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indigo children

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 17 Feb 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

cayacia  17 Feb 2002 
I've been seeing this around the net lately about the indigo children. I don't find much about what exactly they are except a vague definition that they are children with great creative abilities and they become aware spiritually earlier than most people (???) They are also diagnosed with ADD. Does anyone know about this? 

Kiama  18 Feb 2002 
Some people say that these Indigo Children are on this Earth to help our evoluion. It is also a fairly recent phenomena. I found this on a website:

"The Indigo Children are not to be considered "superior or elite" in comparison to other humans, but rather viewed as living demonstrations of the dormant abilities that are NOW beginning to rapidly unfold among ALL HUMAN POPULATIONS.

Scientific communities in China, the US and other countries are now identifying small groups of infants and children that display rare abilities such as purging HIV, advanced genius and psychic/telekinetic abilities and other extra-ordinary attributes. These are the identified Indigo Children. Indigos can display some or all of these qualities and others not yet identified. In Indigo Children, fragments of DNA science identifies as 'junk DNA' and other portions of the DNA chain that science has yet to identify, are more organized and operational at birth than in the average populations, which gives Indigo Children biological, mental and/or spiritual skills and abilities that appear advanced, compared to that of the norm, these attributes can also present developmental challenges for some young indigos, as our present environment and cultural structures are harmful to humans with the advanced biological and psychological sensitivities that come with accelerated genetic development.

One little understood attribute of Indigo advancement is that of PERCEPTUAL EXPANSION, an accelerated psycho-spiritual biological orientation and natural usage of sensory abilities that are beyond the range of the commonly known 5 senses." - Anna Hayes

If you search on a search engine you'll get loads of links to really good pages about this.


blue  18 Feb 2002 
Maybe five years ago I ran across a reference to these children in one of the Earth series books by Marciniak (sp?). I wondered at the time how long it would be before I heard references to them in the media. I guess this is it.

As many changes as I have gone through myself, and watched friends go through in the last few years, I don't find it unusual to think that the abuilities these children display are being developed by humans beings in general. 

Pollux  18 Feb 2002 
It's the first time I hear about them...
Maybe because the English idiom is differently translated in Italian - well, of course. :)

It is very interesting. I'll surely do a search and save some article to HD.

Why are they called "Indigo"?
Isn't it a shade of colour? In IT it should be "indaco", a type of deep blue.

I have never met gifted children of any kind, not at school nor at home or in any other activity. Maybe the point is that here such children are somewhat hidden, and families move to places weer there is more possibility for them to be followed - for example, US, UK, Russia, France or Germany...

Well, this will make you laugh: my family used to considet ME a gifted children!!! :D
Of course I am (well, I've been) but just as much as others are (have been). I never switched lights off by blinking, nor got things floating in the air - I tried sometimes, though. ;p 

Kiama  18 Feb 2002 
Pollux (18 Feb, 2002 22:44):
Why are they called "Indigo"?
Isn't it a shade of colour? In IT it should be "indaco", a type of deep blue.

I think it cuz indigo is the colour of psychics, creative people, and those who are downright gifted! :) Like me! Nah, only kidding! ;p


cayacia  18 Feb 2002 
Well I just wonder if I'm not seeing them everywhere in people I know at school who are extreemly creativly orientated (myself included, but I humbly decline to call myself one until I find out more about it). These are the people I see in the art art and choir rooms and are involved in more than one kind of fine art media. A lot of them have ADD, too, but you wouldn't know it because they take ritalin sp.? (except Missy who often does not take her medicine and becomes an entirely different person-it's really funny). I also wonder if my yonger brother couldn't be one because he is very advanced in math and reading for his age but he has hyperactivity..trouble with writing and anger management. 

faunabay  18 Feb 2002 
From what I understand the indigo's don't necessarily have ADD, they just don't work the way we did as kids. They process information much quicker so are ready to move on before the adults expect them to.

