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What is your next step on your spiritual path?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 25 Sep 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Dark Inquisitor  25 Sep 2002 
I have been thinking a lot about the next step on my spiritual path.

Of course, some of you may not have a spiritual path at all- so this question would not apply to you.

There is so much knowlege to assimilate, so many directions to go in. I feel like I have to narrow it down somehow & take a direction for the present moment to have some forward movement.

The best I can come up with right now is to try to read the tarot & spiritual books I have accumulated, and return to meditation,which I had to set aside because it was too intense.

I also feel the need to get rid of a lot of stuff I no longer need. (Don't get too excited- no tarot stuff!)

*Do you have a next step you are planning on taking in your spiritual path? (It could be a big step, or even a baby step like mine!)

*How did you come to this decision?

*Were there signposts on the road for you to indicate a direction?


Laurel  25 Sep 2002 
First, I need Oct. 6th to come around; this particular Mercury Retrograde hit me hard and heavy. I've lost momentum, energy, organization, and enthusiasm... after a brief. brief period period from Sept. 12-15th, at the beginning of the retrograde. So the very first thing I have to do is get back to my daily "sacred" routine and most importantly clean my room. Its a mess, and whenever its a mess, so secretly am I. "As Without, Within" I guess. But right now I feel so.... blah and spacy.

My "big" step will be first probationary membership within and then a formal Initiation in the TOS. I've had self-initiations and but never one inside an organized magical tradition.

My next "little" step will be consecrating my new altar/set of ritual tools. I'm just waiting for the last two of them to arrive and I need to do some painting on one other. Everything from a ritual chalice to some resin figurines to both an air dagger and a sword- its been both exciting and expensive to put it all together, but well worth it. I decided that I wouldn't do a formal consecration til everything is here- and the retrograde was over.

After that, my next "little step" will be daily practice of the Opening By Watchtower Ritual. I'd made a decision last week that I would start personalizing all my rituals more, choosing aspects of the Four Elements for example that suit my new spiritual path moreso than my old, Golden Dawn-based one. I have a new gorgeous book to write all my personalized rituals in and hopefully will start that up this week. 

truthsayer  25 Sep 2002 
at this time, i feel my path is taking me to explore the creative side of my nature. to me creativity and spirituality are very closely linked. since i've started the graphic design program i've begun to feel better about myself and more self-confident. i can see my abilities as an artist grow daily. this is a very exciting time for me. i feel like moses wandering in the desert for 40 years! so far all my ventures to retrain haven't worked out but there's something different about this one. i feel an inner calmness i haven't felt in years. it's a good feeling.

i also feel called to continue working out karmic issues w/ my family. this one has been ongoing for around 20+ years but i can see progress and that feels great! my parents are getting up there in age and i want to feel like our work is finished before they pass on. the work does feel close to ending with my father. i heard this week he had a colonoscopy and they found polyps. he has to have more tests and see if the cells are malignant. i hope not but you know how you get these feelings? 

angela  25 Sep 2002 
Recently I've had a rather strange sequence of events that I believe is about a personal transformation for me. I have had a series of dreams, interesting events involving animals appearing literally from nowhere(a turkey would you believe?), cards repeatedly appearing when I do my daily tarot spread, and astrological events.

Basically, I think this is a time for me to be breaking free of old patterns of doing things, old restrictions and moving in a new direction. I knew that on the full moon just passed I would be given a 'revelation' that would give me the clue as to what the key part of the transformation was. This revelation did occur and I now feel that I have until the new moon next month to sort out my direction and then the transformation will be complete.

Each day a new event supports my ideas and the path along which I'm moving. It is exciting, but also a bit scary, because I seem to be moving in a very different direction to what I've done in the past.

It has been a real 'tower' experience, but less sudden....if that makes sense. I guess I'm attempting to align my outer world with my inner world and somehow simplify my life.

Interestingly, my Solar Return chart for this year did indicate a major transformation in at least one area of my life. I had forgotten about this until the other day when I happened to come across it.


MystiqueMoonlight  25 Sep 2002 
You know it's quite interesting!

