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Can you do too many spells?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 18 Jun 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

wavebreaker  18 Jun 2002 
I got Janina Renée's book Tarot Spells and there are so many interesting spells in it... So I was wondering: can you do too many spells? It's not as if I want to do the whole book in one week or so ;), but there are a few spells I would like to do and was wondering if you need to wait a certain time between doing different spells? Or maybe wait for the results of a spell first before you do another? 

zorya  18 Jun 2002 
imo, spell work can be overdone. if it's for the same thing, i feel it's kind of like nagging. take the time to think through carefully what you want and how to ask for it, and do the spell well! then it only need be done once.
as far as different spells, i believe that magick is very real and will change things. how many changes do you want at one time?
(and i like to wait for the right moon phase etc. when i do a spell. ) 

Shadow_Dragon  18 Jun 2002 
You can't cast too many spells, but in your spells don't nag or demand anything and you'll be fine. 

wavebreaker  18 Jun 2002 
Originally posted by zorya
imo, spell work can be overdone. if it's for the same thing, i feel it's kind of like nagging

That's exactly what I was worried about: wanting too much, or nagging, as you call it. I wouldn't want to do that... 

Liliana  18 Jun 2002 
I feel you can cast too many,a spell uses some of your energy with the Universal energy.I defiately wouldnt try to cast 2 different spells in the same circle, tho id cast one for a number of people.

Id probably only do one a week at most, more preferably1a month on the full moon

More and its like when my kid asks for cookies, and I take a minute to gett hem, sos he asks for cookies and ice cream. I usually make her wait longer if she behaves like that. lol


Faerie Lin  18 Jun 2002 
Well when I do spellwork, its usually not so many spells at a time. I like to really concentrate and focus (even when the spell is done) on what I want the spell to produce (so to speak) so I don't like to have my head busy will lots of things going on.

But on the other hand, since I think of spells as prayers, I can see how lots of spells could be equal to really focusing on one spell.

LOL, this so didn't help huh?


wavebreaker  18 Jun 2002 
LOL, yes it does help, Faerie Lin!

And Liliana: I'll think about the cookies and the ice cream, that's a really good comparison! ;) 

Phoenix  18 Jun 2002 
Originally posted by Liliana

Id probably only do one a week at most, more preferably1a month on the full moon

Hell, I don't even cast one that much. Last time was last year. 

Sam  18 Jun 2002 
lets hope that you're a leberal (american politics thing, party who likes change). because like jade said spells make change! 

Phoenix  18 Jun 2002 
Oh, I am very much Liberal(and support them). Its another Canadian polotics thing. 

cherrywind  18 Jun 2002 
I think the only deciding factor on how much spell work can be done in my opinion is your energy levels. You need to give youself a certain about of time to recuperate after a spell before doing another one or you might wear yourself out. 

Mermaid  18 Jun 2002 
I agree with Cherrywind!
Spellwork takes a lot of energy, and I definately think you could 'wear yourself out' if you do too many spells in a short space of time.

Also, IMO, what you put into a spell (in terms of time, concentration & will) is directly proportional to what you get out. If you're involved with more than one spell at the same time it is hard to give as much attention to each spell, and your focus and energy is scattered between all of the different spells you're involved with. So the results you get out aren't nearly as good as if you'd just concentrated on the one spell.

The same principal holds if you are doing several spells for different things, one right after the other. A spell doesn't 'end' the minute you finish casting it, it bubbles away in your subconscious until it finds a way to manifest in the physical world. So if you cast one spell, & then do another before the first has resolved itself, & then cast another before the second has shown any results, your energy will be 'split' between all of these different spells and none of them will be as successfull.

I hope that makes sense, Tarotlady! Let us know how you get on with your spellwork.

PS - I like your cookies analogy too, Lilliana! :) 

Major Tom  19 Jun 2002 
I strongly advise this practice:

Before you cast your spell - do a reading asking the question: What will be the result if I cast this spell?

Depending on the result of your reading - you can then decide whether or not to cast your spell and thereby take for responsibility for your actions.

Performing the reading will also tell you if you're trying to cast too many spells. }) 

Marion  19 Jun 2002 
I also have her book, and when I first read it through it was like reading a fairytale of wish fulfillment. Get love, get money, get a better job. I have actually done precisely one spell, a protection spell to guard against a particularly virulent person at work. Focus on what you really want/need and strive towards that, both in real life and in spellwork. With your efforts and those of The Powers, you can succeed. But trying many different things at once scatters your energies, in both spheres. 

catlin  19 Jun 2002 
I have this book for several months now and so far I have only done 2 spells for me and one for a friend.

I think it works with spells the same way as with every other occult practice: don't do too much! 

Maan  19 Jun 2002 
Originally posted by Major Tom
I strongly advise this practice:

Before you cast your spell - do a reading asking the question: What will be the result if I cast this spell?

Depending on the result of your reading - you can then decide whether or not to cast your spell and thereby take for responsibility for your actions.

Performing the reading will also tell you if you're trying to cast too many spells. })

I strongly agree with Major Tom here!!!
I just finished the a new book by Phillys Curott and see has an exellent chapter devoted to this subject!
I recommend it to every one. ( the whole book is great BTW ) 

Angel Star  19 Jun 2002 
Well I like to practice alot of candle magick and you can pick up alot of different 7 day candles for different request. I admit I don't like to have too many candles going for too many different things. Right now I have 2 candles burning one is for health the other is for marriage. If I have alot of them going they are usually for the same thing but being hit from different angles. I also had another candle burning for an enemy that is bothersome but then waited till it was half down to start any more candles in my bedroom. I also like to put my candles in different locations for different manifestations. I seem to have no trouble with this. Putting a candle for love in the bedroom and then on an enemy just does not mix and you can feel the energies clashing so I use different areas of my home. this is how it works for me. :0) 

Liliana  19 Jun 2002 
Well Ive done one "spell" a week ago, but before that it was years, well unless you count the lucky mojo bingo bag i made once (worked too,husands mother, who took me,won a basket hehe)

I agree with the tarot reading method as well, its suggested is Donald Michael Craigs book Modern Magick.Thats ceremonial, not Wiccan tho. Still, I liked it :)


suzyspellbound  20 Jun 2002 
I agree with Mermaid. You must be patient. When you cast a spell you open a flood gate and it must run its course before you cast another. Imagine waves of enery one after another, you could soon find yourself under a tidal wave!

