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On the edges of dreamsville

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 17 Feb 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Moonklad  17 Feb 2002 
The thread about astral projection reminded me of an experience I had the other night. I have been working on astral projection for quiet some time now. Have not achieved full travel as of yet, but still working. As a result, I think, I have been having more luck at lucid dreaming.
The other night while in the middle of a dream, I can't recall the dream exactly, but during the dream I suddenly became lucid. I was aware that I was asleep but my mind was awake and aware of this. I decided to see if I could walk to the edge of the dreamscape. Since this "world" was in my mind I assumed that it must have a boundary of some type. I started off walking and after about what seemed like 100 yards, the landscape started looking different. There wasn't as much detail and the colors were dim. Finally I turned around this little ledge and there was simply nothing more. Blank space. The cool part was, all around the edges were pure white flowers. Flowers of many different shapes, heights and textures but totally without color or smell. It was a very beautiful place. Soon after reaching this area I drifted back out of lucidity and thats all I remember.
I thought it was such a cool walk to the edge of my dreamscape.

jade  18 Feb 2002 
that IS interesting.

in light,

purplelady  20 Feb 2002 
Well , I guess just when you think you've heard it all , there is something new to learn! That IS interesting! ..............But I've come to believe that dream space or "inner space" is just as infinite as outer space. In an inward fashion , and it exists every bit as much as outer space. And what about cyber space? Think of it, where ARE we when we're in cyber space? Does it exist, and Where? Inside our heads or out there somewhere? And is it not truly infinite?! 

Moonklad  22 Feb 2002 
I agree. The dream world is infinite. I believe that because we can create what we desire in a truly lucid dream, that I found the edge of the dream because thats what I expected and set out to find. Another words, if I had expected to find the dreamworld surrounded by an ocean that that is indeed what I would have found. Thats the cool thing about lucid dreams;being able to create just by thinking.
I am hoping with more practice I can have more experiences with lucid dreaming.

The On the edges of dreamsville thread was originally posted on 17 Feb 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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