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spiritual tattoos...

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 25 Feb 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

kayne  25 Feb 2002 
*This is probably something I could have posted in 'Chat' but as it no longer exists this seemed the next best spot...*

I am interested in getting a tattoo with pagan/spiritual significance but that is not too... 'cleched'. I want something different and have the artistic abilities to adapt it to suit me, however, I would love some ideas... Links to relative sites would be useful too :)

Thanks all... 

Kiama  25 Feb 2002 
There are lots of beautiful Celtic designs around, which are also simple. The Triple Goddess for example, the Triple Spiral, a Circle or Brighid, the Hammer of Scathach, Sword of Nuada, etc...

How about a Tarot card? I've seen an English Pagan who has a HUGE Ace of Cups on her left arm. Its colourful, large, and beautiful.

Other than that, I have no ideas!


Talisman  25 Feb 2002 
Gee, Kayne,

Once, on a writing assignment, I rode with a motorcycle gang (this is in the USA) from Massachusetts to Connecticut. It was a funeral run, in honor of the memory of a gang member who'd been spread over about a half-mile of highway. (May his road paste rest in peace.)

The gang was named "The Outlaws," sort of an east coast version of the Hells Angels.

Anyway, I rode on a Harley (motorcycle) behind one of the leaders, a guy called "Fly." Tears in my eyes and regrets in my heart, I clung to Fly when we went around corners at about 120 miles per hour -- on the wrong side of the highway.

If you could have peeled me off of his back, you could have read his T-shirt, which said something like this: "If you can read this, means the bitch fell off."

My photographer, unfortunately, drew an even more reckless rider to ride behind. I think he is still in a catatonic state.

Eventually, my editor got me and the catatonic photographer out of jail. I won an award for my subsequent story.

(You think I'm gonna share any credit with the editor? Read my comments on Tarotbear. The writer always gets the credit.)

Anyway, to get to the point, "Fly" was called Fly 'cause he had the most realistic tattoo of a fly on his nose you could ever imagine. Just lookin' at him made you want to swat him in the face with a fly swatter. 'Cept he'd probably rip you into small pieces and eat you.

Anyway, gets my vote as the best tattoo I've ever seen.


Kiama  26 Feb 2002 
Talisman: ROFLMAO!!! WOW! I'm gonna print that off and keep it just so I can read it whenever I want a laugh.

Here's a funny tatoo story abot my boyf's friend. This guy was reasonably inebriated, and decided how incredibly cool it would be if he carved the word 'Psycho' into his arm with a razor blade. When he woke up the next morning, he found that he now had a permanent scar that read, 'Pyscho'.... :-D

He also has a t-shirt that he's quite fond of, which reads 'Stand back and watch how a real psycho does it.' He doesn't wear it quite as much now though... Ah well.



kayne  27 Feb 2002 
LOL :-D Great stories both of you :) I don't really know if a fly on my nose or 'pyscho' is really "me" though... :-D 

raeanne  27 Feb 2002 
I am not pagan by faith, so I don't really know what would be considered a pagan symbol. I have seen some beautiful Cetic knots that would make good tattoos. Also, if you are interested in Viking history, how about Thor's hammer? Isn't there a pagan symbol that is a thorn bush and a vine intertwined? Or, how about a sword and chalise. Are there specific qualities that you want to identify with such as justice, strength, nature, freedom, etc. The three pentagrams that are on the Rider-Waite 3 of Pectacles card would look kind of nice as a tattoo. Oh gee, I'm just rambling here so I'd better shut up. :-) 

New River  28 Feb 2002 
Talisman's story reminded me of the years i lived with a group of bikers called the Banditos, down in texas.

these guys had some of the most beautiful tattoos i've ever seen. a golden challis spilling flowers was my favorite.

oooh, i still remember clinging to the back of my friend Turkey as we took those same curves going just as fast as Talisman described. i remember the smell of the ground as i kissed it when we stopped vibrating! and picking the bugs out of my hair........which made that fly tattoo even funnier!

let us know if you get a tat, okay, kayne?

love, light and hope, New River 

slinky_jo  28 Feb 2002 
Hey Kayne

My cousin and I were going to get a tattoo together when she came to visit me in NZ (hadn't seen in her in 10 years). Unfortunately, she couldn't make it. But I searched the Web for cool tattoo's. I just typed the words "celtic tattoo" or "pagan tattoo" in the web search, and came up with heaps of awesome sites with incredible and spiritual tattoos. My computer crashed soon after that, so I lost the cookies (or whatever you call them!).

Hope this helps!! 

Rhiannon  02 Mar 2002 
A long, LOOOOONG time ago we had a post on "Which card would you get as a tattoo?" The answers were really cool. Perhaps I'll dig through the archives to see if I can find it.

Right now I'm thinking of getting a new tattoo of one of my totem animals. Probably a crow on my left ankle, maybe a coyote on my right ankle. So hard to decide.

I have also considered having one of Amy Brown's drawings adapted to a tattoo, hers are mostly of faeries. Or maybe one of Brian & Wendy Froud's faeries. If you're not familiar with their work... see the Faerie's Oracle or go watch the movie "The Dark Crystal".

Or perhaps one of Hrana Janto's or Lisa Hunt's Goddesses......