Change also has a knock on effect. A change in one area of your life may balance or unbalance another area. A little perspective is needed to prepare for this.

You cannot destroy energy, you can only displace it/ or transfer it. Imagine (again) seas or water of any kind, it must go somewhere? Even if it evapourates, it will eventually rain down upon you, give it time and always carry an umbrella! Lol

This is just general advice, I hope I make sense?? And I hope that it is good! 

wavebreaker  20 Jun 2002 
Thanks everyone for your answers and suggestions, very helpful!

I guess I already knew the answer to the question all along, but I just wanted it confirmed... ;) This is all very new to me so it's great to get all this info from more experienced people... :) 

jade  20 Jun 2002 
*jade comes running into the room*

i almost missed this thread (OMGoddess)

well, here's my opinion. when you are performing spellwork to bring about a major change in your life (like my pathways - {see my website for details}) then performing spellwork every night is essential to bring about the changes.


if you are performing different spells to bring about a bunch of different - unrelated - changes into your life............then you need to wait. it's not that spellwork should wear you out, cause you shouldn't be using your own personal energy to perform them, but using mother earth and goddess moon energy instead.......but you need to be focused in order to bring about changes. (being grounded during your spellwork assists you in not using your own personal energy)

for example: i decide to do some affirmations (just like mini-spells!) and so this morning i ask for a stress free day. and then tonight i decide to ask for my ulcer to be healed and then tomorrow morning i'm asking to loose weight.......we all know that affirmations don't work that way. you need to focus and stay focused on one thing until it feels done and then work on something else. taking a break now and again is also useful. sometimes waiting for it to come to fruition (depending on the affirmation being done)

soooooo, if you are performing spellwork you want to do the same thing. work on one thing. take a break and then work on another :D

in light,
thanks for listening to me ramble,
jade :D

ps full moon is for bringing things in. dark (new) moon is for removing or banishing.
the two weeks after a full moon (waning moon) is for removing and the two weeks after a dark (new) moon (waxing moon) is for bringing in. :D 

wavebreaker  20 Jun 2002 
Jade: that wasn't a ramble, that was very useful (as usual). ;)

I think that basically I want a major change in my life, but with all these different spells was tempted to bring this about through small, unrelated changes.

Reading all the posts in this thread has made me realize (and you just confirmed it) that I need to focus on one thing at a time, on the one thing I want to change most at this time. It's also what my intuition is telling me right now, and if there's one thing I've learned over the years, it is to trust my intuition! So that's what I will do.

I'm learning so much here, where would I be without you guys!! :* 

Angel Star  20 Jun 2002 
Tarotlady I just love your name and that kiss face. I was just looking for it on my copy of faces and was wondering how you got that one. Take your time with your spells and have fun with them. I have to admit I did alot of experienting when I started and I enjoyed it alot. I was not too afraid to try different things. but this is what I was comfortable with. Take care. :* 

jade  21 Jun 2002 
may i make one more suggestion?

whenever i have a customer that isn't sure what spell to purchase from me i ask them what it is that they are wanting to bring about or change.

then i suggest the spell that goes to the source. for example if you are feeling like you need more money coming in.......look at why you don't have money coming in now and attempt to heal or change the source of the cause.

when you use spellwork to heal the cause rather than the symptoms your spellwork is more effective, long term.

love and light,
jade :D 

meatbox666  27 Jun 2002 
This is my opinion. This is how I view spell work. It works for me and I am comfortable with it okay. When I do spells, I try not to nag the demon when I send it out on a mission. (I personally believe that demons/spirits are responsible for bringing my requests to fruition and I am comfortable with it). There are legions and legions and legions of demons that are waiting to satisfy your requests. So no you cannot cast too many spells. If your request has not come toyou in 7days then ask the demon again. That is do the ritual over. Your request should be filled . But try to get really good and get it satisfied in 3 or less. I am comfortable using the word demon when talking about spell work. If you are not then just respond with using"the energy, or universal consciosness or whatever eases your mind when doing magick to helpyou sleep easier) I am in not trying to offend any one intentionally, but I asnwered the question according to how I see things and my experience. I have my sun in scorpio inlcuding 5 other planets in my birthchart along with a scorpiorising. So I like to view things on a dark. Some people on this board do not share my veiws and its cool with me, but not with them. So, I am going to apologize beforehand before someone reads this and gets offended. 

Maan  27 Jun 2002 
Hi meatbox

Totally not offended. I don't agree with you but you certainly gave me alot to think about!
Never heared of some one using "demons" before 

jade  27 Jun 2002 
it is totally up to the person as to who they call in to assist them in their spellwork. some of us use the goddess, or angels or guides and others use demons.

it doesn't make one way right and the other wrong..............but it is using different energy.

in light,

Angel Star  27 Jun 2002 
Maybe you should try and spell demon-daimon instead that is totally different type of energy which is the one I sense you are working with Meatbox. That is less to offend is all I am saying :). If it works and no one gets hurt who is to judge. 

The Can you do too many spells? thread was originally posted on 18 Jun 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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