When began my walk down the spiritual path I began to investigate my witch element. So much of it made sense to me. At least I thought so at the time.

Back then I tried so hard to work within the boundaries that I had unconsciously set for myself. I read a lot of books and tried a lot of things (spells, herbalism, meditation, runes, candle burning, tool working etc). I started to dabble in the Tarot at that time doing readings quite successfully for people, but not really understanding what the Tarot really is. I suppose I treated the cards like another tool for my altar.

The more I looked at the cards and the further I began to study about them the higher my level of understanding of why they have come into my life.

My path has taken a sharp turn now. Oh I still have my altar, it's an essential part of my life now. But now I realise the Tarot are not just my divinatory tool, they are also a gift. For me the Tarot is my altar, my burning candle.

I want to understand all I can of this wonderful system. They play an intergral part of my life. They are my friend, my light and within my soul (my soul card is the High Priestess). I know this will be a life long journey for me and hope to learn well. 

WhiteDrag0n  25 Sep 2002 
Well the next step for me, is to continue developing my energy working abilities. They have been slowly getting stronger. But lately I feel that I need to seek out some kind of instruction other than reiki. So Im going to search the astral for a new teacher. As far as "sign post" just a gut intuitive feeling...and quite a few tarot readings (of course :) )

Well I found out some information tonight, its the life changing kind that pops up from time to time. Ok while I know I can do energy healings, I never considered myself a Reiki worker, now I know why. IM NOT a reiki worker. Im still a healer but what I channel isnt reiki. I dont think my path has a name. My healings are heavily influenced by dragons. I guess you could say its "dragon healing" I suppose. But after finding this out a lot has clicked into place for me. Now I know exactly what to do. Dragons here I come. 

Phoenix  25 Sep 2002 
Hmmm....well, my next step is to work on my Master Lever of Reiki. I am also exploring new magick paths. I want to use more Tarot spell, gems in my spell work, and I really want to begin working with the dragons. 

RedWood  25 Sep 2002 
I have been wondering about my path for awhile...Tarot...oracles...Reiki...crystals...Finally..Shamanism.>Well Shamanism is sticking..It feels right..I will integrate everything else..Shamanism is just my base..Lately Ihave not been working as much as I should....Various reasons..Excuses? well a bit of both... 

WhiteDrag0n  25 Sep 2002 
Originally posted by Phoenix
I really want to begin working with the dragons.

Thats great phoenix, working with dragons is absolutely wonderful and fun! Look up this book Danceing with Dragons by DJ Conway. Its a good starter. Enjoy 

Liliana  26 Sep 2002 
Redwood has Dancing with Dragons, I traded it to her hehe

Well apparently my newest step is being involved in teaching Sunday School at the Episcopal church, gives me an obligation to get out of bed and go to church every week anyway hehe

So basicaly my dual Christan Wiccan nature is being drawn more rtoward the Christian side for now, but I believe big things will happen after I move next year, im niot sure what tho


Ladyhawke  26 Sep 2002 
Right now Tarot seems to be my big spiritual focus, learning its language and developing my reading abilities. I also have been thinking about dedicating to the Second Degree in the eclectic Pagan group I am part of. I need to do some personal housecleaning first before that happens though. Because of work and other mundance concerns, my spiritual practice has gone to hell in a handbasket lately. So I need to get that back on track before I try to go further.


ChrisTheObscure  26 Sep 2002 
Tarot and Shamanism are the "baby steps" I seem to be taking right now...well, they're both fairly big steps, but comprised of several "baby steps". I would like to combine meditative/shamanistic astral travel with pagan ritual, and connect on a deeper level with the gods/goddesses I believe in.


Moongold  26 Sep 2002 
Tarot and perhaps astrology are new tools for understanding and change that have come my way in the last few months. I would like to do a lot more work exploring both of these. They are helpin me to establish a spiritual path. Tarot is a way of encountering the Divine.

Spirituality for me is inextricably bound up in connectedness with other people but I've withdrawn from many relationships in the last two years. I'd like to explore these again and perhaps develop new ones with other people.

Listen to the voice of the Divine.


