me to go in there.


The Can you see "dead people"??? thread was originally posted on 27 Feb 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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