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How to "get rid" of spirits in a house

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 30 Jul 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Jenny-Li  30 Jul 2002 

Today a friend of mine asked me: Hey Jenny since you're into all that "alternative stuff" - do you know anyone who could get rid of these visions I have of spirits in my flat, they are keeping me up all night...

Well, this feels like a part of the "alternative stuff" that I am not particularly into, so I thought I'd ask you guys, since you're usually full of ideas and suggestions.

I don't think she wants to just "get rid" of them, but she can't figure out what they want, and so she doesn't know what they want from her. The spirits aren't "coming from her", they are connected to her apartment, but she is the only one who sees them. Or rather, she had a friend sleeping over once, who is also sensitive to spiritual activitites, and that girl refuses to ever sleep there again, cuz they had been knocking her out of her bed and attacking her and I don't know what... That is not what they do to my friend, they are just there and they keep waking her up when she's sleeping.

What kind of a person could help her with this problem? Figure out what they want, and possible send these spirits on their way...? She has had some sort of healer there before, but that only helped temporarily.

Grateful for any input!
Light and love,
Jenny :) 

PurpleGoddess  30 Jul 2002 
you might be able to get the ball rolling. i had a thought while reading your post. you might be able to do a reading for the "spirits". ask them to guide you in finding out what their purpose is in the apt and if there's anything your friend can do to help them move on. or it might be that they need to co-exist. tarot is a powerful tool. hopefully you already know not to use the widgieboard!

i wouldn't know what kind of spread to use. let your spirit guide you. then with the info from the spread as your "alternative" friends if there's a medium or channeler in the midst who would be able to connect w/these spirits. i don't sense any harm is their intent.

peace and blessed be!
Good luck,

Laurel  30 Jul 2002 
Definately a reading like PurpleGoddess is the place to start to get a sense of what's really going on.

Hauntings in the traditional sense are less common than some people might imagine; a lot of times, spirits do come from within rather than without. This isn't to say they aren't "real"- but most spirits need some kind of "battery" to manifest in any form... its really, really easy for people who are being haunted in their homes to actually be feeding the scenario through their fear... basically creating their own monsters unconsciously. In this situation, its a matter of helping the person let go of the fear and deal with whatever issues they are repressing or avoiding.

Beyond that-

Traditionally, salt around windows and a simple banishing preformed by any knowledgeable someone takes care of most "little" spirits that aren't tethered by enormous emotional trauma all on their own. ((The Holocaust Museum, for example, is reportedly haunted, for reasons that make sense to me and I doubt it could be cleansed without the museum itself being taken down.))

If you have any friends who practice a pagan or shamanic or hermetic path that includes banishings and other similar magic, you might want to ask for their help with this.


lunalafey  30 Jul 2002 
Originally posted by Laurel

Traditionally, salt around windows

Sea salt is better to use than plain salt. A friend of mine had a simular problem. I inquired about this with others and this was the recipe given to me....he sold the house instead of cleansing it so I cannot tell you how well this works....
1)clean the whole house TOP to BOTTOM...
2) sweep the floors in a counter clockwise direction..(i could be confussed it could be clockwise)
3) and the the base of all windows and doors (not internal doors, just entry doors) 

Mermaid  30 Jul 2002 
Originally posted by lunalafey

2) sweep the floors in a counter clockwise direction..(i could be confussed it could be clockwise)

In the Northern Hemisphere:
Clockwise (deosil) follows the direction of the earth's spin and therefore is the direction for raising energy.
Counterclockwise (widershins) goes against the direction of the earth's turn and is therefore the associated with releasing/banishing energy.

(It works vica versa in the southern hemisphere.)

So yep, for a Nthn hemisphere banishing, go counterclockwise. :) 

amyel  30 Jul 2002 
Smudge and ask them to leave in light & love. You might need to do this more then once if they are persistent. 

Umbrae  30 Jul 2002 
Sure would not want to banish something that was helpful and trying to be understood. She could turn out to be a good friend you have not met yet, that is just trying to communicate (get the attention of your friend, the new inhabitant).

I suggest you try to find out the why’s of it first. Perhaps she will leave of her own free will once you find out 'why' she is there.

But to just blindly banish...Not good. Put the sea salt away. Why cause more pain... 

