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Nocturnal Witchcraft

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 01 Sep 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Ophiel  01 Sep 2002 
If you have read and want to pursue the material in the new Konstantinos' books, "Nocturnal Witchcraft" and "Gothic Grimoire," and would like to join a newly formed group dedicated to these books (and related materials), and you are 18+, please join in at:

Though I have been reading occult books for years (and years, to boot) I was quite impressed with the Konstantinos books, enough so to first buy them, and then decide I want to work with them, and at least incorporate them into my 'thing.' His books are about general techniques and totally avoid the cookbook approach to ritual. And I had a strong sense that Konstantinos is a very spiritual person, just preferring to do his magickal work after the sun goes down. I've always felt an affinity for the night, but wasn't drawn to hedonism and what you might call 'evil.'

I think what drew me in the most was in the introduction to Nocturnal Witchcraft, where Konstantinos classifies spirituality as an equal-arm cross, good-evil running vertically and dark-light horizontally. That creates four basic soul-types, as he calls them...light-good, light-evil, dark-good, dark-evil. The classifications are pretty understandable, I think. He classifies the light-evil as those dishonest televangelists who do what they only for their own benefit, who lie and falsify their own lives, etc. and the businessman who runs a legit business but cheats like hell and is an ethical bowl of jello. The point was, Konstantinos classified himself as dark-good, and that's what I was comfortable with. I have been reading occult books for a long time and, and have read a good deal of positive-orientated material. Yet, I still like Gothic music, and horror and sci-fi movies, and the night...and the moon...and once a month, my knuckles grow hairy and I wake up in bed naked, not remembering the nights of the full moon, but that's another story.

BTW, Konstantinos favors the Secret Tarot with Artwork by Marco Nizzoli, though, of course, he says any deck that a person is drawn to will do. He has some very interesting exercises with tarot cards in "Nocturnal Witchcraft" on page 85, called "Animated Tarot." The purpose of the exercise is to develop skrying skills.

Hope to see some of you there...

Laurel  01 Sep 2002 
Konstantinos' earlier book _Summoning Spirits_ is probably one of the finest texts on evocation available. I've been told by people who have heard Konstantinos lecture that he is personally more excited about his later work on other magical topics. But if I had to knock my entire esoteric library down to 10 books, _Summoning Spirits_ would be one of the keepers.


Ophiel  01 Sep 2002 
Actually, that book will be discussed also. And I found a group in Yahoo dedicated solely to the evocation book. Just do a search for "Konstantinos" and they'll send you a 'questionaire' to fill out before you can join. That turned me off, so I didn't join. But you might like the group. And while you're in the joining mood, join the Gothic Magick group, too.

I'm not too interested in K's take on vampires or after death and wanted to stick more with the occult books. I'm really enjoying the Nocturnal Witchcraft book. 

Laurel  02 Sep 2002 
Thanks! I might just do that. I admit I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to any of my egroups these days... the forum here has sucked my soul. :)


Cerulean  23 Jan 2003 
Is there anything specific on Secrets Tarot with the books by Konstantinus (sorry about the spelling)?

I'm checking out Grimoire and Nocturnal in a few days. 

The Nocturnal Witchcraft thread was originally posted on 01 Sep 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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