Rhiannon  26 Sep 2002 
I have thought about this too, recently. I found a book called "Advanced Wicca: Exploring Deeper Levels of Spiritual Skills and Masterful Magick" by Patricia Telesco. In this book she talks about following the "Adept's Path". There are some questions at the beginning of the book that can help you determine if you are ready to follow the Adept's Path. I am NOT ready! LOL I answered the questions and alot of my answers were NO! LOL

The questions are:
Do you know how to create your own spells, charms and rituals using sound magical constructs and correspondences?

Do you have the capacity to meditate without being easily distracted for more than 20 minutes at a time?

Do you know how to use and combine physical movement, sound, sensual input and visualization to build and direct power and mental focus?

Do you understand how to pattern, direct and follow magical energy to your spiritual event horizon and release it toward your goal from this point?

Do you understand the symbolism of the circle?

Do you know how to invoke the directional and elemental powers for assistance in things other than ritual work?

Do you understand the symbolism of the pentagram, and how to use that knowledge in metaphysical procedures (spells, meditations and the like)?

Do you know how to find and use creative alternatives for elemental and magical symbols and tools?

Do you rely on yourself, willpower, mental focus and the Divine (or universal energy) for enacting magic, and its successful outcomes, versus tools and props?

Do you know and practice magical and psychic self-defense, and also know how to wield elemental, visualized, verbalized banishings when needed?

Do you support your magic with concrete mundane efforts?

Do you know how to control personal auric energy, how to sense and work with the energy of others, and how to use this awareness in the context of group workings?

Have you developed at least one psychic talent to some degree divination, past life reading, object reading, or the like? (note that you may have done so without realizing it)

Do you find the basic Wicca books leaving you wanting? Do they seem too rudimentary or superficial as if a dimension is missing as you read? ( the advice for this one is to read more! )

Just thought some of you might find this helpful. It has helped me to realize what I need to study and pay more attention to.

R :) 

Phoenix  26 Sep 2002 
Originally posted by WhiteDrag0n
Thats great phoenix, working with dragons is absolutely wonderful and fun! Look up this book Danceing with Dragons by DJ Conway. Its a good starter. Enjoy
Actually I have it, and it is great! 

WhiteDrag0n  26 Sep 2002 
:D :D :D :D 

DollChica  26 Sep 2002 
This is a really good question. Through childhood, I was the poster child for the Mormon church. But I read the bible from front to back when I was 13 and began to question their theology and christianity in general. Too many inconsistencies between the old and new testaments. Now, I still believe in God, but really don't know where to go from there. I'm in the process of re-reading the old testament and going from there. 

Violet Gargoyle  26 Sep 2002 
Originally posted by Liliana
Redwood has Dancing with Dragons, I traded it to her hehe

Well apparently my newest step is being involved in teaching Sunday School at the Episcopal church, gives me an obligation to get out of bed and go to church every week anyway hehe

So basicaly my dual Christan Wiccan nature is being drawn more rtoward the Christian side for now, but I believe big things will happen after I move next year, im niot sure what tho


You must have a very interesting Sunday School Class! 

sparrowspirit  26 Sep 2002 
I am still new enough here to feel refreshed and excited to find a group of people interested in exploring spiritual issues!

Tarot has been my next step on my spiritual path, (for the past three months). But, I think that I am not ready to do readings because, since I have started studying Tarot, I have had a couple of scary half-sleeping nightmares, like the tree in my room behaving aggressively towards me! I believe that this is because I am not spiritually disciplined enough to handle the psychic energy, (not that I am psychic at all, but I believe that tapping into "synchronicity" with the intention of gaining information, or doing "magic", falls in the realm of psychic energy). Therefore, I feel that my next step on my spiritual path is to gain more discipline over my own energies by meditating and pursuing yoga more deeply. 

AmounrA  26 Sep 2002 
Nothing less than total universal domination.:-) 

the hermit  26 Sep 2002 
find myself... 

ladycj  27 Sep 2002 
I'm with the hermit, I'm trying to find Myself. lol. I am exploring Wicca and my own spirituality. I know I am no where near where I need to be by the list that Rhiannon put up. lol I guess I need to study more. *sigh* back to the books. :)


cjtarot  27 Sep 2002 
Hi all,

I am not sure where I am headed..right now there is so much I want to learn. I want to further my Reiki studies, my Crystal and Mineral studies, get deeper into Tarot work.

