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Unlocking ur psychic powers

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 17 Feb 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Mateo06  17 Feb 2002 
Ok i asked this question before (not on this forum) and got no striaght forward answer, but i know i have some kind of pshychic powers, (too many expierences to name them all) but i think i have been able to heal my self. i am some times on occasion able to sence what someone is going to say or thinking, but i don't actually know it came from them. and i was able to guess things very accuratley, but all these expiernces seem to be twindling in number, and i can't seem to heal my self as easily anymore. I don' tknow if its from my new found hobby in tarot or what but i wish to stop the twindling expierences and make them more abuntant. I am in fear that i am losing watever power i had or have and i am also afraid that if i wait anylonger it will be gone. I know if i could harness my healing pwoer it could be put to very good use. So can anyone help to harness my power, either through meditation or what not. I have also expiremented with moving things by thinking about it, and had little results, i think i see things move, but its so slight. ( i somtimes feel like i could move a whole mountain wiht my mind, if only i knew how to release the energy) so can anyone help me, it would be much appreciated 

tempestfire  17 Feb 2002 
8-) Personally I believe everyone has psychic powers. Society as a whole has made us question the validity. Again- this being my opinion- and can be disputed by others. But- I think you just have to 1) be aware of this ability and 2) concentrate on it/ practice it/ meditate on it.
Depending on the ability you want to focus on - you may be able to find a friend willing to work with you on this.

Pollux  18 Feb 2002 
Mateo06: maybe you weren't given an answer because thre's no answer...
Or, at least, you need to receive YOUR answer.
We are all different people, with different mind and abilities and so on...
So, I think the best person to ask for an answer is yourself...

It sounds stupid though - I'll try to fix it.
As Temepstfire said, it's up to your concentration, practice and engagement...
You could try, first off, to READ READ READ and get documented about experiences, paths, meditation and all that can be related to what you think your abilities are - you didn't specify.
You could look for other people having similar experiences, and try to help each other not only with exchange, but also with cooperation.

I don't know, actually, how to answer your question. I only think YOU have to find YOUR very own way. And you shouldn't be so fearful about losses: if they happen you can't help it that much.
I experienced what I thought was a "psychic loss" after turning 10... I knew something was missing. and I mourned my powers :D
But now I know it was just a changing - rationality was starting to work harder, demanding space to my Yang part :) - yet, nowadays, I have particular experiences (just like those you claim) all the same. Maybe they are different - I was more of a clairvoyant, there was more foreseeing before, while know I tend to empathy and telepathy - but I don't really care... It's more important to me to help people around, irrespective of the use or the type of "powers".

If I may reiterate an advice I already gave you, you should try to live your "spiritual" self with more calm, less "greedily". You have to let yourself bloom and flower.
Go step by step, day by day... Otherwise, your psychic powers, instead of becoming a tool for a goal, will turn into a goal themselves... and I don't think they will be valuable, then. :) 

truthsayer  18 Feb 2002 
according to your profile, you are around 14 so my advice is to be patient. you are still developing and creating the potential person you will be. as you discover who you are, your talents will come from out of the bud and into bloom. it seems to take longer for this to happen than is actually true so give yourself the grace of time. in the meantime, reading books like "practical intuitive" by laura ? or "are you really too sensitive?" by marcie calhoun will help. journal, practice your tarot and try to relax what you can. intuitive ability is something we all possess in varying degrees. even tho many choose to repress the ability, it doesn't mean the ability is gone if the person chooses for the ability to return. to me intuition is like a radio signal. you know how radio channels will fade or get stronger as you travel? at certain periods in my life, my intuitiveness has been weaker and some stronger. i had one experience where i was able to manifest energy thru my hands and bend a spoon like it was molten silver but i've never been able to do it again. i haven't ruled out ever doing it again but just can't right now for whatever reason. i've had a couple of experiences of "hearing" what someone was thinking before i heard it outloud. i can't do this all the time--depends on the channel or frequency i guess. \o/ 

Mateo06  19 Feb 2002 
Strange thing happened today, a thought poped into my head on my way home from school like i was waiting for something in the mail, but i tought about it and i realized i wasn't waiting for anything, and then i remember a poet contest i entered a while ago, and today they sent me a letter saying i was in the grand finals or something (yeah yeah i know everyone get into there) but it was kewl it was actually there. 

blumoon  20 Feb 2002 
"are you really too sensitive?" by marcie calhoun will help."

truthsayer what is this book about? it sounds very interesting as i am always told that i am too sensitive for my own good *LOL* :-) 

The Unlocking ur psychic powers thread was originally posted on 17 Feb 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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