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a question for wiccans

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 27 May 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

destinyawaitsme  27 May 2002 

I've been reading a lot about Wicca here lately and I am really interested in it. A lot of things that it represents, I have believed my whole life. But I had a question about the God and Goddess. Are they seen as two separate entities by Wiccans or are the two seen as two aspects of one being? Or does this just vary from person to person?? 

Hush  27 May 2002 
i would say it varies from person to person, though some may disagree... 

Faerie Lin  27 May 2002 
I agree that it varies from person to person. I think it is more of a perspective thing, my overall it is all the same. But of course some people may disagree with THAT also lol.

But as for me, I see it as two aspects of one being.


RedWood  27 May 2002 
I see it also in 2 aspects to one being..:) 

Phoenix  27 May 2002 
As Hush said, it differs from person to person, but the general concensus is that they are just 2 aspects of the whole. 

catlin  28 May 2002 
That is just as I see it, too but I have to admit that I have much more Goddesses in my Pantheon than male gods apart from Cerunnos but that is my personal way. 

lunar_rabbit  28 May 2002 
Some people believe that Zeus, Morrigan, Pan, Diana, and all the gods and goddesses are separate entities. Some people believe all the goddess are aspects of the one Goddess, and gods to God. Some believe that all are one. So, you're probably not going to get a straight answer :-)

What I believe is that there is a Higher Power or Great Divine that is just waaaaay beyond the comprehension of us little beings. So what we do is speak to different parts of the Entity. We call them "God and Goddess" or by individual dieties names.

Think of it this way. There is me, Lunar Rabbit -- the whole person. Then there are all the roles I play -- mom, sister, wife, woman, designer, gardener, wiccan, Episcopalian, daughter... etc. If you speak to any of these parts of me, they are still me. Does that make sense? 

destinyawaitsme  28 May 2002 
ah...that makes a little bit more sense lunar_rabbit. Thanks everyone for great answers. 

Faerie Lin  28 May 2002 
I just love the way you worded that lunar rabbit!


meatbox666  05 Jun 2002 
When I was Wiccan I saw them as two seperate entities. I will be taking Wicca 101 shortly to be initiated in traditional witchcraft. Why, because soooooooooo many people say that a Traditional witch is more of a witch than others. LOL ( I think it is crap) But the reason for my initiation is to slap those know it all wannabees in the face with my Traditional magickal left hand.
Only the pompous ones to bring them down off of their high toilet stools so they can realise that there doo-doo stinks like the rest of the humans. 

Pollux  05 Jun 2002 
I think lunar_rabbit explanation is great. That actually is the explanation that I found for myself, the excuse! *LOL* Probably Cunningham's stuff too...

I am not a Wiccan, well I mean I am a Pagan (just some months! *lol*) and am trying to find my way, and so far Wicca seems to be the most appropriate... :p Probably i will be once, or, better still, once I will find the courage to state I am one...

My belief is that from THE ONE (All Is One, where is she?) come the God and the Goddess, in all their shapes, Morrigan, Kernunnos, Pan, Selene, Aradia, Inanna, Tezacotl, Agnis...
The specific GOD or GODDESS is a particular aspect that I want to focus on for a spell, a ritual, e medtation, whatever... One of the many faces and names of the Ancient Ones. Ans both are ONE. I don't care about understanding that rationally, I don't need to, I just feel it right, it makes irrational sense, if you like! *LOL* :D

I was helped in my understanding of it by my interest in Hindu Pantheon... It is exactly like Wicca in a way, not POLITHEISM, but a Pluralistic Monotheism. The Goddess is seen as the "shakti", the Energetic, creative part of the God, that tends to be an Idea, an abstract thing. And they both are the same thing, and come from the same thing...


The a question for wiccans thread was originally posted on 27 May 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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