PurpleGoddess  30 Jul 2002 
Originally posted by amyel
Smudge and ask them to leave in light & love. You might need to do this more then once if they are persistent.

i was also going to suggest smudging. i believe sage is a good cleansing herb to use. may want to ask the local herbalist, new age shop or even health food store for the best to be used in this manner. i'm still learning stuff myself. i haven't smudged my apt because i'm afraid the smoke will set off the fire alarms. i've done it a candle in every room.

also, your friend may be feeding these spirits by giving them too much thought. you're being a great friend to help her out.

blessed be 

emily2otters  30 Jul 2002 
i agree with umbrae that it might be better to take some different approaches to finding out what the spirits are trying to say/communicate/obtain. it might be something very simple.

but you also said that they were keeping her up at night and that they attacked a friend of hers... if a few tarot readings or a ritualized questioning don't do the trick, i would try all above methods and anything else that would help her to focus her intention. i also would use sound: bells, drums, handclapping, calling or singing. i've read that when banishing spirits, it's important to give them a new place to anchor to -- a stake driven into the ground not far away was the suggestion.

all methods so far mentioned are primarily ways to clear the "energy" in a home... if the spirits are stronger than that, she needs to find someone who does exorcisms. i don't know how a person would go about finding one that _wasn't_ a charlatan, but i presume it's possible. :) if she lives in new orleans, she has an advantage. 

Umbrae  31 Jul 2002 
Remember...If a being on another plane (or whatever) is really trying to communicate, even warn you; and you do not understand the language, it could be taken as an attack!

You would communicate with a mortal-

What if... 

lunalafey  31 Jul 2002 
Originally posted by amyel
a sage smudge clears away the bad energy

by umbrae Sure would not want to banish something that was helpful
sweetgrass lures in the good spirits 

Minderwiz  31 Jul 2002 
I also tend to agree with Umbrae that you should try to determine it this is an attempt to communicate rather than presuming its an attack. Perhaps even more fundamental is to determine if it actually is a spirit or simply residual energy (which is lacking in consciousness).

The problem with this though is how far either your friend or yourself have developed your innate psychic abilities. If you/she have gained some knowledge then it may well be possible to make an attempt to communicate, having protected yourself beforehand - if she or you do(es) not know what 'protection' means in this sense then there may (and I stress may) be some danger in trying to make communication. I would also suggest that the person making the attempt is someone who is aware of and has contact with their own spirit guide, to give them support. It is best not to 'fool around' with communication attempts if you are unsure of yourself.

Better still would be to contact a recognised medium who could visit the place and determine what, if anything is happening. The medium may also be able to persuade the spirit to leave, or at least stop being disruptive, if that is indeed what is happening.

Please take care in what you do. I do not want to frighten you but in a sense its like mucking around with your car when you know little of mechanics, you might harm the car and possibly yourself. Treat this seriously and with some respect to the (possible) spirit.



catlin  31 Jul 2002 
Most spirits have a very strange way of communicating. If you feel truly disturbed by the spirit, you can gently ask it to go into the light as it does no longer belong to the world of humans.

You can accompagny this request by a smudging ceremony (use a combination of white sage + francincense), this helps to clarify the atmosphere.

Most spirits are not malvolent against us living. They are often troubled by the a matter which occured when they were still among the living. 

Jenny-Li  31 Jul 2002 
Thanks all, for your comments, ideas and support.

I wasn't very clear when I wrote the post yesterday, but the thing is she doesn't perceive it as an attack, that was just her friend who were knocked out of her friend, but that was just that once...! Normally they are just *there*, and she says she feels no fear, she's just frustrated she can't figure out what they want, and how to send them into the light.

She doesn't want to banish them, just like that, she wants them to go away because they have moved on into whatever next stage is on their journey. What bothers her is that she gets no sleep - but she also realizes that "neither do they"...

Thanks again for all your input, I'm going to try and find someone in this town (no, it's not New Orleans, bummer!!:D) who can go have a look-see at that apartment. I know most of spiritual activity comes from within, past lives etc, but this time I really think it is the place, not that its "haunted" in the usual horror movie respect, but that they have some unfinished business with that place.

Light and love,
Jenny :) 

divinerguy  31 Jul 2002 
Here's a thought. There may be two spirits.

There's the one you know of, and there's the naughty one that your guest told you about. It fits the facts, because they seem to have different personalities.

The benevolent spririt could be lingering in the flat to protect you from psychic harm from the bad spirit.

I suggest you investigate before trying to evict them. 

Umbrae  31 Jul 2002 
Originally posted by Jenny-Li
She doesn't want to banish them, just like that, she wants them to go away because they have moved on into whatever next stage is on their journey. What bothers her is that she gets no sleep - but she also realizes that "neither do they"...

Your friend misunderstands the spirit, and is placing her earthbound prejudices upon the spirit; which is female, helpful, and frustrated.

She will leave of her own accord, but has a duty to perform. Do not allow any sort of smudging or salting until the duty is carried out. 