I don't remember the whole thing, but something about how the indigos are born with a belief in themselves far beyond what we know.
So they don't do well with "because I said so!" They almost have a grownup attitude that says "screw you. I know what I'm doing!"
So they are apt to dismiss people and things they think are beneath their attention. Like standing in lines, waiting for others to grasp ideas they already know, etc.

There is a website devoted to indigo children. don't remember the address, but you could do a search and probably find it easily.
They have a top ten list of attributes to see if your child is an indigo. My niece is definitely one! She fits with about 8 out of the ten perfectly. One of the first in the list (if not number one) is being born with the attitude that they are royal and you damn well better treat them as such! Oh and does my niece have that one down!!! LOL 

Bings  18 Feb 2002 
There is a book about indigo children. My sister has read it and thinks it is wonderful. You can find it at amazon.


New River  18 Feb 2002 
any good search engine will lead you to information on this. let's all learn more about it so we can treat these children with the respect they deserve, like all children.

i would hate to see them all ritalined out before learning what their abilities are all about.

i'm betting nearly all of us have had contact with these indigo children by now. the information i've read says they began coming in around 1980 altho there are some indigo adults now who came early to sort of pave the way.

blue: i have read barbara marciniek's books and thought they were intriguing.

love, light and hope, New River 

january  18 Feb 2002 
I read on a website that "indigo" is used to describe these kids because that's the color of the 6th Chakra or third eye. That makes sense.

As far as many of these children having ADD, I feel they are mis-diagnosed and misunderstood. Is medication truly helping or is it masking something most humans cannot understand and/or do not want to deal with? Sure, it must be tough to deal daily with a tenacious and willful child, however exceptional children (and people) need a different kind of care thus fulfilling the 'indigo purpose' of creating a new human growth and understanding.

I do need read more on idigos and I'm certainly adding the book suggestions to my Amazon shopping list!

~ january 

catlin  19 Feb 2002 
The books on indigo children are now coming up in Germany, too.

I am not so sure what about this idea. Is it just a fashion trend or is there more behind it? 

Kiama  19 Feb 2002 
Hmm... Been looking at this. It seems that I know lots of Indigo Children, and Indigo adults, including myself and my boyfriend. Maybe this is because the attributes are very broad, and include a number of people...

I found this website: where there are lists of attributes for both Indigo Children and Indigo Adults. If you score 10 or over, you are *probably* an Indigo Child/Adult. If you scoe 15 or more, you are almost definitely an Indigo. I scored 19, out of 21. My boyfriend scored 10 or over.

I want to see how many other people are 'almost definitely' Indigo People....


cayacia  19 Feb 2002 
I must deffinately be because I got 17, but the two about deserving to be here and being treated like royalty don't apply to me! ^_^ Wow, and according to this I do know a lot of Indigos. VERY interesting.

Thanks Kiama for the link, it helped a lot.


Liliana  19 Feb 2002 
I got a 17 as well, maybe higher if I thought about it, but the first thing I thought of when reading the description was my husband, I think he has ALL of them, he was diagnosed with ADD when youger (I was not) and it may explain a lot. I'll have to talk to him about it. 

purplelady  19 Feb 2002 
Hey , someone else has actually read Barbara Marciniak's books! cool.........Her book "Earth" stuck in my hand one day at the bookstore. That's how I knew it was calling to me. After reading it and finding it fascinating, I bought her other books in the series. 

cayacia  19 Feb 2002 
purplelady? What did Ms. Barbara write about that had to do with indigo children. I is a confused person now. O.o


purplelady  19 Feb 2002 
Well , truthfully , I don't think Marciniak ever mentions "indigo children" by that name. She channels alien beings from the star system Pleiadies , if you can believe that. LOL , it sounds pretty far out , but it IS very intriguing! The indigo children , according to her, are beings from the pleiades, and perhaps other galaxies and star systems being born on the earth to human parents to teach us and raise our consciousness. And to aid in the evolution of the human race. She does mention that these new children are "blue" in color. 

