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What do you want out of life???

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 27 Feb 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Ramses  27 Feb 2002 
Hey folks...

well, just one more post for
Iīve asked you before about death, now I ask you about life...

What do you want from it?
What are your goals, spiritually, materialy and morally speaking???

OK...Iīll start with me...

You know...what I want spiritually speaking, is to everybody does...I wanna be sure that Iīve done my best in life, that I have helped whoever I could help...I wanna know that I wasnīt too selfish, thinking only about my own evolution, forgetting about the other people...and bla bla bla...etc...

I wanna have a quiet and peacefull life.....maybe write my book(s), in a way it(they) could add something to peopleīs lives...I wanna have my house, my family, my friends close to me, if possible...I wanna travel, go to Egypt...Get to know the most I can of the world, of other people and cultures...

I wanna know that I did everything I could to help people find the best way to follow...I wanna know that I were able to make at least some people understand the value of respect, when they werenīt respecting others very much...and I wanna be able to always respect everybody, be just, fair, honest, sincere, good, etc...

You know...I wanna accomplish my goals, and I want people to get it too...I donīt know...itīs difficult to write this kind of things...itīs easier thinking about this subject than expressing it into words...but thatīs it ...

So...What do you, folks, want from life???????????


Liliana  27 Feb 2002 
Spiritualy I just want to be me, to be true to my own beliefs and feelings and notfollow the crowd mindlessly, if it makes others upset they will have to deal with it. God gave me a nimd and I intend to use it. I thinkI have a spiritual mission of some sort, but I dont know what it is, I just know it isnt time yet. Im thinking the time may come after we move in a couple years, when my husband goes to graduate school.

In life I want to get out and do something. Im kind of stuck being a stay at home mom right now, and I cant say I like it much, tho I love the kids. I want to go to some job and see actual real people, or maybe to school, Id love to go back to college, which Im suppose to be doing once both kids enter into grade school. I want to teach my kids about spirituality, and that ultimately their spirituality is their own choice.I want to get the entire world to open their minds and hearts to those different from themselves, but thats a little bit of a stretch lol.

I want a lot of friends, right now I feelveryalone as a stay at home mom I dont get out to make any (internet friends are nice, but I need some real world ones too lol) I want to be moderately successful money wise to hire a maid once a week so i dont have to clean lol. Being able to buy a tarot deck without figuring out a months finances would be nice as well ;) Finding a career that will make me happy and will make me money is a goal (area im interested in, like art and psychology, dont make money or have no jobs available)

I want to be able to go visit my online friends, so travelling and seeing the world is somethig i want too, i guess im greedy hehe 

Moonklad  27 Feb 2002 
What do I want outta life? I want the earth to be a better and not worse place for my existence. What I mean is I wish not to take more from the earth than I give back. I am currently working on trying to restore 10 acres of land that I bought. The earth was abused here sadly! slowly I am restoring plant life here and helping the earth heal.
One of my purposes I have here on earth is to be a friend and protector of animals: I currently have 4 dogs, around 15 cats, an iguana, a siamese fighting fish and a tarantula. I KNOW without a doubt in my mind that one of my reasons for existing is to take care of unwanted and abused animals.What do I want outta life? To live a kind, gentle protect animals, to help the earth heal and to give my body back to the earth when I am finished.

aciddragon  27 Feb 2002 
What I want out of life...I want to know that I'm loved by my friends. To find that person who will love me despite my faults. To learn all I can in all areas of life. To know that somewhere in my life I've made a positive change in someone. To find a job that I truely enjoy not just cause it pays good but because I love what I'm doing. To find that inner peace within myself where I love me for who I am and not for what other think I am. Basically to find that mythical thing called HAPPYNESS. :) And if it's not too much to ask on top of all that... To astral project sometime in my life other then when I'm sleeping and won't remember. ;) 

Diana  28 Feb 2002 
MoonKlad: please allow me to express here my deep gratitude to you for what you are doing for the earth and animals.

