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dark spot appearing in a topaz necklace??

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 11 Feb 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

faunabay  11 Feb 2002 
I wasn't sure which section to put this in as chat is going away. But since I believe stones have their own living essense I though why not in spirituality. LOL And I do use stones and crystals alot to calm and heal and just flat out love to have them around (and on LOL) me.
Anyway about 2 months ago I got a very pretty topaz point which I wrapped and made into a necklace. After I had been wearing it off and on for a month or so I noticed a black spot inside the crystal. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there when I bought it. I can't imagine not noticing it before.
So I started thinking maybe somehow the wrapping process has caused some problems with the energy flow or even just caused a tiny fracture where moisture or air had gotten in there. So I unwrapped it and have had it setting on a crystal cluster to clear and clean it for about the last week. But it doesn't seem to
be going away. I really love this topaz and would love to beable to wear it again, but don't want to turn it in to a black topaz instead of a golden one. LOL Any suggestions??? 

MeeWah  12 Feb 2002 
Faunabay: What you describe sounds unusual; however, stones can develop (dis)colorations from use &/or naturally, depending on the stone.
Discolorations are associated with porous or softer stones such as turquoise, opal; also with pearls. Sometimes this is due to damage. Damage can occur as the result of exposure to a substance or handling not compatible with its structure. I am not familiar with the hardness scale of topaz.
Diamonds are known to have naturally occurring dark spots. Colorations or discolorations of stones are due to mineral content (such as iron), plant debris &/or age. It is possible that the topaz already contained a minute "spot" that was not obvious & has since developed naturally from use; due to exposure to something or energy absorption.
If you are fond of the stone, you can choose to continue using it & see if the dark spot increases.
Have you tried to inquire of the source of the topaz--am assuming it was purchased?
Sorry I am not of more help. 

catlin  13 Feb 2002 

I also work with stones and I remarked something pretty interesting with my granate ring: I had bought this granate ring shortly after my perillious illness and...the granate turned black!! This lasted until I finally recovered from the illness. The stone turned red again and it is still red. I usually wear it to make sure that I do not suffer too much stress. My health seems to be somehow related to this stone.

Maybe it is the same with your topaze.

Maybe dolphingirl or some of the nice guys who answered in my posting "Black Star" of December 2001 can help you with that problem. 

New River  13 Feb 2002 
faunabay, wow i think this is weird. i'm a stone/rock lover and i've never had this happen.

MeeWah is right about the softer stones, i.e. turquoise. i have had my turquoise change color on me but that was due to constant skin contact.

topaz is very high up on the moh's scale of hardness, right under sapphire i believe. this would make it like the 3rd hardest substance. first diamond, then sapphire then topaz.

i have to think that maybe it already had some kind of inclusion, but that wouldn't really explain the darkening of it. hmmmm......

the shaman in me wants to say that it is reacting to your energy. is this a good stone for you? have you researched it's energy compatability with your own? topaz is a powerful stone, not to be taken lightly altho i'm sure it loves you feeling it's beauty.

a good source for this is Melody's book, Love is in the Earth. if you are a stone lover you should not be without this book.

i know this didn't help much, but for whatever it's worth.......

love, light and hope, New River 

blue  13 Feb 2002 

What color is your particular topaz? 

faunabay  13 Feb 2002 
new river, I have the melody book and love it. Do you have Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic? It's great too! I really feel like I should have this stone, not because it's beautiful (it is though :) ), but because I'm drawn to it - not any topaz but this specific one.

blue, it's a golden topaz. I just looked it up in Melody's book and it says "Golden Topaz acts as a repository stone which stores information, as well as energy, thoughts and love. If one needs recharged with energy, the golden topaz can be used like a battery."
Maybe I'm storing things???? Maybe I'm using the stuff stored in it already????

catlin, I've only had it for a month or two and didn't wear it everyday. But I feel like it might be reacting to me like your's does. I'm making it turn black though. That doesn't sound to good to me! :( But I've missed it quite a bit in the last week or so as I've unwrapped it and can't wear it now. I might just have to wrap it, wear it again and just see what happens. ?????

Thanks everyone and if you come up with anything else please pass it on. I haven't had anything happen like this before either. 

faunabay  13 Feb 2002 
I did buy it, and by chance am going in the store tomorrow. I'll have to ask if they have any idea??? Thanks I didn't think about asking them. Don't know if they'd know either but I can always try. :) 

MeeWah  14 Feb 2002 
Faunabay: I think it could be due to something similar as what occurred to Catlin's ring but am not sure that the "spot" would diminish.
Stones in their way are alive & thus contain energy. I see it as a symbiotic relationship where energy is exchanged between the stone & its owner/wearer. It will reflect the health or state of the owner. Stones can get "worn out", depending on their use. Softer stones tend to manifest more obvious signs of "wear & tear", such as in color as its energy is utilized/leached or its very surface will show wearing.
What material was used to wrap the stone--metal, leather or nylon thread? Am assuming metal.
The metal used to wrap the stone may have an effect on the stone's energy. Copper wire is highly conductive & not always suitable for a particular stone &/or the wearer (latter may depend on the stone). Gold & silver are less conductive metals, but I am not sure the metal or wrap figures into this.
Sunlight is recommended for cleansing & recharging crystals--a minimum of 5 hours a week as well as placing them on a crystal cluster.
Yellow & orange-hued stones are associated with the solar plexus. Such stones have certain attributes for healing--pertaining to balance, blockages, & for stimulating creativity. A yellow or golden topaz can balance the emotions.
The initial impression was the topaz absorbed energy from you (or something connected to you). It may have acted as a neutralizer; that is, it "captured" an energy.
You could try asking the stone; hold it in your receptive hand & see what impressions come to you.
I would definitely inquire at the shop where you purchased the stone on the chance that someone there may be better able to assist you. Good luck & please let us know. 

faunabay  15 Feb 2002 
I asked at the store today, but the "stone guy" wasn't in. And nobody else knew anything.
The last couple of weeks (pretty much since I unwrapped it) I've been feeling very insecure and vulnerable. Which is not normally me. LOL But after reading what everyone wrote I decided to wrap it again last night. Today I realized about half way through the day I was feeling much more myself - much more grounded, centered and secure. I now feel this specific stone is here to help me through some weirdness at work and maybe just everything that's going on in the world right now. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with the dark spot???? Because after not wearing it for the last couple of weeks I realize it doesn't matter whether it turns completely black or not, I'm supposed to wear it. LOL
I'm definitly going to cleanse and take care of it, but am going to continue to wear it! It is helping me immensely! :) 

rostie  15 Feb 2002 
[quote]MeeWah (15 Feb, 2002 08:30):
What material was used to wrap the stone--metal, leather or nylon thread? Am assuming metal.
The metal used to wrap the stone may have an effect on the stone's energy. Copper wire is highly conductive & not always suitable for a particular stone &/or the wearer (latter may depend on the stone). Gold & silver are less conductive metals, but I am not sure the metal or wrap figures into this.

i always has heard that silver and leather are the best to wear a stone. gold is also to conductive and absorbe the energie of the stone. about other metals, i don't know.

with love,


faunabay  15 Feb 2002 
I used a gold metal to wrap it. I doubt very much it's true gold, just gold plated - was pretty inexpensive. But it seemed right to use gold. 

The dark spot appearing in a topaz necklace?? thread was originally posted on 11 Feb 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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