Kiama  20 Feb 2002 
It is estimated that 95% of children born from 1992 are Indigos, and 99% who are born from 1999 onwards are.... In the 1980's, there were lots too, about 70%. This could be due to two factors: The children born in the 1980's, are basically children of the people who went through the Summer of Love in 1968, and the sexual revolution, the break away from dogmatic values and traditional mind sets. This could cause them, as parents, to instill in their children from Day1, the value of breaking away, searching for something better, etc.... And the children of the 1990's are basically living in a society where it is 'cool' and 'the done thing' for kids to rebel, break away, do what is unexpected....

Another theory I was thinking about is linked to Ramses' Past Lives thread: All these Indigos are very talented, spiritually aware, intellectual, empathatic, quick, etc... Could this be the souls that existed at the beginning of time or at a certain point in time have no begun to reach near-ultimateness? And maybe next life they will not return, and go to wherever souls go when they are completed? Again, this is just a theory....

This is all really interesting, and I'd love to hear other peoples' theories about this!


catlin  20 Feb 2002 
Each morning, when I go to work, I am crammed in a tramway together with a bunch of screaming, ill-mannered, noisy brats who aren't even able to speak properly just to find afterwards post-hippy adults who were surely conceived during the make-love-not-war-era and who often do not behave better :O

I often wonder if there are so-called indigo kids among them and if not, where do you find them? Although I did visit the proposed link to this subject I am still sceptical about it. Hope it is not a big ad campaign of some parents who were looking for an excuse for their failure in educating their kids.

B/W I did also this test and got 17 but I still see myself as a pretty normal person. 

Kiama  20 Feb 2002 
catlin (20 Feb, 2002 22:13):
B/W I did also this test and got 17 but I still see myself as a pretty normal person.

I see myself as normal too, however, other people don't! Maybe this is because my actions are so everyday to me that they cannot fail to be normal in my mind, but everyone else sees me as 'weird' or 'abnormal'!

Maybe normality is in the eye of the beholder! :-D


amyel  20 Feb 2002 
Hmmm...I got 20. This explains a bit. 

Pollux  21 Feb 2002 
I got 18... But I feel no indigo children at all! :D

And I also think that Test was sort of - I'm going to say it, even though I know someone may get offended - BU****IT!!! BU****IT!!! BU****IT!!!
(Please forgive my slip)

What child nowadays is not intuitive, intelligent (even spiritually) and doesn't get fed up with queuing and waiting in lines?
Think about the fact that they grow before a computer, a TV or VideoGame screens, and their brain gets used to go MUCH MUCH MUCH faster in those situations. I know because I experienced that myself. Especially computer and VideoGames - where a single clicking of a button and a infinitesimal shifting of the device (i.e. mouse) can make you do a thousand things in one second.
It's as if your body (you identify it with the computer, as it is an outer, material self responding to your volunty)... was saying, you and your body get used to being as fast as your thoughts are. (Try to experiment this with yout children :) )

Of course they get bored queuing!!! :D

P.S. Who does not? :p 

slinky_jo  21 Feb 2002 
I kinda agree with the theory mentioned here about kids of ppl with special abilities.

My friend's sister is a wiccan, and so is her hubby. They are very spiritual and psychic ppl. And they have a little 11 year old girl who I have known almost all my life, and this kid is AMAZING! She's like a 100yr old women in this little body! She's so intuitive, and sweet. She created her own altar all by herself when she was 8. My friend has a painting she did when she was 9 - it is coloured in with black crayon, with a huge golden moon, and a rabbit running across the page and a bessom beside a tree.

I don;t think this girl is what you'd classify as an indigo child (she's FAR too composed for her age - no ADHD here!), but she certainly has special gifts that will only grow stronger as she grows up. She is going to be a very special human bean! 