Thank you. 

Moonklad  28 Feb 2002 
Thanks Diana. Hey you know, I know I have this hippy flower child mentality, but REALLY..if everyone could just try to give back a bit of what they take from mother earth, just try to repair some of the damage, I think within a few generations we could turn this whole environmental mess around. Sounds like the same dream so many others have had doesn't it. Oh well, I decided a long time ago that at least I will try to do my part. THATS what I want outta life..that and a really good cigar LOL JK

funkpuss  28 Feb 2002 

I'm funkpuss the one with the ex-boyfriend problems!!!! BIG TIME!!
I will leave him this weekend! but I'm homeless.( iknow something will come up)
Anyway back to the point....
All I want in life is to be happy and have someone to share my life giving 100% to each other. Truth and honesty that's all. I don't want too much in life. But also I would like to help people after I overcome my problems. I don't want anything heavy and complex.


Major Tom  28 Feb 2002 
Ah Ramses - more questions to make me think. Thank you. ;D

The secret to life is what you want.

I don't really want very much.

With my girlfriend I've developed a talisman to represent what we really want. This talisman is a symbolic representation of: life, love, happiness, health, prosperity and child. As long as we're working to have these things our lives will be complete. 

Ramses  28 Feb 2002 
Hey folks...
how are you ?...Hope youīre just fine!!!

and THANK YOU very much for sharing your dreams and hopes with all of us ...itīs so good to get to know more about so many nice people here...
I REALLY hope you can get everything you want from life...

Liliana, I hope you can find that job, and meet those friends you want...
Moonklad, I hope you can help all the animals you can, and be very happy, for youīre being very nice to mother nature...
aciddragon, I hope you can astral project someday...and you will...
Diana, I hope you can continue being this wonderful person you are, and be happy...
funkpuss, I hope you can overcome all your problems, find a home and someone to make you REALLY happy...
Major Tom, I hope you live a happy life with your girlfriend...

Oh, and, Major Tom...hehe...I donīt want to find out the secrets of life...I already know it...and the thing is...Life has no secrets...itīs so simple, that we keep making it complex...but, you just gotta live it ...thatīs the secret...the rest is human complication...
But, thanks for keeping on answering my are a great guy...thanks a lot ...



Ramses  01 Mar 2002 
Hey Diana...

thanks for your contribuition to this post...and good for you that you had such a serene mother...some of us arenīt so lucky...hehe...just mom is nice too....

LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Pollux  01 Mar 2002 
Liliana (28 Feb, 2002 02:25):
(...)I want to be able to go visit my online friends (...)

Hm... Lili, am I among them? :( 

Liliana  02 Mar 2002 
NOOOO of course not Pollux, I mean, why would I want to go tour an ugly attraction like theTarot Garden with a gorgeous Italian man? I mean,Id gain a ton with all that authentic Italian food all around, tempting me and then all the decks Id haveto buy, whod wantto godothat hehe (how about sending me a plane ticket so I can go to the convention next year hehe) 

truthsayer  02 Mar 2002 
peace on earth, good will to all humankind.

to continue growing spiritually and live the best life i possibly can.

to continue my practice of random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

to enjoy the beauty of the earth and participate in it's healing.

to extend to the creator, my deep gratitude for all the blessings i have received in my life--including the ones i didn't realize were blessings at the time! ;D

graduate from nursing school so i can further my plans of being a healer.

when i die, to rejoin all my precious kitties in the land of the rainbow bridge. oh, yeah! and rejoin my fav humans, too! ;p

and last but not least--i want a maid to clean my house!!!!!!!!! roflmao :D :O 8-)

such simple wishes!<<<<<>>>>>>>if not in my lifetime, perhaps i can contribute in some small way to the big picture. 

raeanne  02 Mar 2002 
Very well said, Truthsayer! May your wishes all come true! 

The What do you want out of life??? thread was originally posted on 27 Feb 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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