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Spell for banishing bad spirits...

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 09 Jun 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Sam  09 Jun 2002 
Hello everyone. I have had some weird feelings of bad spirits near and all around me! I really need a spell that can banish them and quick!
ps- I would prefer a spell that was quick and easy! Thanks a million! 

jade  10 Jun 2002 
surround yourself with light. visualize a band of white light wrapping itself around you like a cacoon. that will keep you safe while you get ready for a banishment.

in light,

HOLMES  10 Jun 2002 
burn some incense , bring some sunlight into the room open the windows. and yet the air clean out the room. 

Houklani  10 Jun 2002 
I've always used a simple prayer to banish evil spirits, and I don't know much about spells. Usually I'll pray to God, but lately I've asked by ancestors for help too. If it helps you to use candles, incense, etc, then go ahead.


catlin  10 Jun 2002 
I usually invoke a blue pentacle to shield off negative energies. This is quick, easy to practice (even when you are in a bus and you pick up bad vibes from the person sitting next to you) and no-one will notice.

B/W it will only work when you have some experience in magic/k. 

Kiama  10 Jun 2002 
I do what Jade does, aswell as Holmes, and then I say a prayer, whilst imagining what I am saying:

"Thrice around,
The circle's bound,
evil sink into the ground." I imagine a purple circle, or sphere all around me, three times... So basically three purple spheres of light surrounding me...

If I feel uneasy when I'm on my own in the house, I feel music tends to scar the negative energies away. So I put Less Than Jake or Blink 182 on, and suddenly feel alot happier! (Maybe evil spirits just don't like Mosh Rock? :P)

Hope this helps!


Aerin  10 Jun 2002 
I was given a few ideas when working with people who always seemed to drain me of my energy (and get more energetic as I sank into the ground). They may be helpful.

First, to centre and ground effectively, connecting right into the centre of the Earth.

And to then imagine that any connection between me and these others was severed (imagining knives cutting through whatever was linking me to them until I was free).

Then, to imagine a shield around me like a mirror reflecting bad stuff away from me, and allowing only positive energy in through the top of my head through which I connect to the Universe/ my higher self.

Or, that the shield was able to transmute negative energy into positive energy which it then reflected back out. (I did this as I didn't like the idea of reflecting negatives out into the world.)

As a symbol, someone suggested I wear jewellery with a mirror incorporated into it symbolising the shield reflecting energy I didn't want away from me.

Interestingly, having done the first two of these (centre, ground, snip - oh, and connect) .... I then found myself in a situation where I didn't need to work with them any more. I imagined the shield anyway though, I find it very helpful whenever I am working closely with people.


Roja  10 Jun 2002 
My meditation teacher just told me last week that when you bath, add some salt in your bath tub. This will purify your body and energy field.

And for bad dream, pour a whole glass of water...drink half of it before you go to sleep, imagine the water is cleansing your body and fill your body with light. When you wake up, finish the other half of the water.

I hope this help... 

zorya  10 Jun 2002 
so what's troubling you chunkypuffs? other than the "bad spirits". 

Sam  10 Jun 2002 
see my post in the chat section about graduating. 

zorya  10 Jun 2002 
saw that one chunkypuffs! why don't you pm me. i've got a feeling about this one. sometimes, demons aren't outside of us. don't worry i'm not talking about "possession" or anything like that! LOL 

Angel Star  11 Jun 2002 
I found a spell in Moon Magick by D.J. Conway and its worked everytime. Incense the hole house starting towards the back of the house and ending up at the front door. Open the front door and announce all bad spirits to leave then fill the void by asking all good spirits to enter then shut the door. I tried this on a friends apartment as I kept trying to clean up a bedroom but the energy just kept coming back after we tried this little gem it stayed clean. :) 

The Spell for banishing bad spirits... thread was originally posted on 09 Jun 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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