Logiatrix  21 Feb 2002 
pollux--i do not have difficulties with lines, but that is because i made a concerted effort to learn NOT to let such things disturb me. that "hi-and-mighty" attitude was just getting out of hand!
anyway, i scored a 20 on this test, but that didn't suprise me. i went thru the "why-is-tauni-strange" thing years ago!
when i was three years old, my mom started taking me to see a psychologist who specialized in gifted children. i was reading and writing, extremely quiet, then anxious, and sometimes i said weird things (my mom says i acted "old"). she wanted to know how to expand my apparent gifts, and understand my other behavior. this gentleman called such children "wonderkind", or "wonder children", but the traits to indigo children, and the theory behind it, is almost completely the same. he was very much a flower-child of the time (the late sixties), and mostly engaged me in conversations that he would record on a reel-to-reel player. i also remember writing stories and drawing lots of pictures. he always reacted to my creations as if i had expressed pure genius. i saw this psychologist until i started kindergarten at age four, which i hated. by the time i was ten, i was given pills to calm me down, but i didn't take them, i just stopped complaining about my fluctuations between boredom and deep concern for the fate of the world.
it was also about that time that i surrendered to the idea that i was not meant to "fit in." as far as i was concerned, based on my observations at the time, that was quite all right with me!
now i rather enjoy being weird... 

Butterfly  21 Feb 2002 
After many years of studying psych at uni, I have to agree with Pollux about the questionnaire. It makes an IQ test look valid!
Still got to completely agree with the idea of indigo children. When I watch my little one and a half year old daughter I am in complete awe. Have been truly amazed by her from the moment she was born. I do all I can to encourage her creativity and individuality (within reason). I feel completely her equal and do all I can to remind her that she is special and unique.
It's scary to think that no matter what I can do as a parent, society and those big bad schools are going to knock that out of her. I really feel for Indigo kids.
Still, I worry that she will do a Saffy, from Ab Fab and grow up all conservative and stifled on me! 

Pollux  22 Feb 2002 
I promise it's my last take...
I have started "philosophical", abstract thinking (one of the features) - call it anyway you please - at the age of 9. I don't know if this is early enough. However, I felt I was quite premature with it. I have always felt out of the bunch, different, weird. And mostly I still do. I have always felt a calm sheep under whose wool is disguised a subversive anarchist - and I try hard to keep concealing my nature the more I go on (I also am a Gemini - LOOK OUT!) - and, as for the remainder, I only cannot claim to have "deep, old-wisdom expressing eyes". My definition would be "fiery, yellowish, demon-like blazing eyes".
All the same, I have never experienced psychic powers - or definite ones. If they are, they will come. :) 

Summerdream  25 Feb 2002 
cayacia (18 Feb, 2002 14:53):
I've been seeing this around the net lately about the indigo children. I don't find much about what exactly they are except a vague definition that they are children with great creative abilities and they become aware spiritually earlier than most people (???) They are also diagnosed with ADD. Does anyone know about this?

I don't know if my youngest daughter is an indigo child or not but I have to tell you about her! Last week while my sister in law was at her physical therapist's who also happens to be a reiki master she was telling her about my youngest daughter. She is only 5! This child is so spiritual it amazes me. She has been giving "grace" at the family meals for the past year. All on her own, up until then noone in our family has ever done grace at mealtimes! She knows more about God then her 2 older sisters who attend ccd classes!! She's always talking about him and Jesus and talks about her guardian angels. This child is the most affectionate. She helps everyone in the family when they are sick and is always telling everyone that she loves them more than the whole world. She is not materialistic in the least. She is very sensitive and sees the good in all people. She has wisdom beyond her years and is always saying "she choose me to be her mother". She is far more mature than kids her age. The therapist suggested to my sister in law that I read about "indigo children". Does she sound like one?

Kiama  25 Feb 2002 
MomOf3Girls: I can't say whether or not your daughter is an indigo, but all I can say is that you are blessed to have such a wonderful daughter.


The indigo children thread was originally posted on 17 Feb 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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