Minderwiz  31 Jul 2002 
Whilst I can't explain this, I believe that Umbrae is right. In so far as I have any impression, I too feel that the spirit is female.

Once again, if you don't feel confident and competent to try and communicate yourselves please try to find someone who can. I feel that will lead to a release from the present situation



lunar_rabbit  03 Aug 2002 
A little late in my reply. But I agree with the others. I wouldn't recommend "getting rid" of anything until you know what you are dealing with.

Have you tried doing a reading to gather more information yet? We'd love to hear an update when and if anything happens.

But as a general answer to your question, here is the ritual I use to get rid of the "yuckies" in my own house. I go from room to room smudging with white sage, waving the smoke from the center out. I imagine (visualize) a clean white light starting from the center and working it's way out... ZAPPING anything negative in it's path. For rooms I can't or won't go into (like my attic) I just visualize the same thing from downstairs. I also have a little rhyme I repeat over and over. I think it's the rhythm and repetition that helps me visualize and focus.

But all that might be too elaborate for someone who isn't used to doing rituals or spells. As always, a simple prayer to your prefered Diety works wonders! Hope this helps! 

truthsayer  08 Aug 2002 
if you can't find a medium, shamans are often able to travel thru meditation to the spirit world w/ the help of animal and spirit guides. a shaman can communicate w/ the entity and see what the problem is and what needs to happen for the spirit to be at peace. i have a friend who is a practicing shaman who helps spirits over to the other side. i have had some training with her but not w/ helping spirits--yet. she's doing another workshop to cover this in october. i could see if she has any suggestions. i have an idea about what needs to be done but i'm not comfortable going it alone at this point. oh, yeah! a shaman doesn't have to live in the same country as you to do a journey. there isn't a concept of "distance" in these other worlds. if you found a practicing shaman on the net willing to help, it could possibly be done that way w/o harm to the spirit. i don't know whether the info you got could be trusted but i think your "gut" instincts would tell you if the shaman was on target or not.

i've tried to roust spirits only once and this was years ago when i was younger and more foolish. i did a lot of the suggestions named here. there are certain Bible verses that can be used in an exorcism and i read those. i planted quartz crystals in the earth at every corner of the house. then that night those spirits let me know how displeased they were w/ me. they woke me about 3 am pacing b/t my bed to my sisters shaking the bed posts. i could actually hear the footsteps! my sister had been frightened by this spirit so much she slept w/ the lights and tv on all night. so i could see the activity but i never saw WHAT was shaking my bed. it stopped sometime around dawn. i lay in that bed 2 or 3 hours too scared to leave but wanting to do something and my sister NEVER woke up. i saw her bed shake so i knew it was happening to her.

needless to say, this was my last attempt at an exorcism! the spirits have since either calmed down or moved on. my sister was a very emotionally disturbed teen and we think her emotional state is what drew them to the house. i might would try again but i want to get my training first!!!!!!!! no more nights of TERROR for me! 

truthsayer  08 Aug 2002 
another thought as to something to try other than tarot is automatic writing. be sure to ground and protect yourself then open yourself up and just start scribbling or writing random thought. don't slow down to think or judge. just write. you might be surprized what comes up. 

Jenny-Li  09 Aug 2002 
Hi guys! Thanks for all your input and good ideas! I will forward them all to this friend of mine, and then she must decide for herself what she thinks right.

Thanks again!
Light and love,
Jenny :) 

Minderwiz  09 Aug 2002 

I hope everything works out well for her. If possible, let us know what happens - I think we would all be interested!


DarkElectric  09 Aug 2002 
I agree with the folks who told you to try and find out who this is, and what they are trying to tell you. It takes a LOT of energy for a spirit to operate on this plane, and for it to be this persistant, there must be something they are trying to tell you. If you contact a medium, PLEASE be sure that the person is a 'real one' and not a charlatan. There are a lot of fakes out there. There are people, however, who truly have the psychic gift. They may not be "mediums" per se, but someone with an ability to interpret the situation correctly. And if you could find a shaman, this would be my first choice. Please, whatever you do, if you are not trained as a mage, please, please, please don't use a ouija board. In my experience, these can be dangerous, and cause more trouble than they're worth. Especially in a place where spirit energy has been detected. Those things can act as a gate, and let all kinds of mischievous stuff come in. Doing a reading is probably your best bet to start. You may have to do a few,to get the information, but try to ask questions such as "What are you trying to tell me, or " Please explain your situation as regards us". This may give you the insight you need to determine who to call in. Also, is there any lucid dreaming involved? The spirit may be trying to communicate through the media of the dreamstate. 

The How to "get rid" of spirits in a house thread was originally posted on 30 Jul 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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