Rhiannon :) 

kayne  04 Mar 2002 
Thanks for mentioning that Rhiannon :)

I have not been able to get the idea out of my head since reading it :) The Fool was the first one that popped into my head - I love that card and everything it represents... I think that would make an excellent tattoo :) Does anyone know of any sites that show many Fool cards? (Like that 100 Chariots site...) 

jade  06 Mar 2002 

go to my website and look at the image at the top and bottom of each page. personally i think it would make a beautiful tattoo!

in light,

Melvis  06 Mar 2002 
Hey, all!

Here's a website for a temporary tattoo company called Temptu. It's temporary, yes, but you can draw and design your own tattoos and try them out for a few days to see what works. They have kits that come with a selection of tattoos that you kind of rub on using (what else?) rubbing alcohol. I think there's a set of Celtic designs there, too. I bought some for my niece for Christmas last year, and they were a big hit. Had to get some for myself, too, of course, and I have to admit that they're really cool!

You can also send them your design and for a certain amount of money per square inch of design, they will send you a sheet of around 25 temporary tattoos of your design! (Details are a little fuzzy...check out the site for more info.)

Okay, so they're not the real thing, but you can tattoo the Fool card on your forehead on Friday and have it washed off by the time work rolls around on Monday! :D :D :D



blumoon  07 Mar 2002 
what about a rune tattoo?


VGimlet  07 Mar 2002 
A rune tattoo would be cool.
I was pleased and surprised when I saw a picture of the Moon card from the new Victoria Regina deck. The woman on the moon graphic is the design I'm getting as a tattoo on my shoulder, at some point. When I can find an artist to do it justice. 

Kiama  07 Mar 2002 
Jade: I really liked the picture at the bottom of Maggie's Magick Spells homepage: Its the one with a pentagram, and in each of the gaps between the star and the circle, there is a symbol of other religions: A yin yang, a crucifix, Ohm, Jewish star, and a Triple Goddess. Written above it is: All Gods, and written below it is: Are one God. I really like it! I reckon that would make a wonderful tattoo! (If I had the guts to get one!)


jade  07 Mar 2002 

sorry, i thought kiama posted this for YOU, go to my website (if you click on the 'www' at the bottom of this message box it'll take you right there..........they are pentacles and moons.


it would suit you too!

in light,

ps tattoos don't hurt unless you get them somewhere that there's alot of the base of your back!, hands or feet! 

Kaz  07 Mar 2002 
Indeed, they don't hurt at all.
I have two on my left shoulder blade, which is quite boney, but it didn't hurt. And one around my right upper arm.
Thing is, if you get your first, it's just as with decks, you want MORE.......


kayne  08 Mar 2002 
That is a pretty cool symbol Jade, I also like the celtic knot work pentagram/medalian in the corner. Your site looks really great!

Hmm... what to get...? It is not the pain that I fear, it is the fact that I will have it for the rest of my life... but I want one...

It is not easy for a poor circling Piscean to make up his mind you know... 

Michelle  08 Mar 2002 
Hello ,

I probabaly do not have what would be considered a "cool" tattoo - however it is special to me.

I have a crescent moon with hubby's name in it and 4 stars next to the moon - a star for each daughter.

Now I want a cool tattoo. LOL. I'm thinking of the Sanskrit symbol for "OM". Or maybe a fairy. I dunno.

Just thought I'd share.

Love ~Light~ Blessings~

p.s. Talisman- you always have the BEST stories !! Smile 

kayne  09 Mar 2002 
Thanks Michelle,

I think the moon and stars would be really nice. I have been thinking of getting the Southern Cross on my shoulder blade... (See the 5 stars in a cross on the Australian flag...) 

nexyjo  09 Mar 2002 
i have a tattoo of my totem animal, the butterfly, on my left shoulder. i did the artwork myself. i think i have a picture of it somewhere on my website.

i also have a celtic knot armband around my right arm. i did the art for that too, though it's a variation of an existing design. i don't know where the pic of that is.

both have spiritual meaning for me, and i got each at a specific point of my life. i don't regret getting either of them. i don't know if i'll get anymore, though i have thought about it. i believe if it's right, i'll know it, just like with the butterfly and armband.

luv and light,

Silence Dogood  19 Mar 2002 
"A tattoo is a permanent reminder of a moment of temporary insanity." unknown

I was never into tattooing ( spelled correctly?). I have seen too many millions of UGLY tattoos that people got because they were drunk, high, on a dare, or whatever. The chalice with the roses sounds nice, but I remember this one guy at work whose shirts barely covered what was a multitude of tattoos. I was also not present the day he removed his shirt (once the females in the department were gone) to reveal a chestful of some of the grossest things I've heard described - skulls with worms crawling out the eyeholes, and other such artistic delights.

Why do you want such permanent adornment? 

kayne  20 Mar 2002 
LOL! Skulls with worms is not really my thing... I am not the sort of person who is going to get drunk or high and wake up the next morning with something that I have not really thought through all over my back...

I guess, for me at the moment, I want a tattoo that for the rest of my life reminds me of being a free travelling spirit, roaming the world for new experience and while I am travelling the world, when I look at my tattoo, it will remind me of home...

I have spent about two years deliberating over my choice of design (hence starting this thread...) so I want to be pleased with it when I get it... 

The spiritual tattoos... thread was originally posted on 25 Feb 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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