The problem I have is time..not enough time alone...there is always something else to do or the girls asking "WHAT'S THAT"... or if I wait till there in bed, I'm usually so tired I can't absorb what I am reading....

POOR ME...LOL...I have my whole life to study only about 15 more years to be a driving force in my girls life.

The key is keep interested..keep looking around..there is so much out there..


Liliana  27 Sep 2002 
thankfully theres a total of 4 of us teaching sunday school, and im not the leader so to say, im just told what to do then do it hehe.

This sunday is archangel day, and next st francis of assissi (he preached to animals, how pagan of him hehe) so its going to be fun, who doesnt love a good archangel day as a Christian WIccan :) Also you got to respect the church that on easter sunday the minister comes right out and tells the congregation the we call it easter after the pagan goddess Eostre.

My Tarot work is always a part of my path as well. (and my husband told the minister i collect cards, and all she said is well if shes not doing "divination" then thats fine and thats not really what the cards are used for anyway, of course i dont consider myself doing "divination" in a Biblical forbidden sense when i read anyway) My next step there is learning to cast tarot spells, i just ordered the book

And I know what you mean cj, ive been wanting to do a reading for someone for weeks and havent been able to because of toddler interference hehe, and of course they cant nap at the same time, its hard.

DarkElectric  27 Sep 2002 
My step forward is sort of a step back.
I am rejoining my coven, and will be resuming my studies with my beloved High Priestess. This has been a long time coming, as I went on leave from the group 3 years ago. I am going to be incorporating my music into our group. Nobody's ever heard a sax played in a drum circle before, but they dig it!
I am also expanding my contact with Dragons, a new little guy has come to join my small family, and I will be doing more reading for the public. I'm doing more rune work now, and this is progressing successfully. So, I have a lot going on. The Mercury retrograde has enabled me, I think, to reconnect with people I needed to be with again. 

Ravenswing  27 Sep 2002 
wow, what a question. i've been working on focus, focus, focus. the last few weeks has had me bombarded by possiblities from all quarters. so i guess you might say my next step is to stopand take a deep breath.

time for me to sort out all manners of angles and get things in a coherent ordering. it's not that there's no good next step; instead there's too many 'next' steps.

and i'm getting bogged down in too much planning and not enough doing.

am i contridicting myself here?

and did someone mention mercury dashing backwards?

going 'round in circles

Liliana  27 Sep 2002 
no prob amourna and to use a quote i said once

"Thank God I dont have to understand a persons beliefs to accept them"

I think thats what you are getting at amourna now. Ypu dont undrstand mine, and many others, path, just like im sure i dont understand yours, but you think i have the right to believe my way and you have the right to believe yours.

And no problem all is one, i wasnt annoyed at you at all :) just wanted to clarify


Diana  28 Sep 2002 
Originally posted by Tarotphelia
I was enjoying reading about everybody's next step & seeing where everybody was at this point in time.


If you want to wrestle Christianity to the ground (and good luck to you) please start a new thread on that topic!


Taro, I understand your frustration. But at the same time, I think that what went on here was very much to do with where people are at this point in time. There was just some questioning and reaction. One can't expect people not to react to other people's posts, and then sometimes this goes slightly off-topic. However, this thread has, I think, come around again.

People are not robots or computers - things people write resonate in us, and so we send the echo back to the thread.

Now, where am I going to go on my spiritual path? I'm going to finish my Bach Flower studies (which are more spiritual than I thought) and hope to have my first clients in spring next year.

Also, I am trying to discipline myself to do the Course in Miracles every day. I am giving myself some extra time and hope to finish at the end of 2003.

I also want to continue on my Reiki path, but before getting my second attunement, I want to study it more, in order to know exactly in which direction I want to head. I want to understand my motives better, and align myself mentally and spiritually with the whole thing. I rushed into my first Reiki attunement without really realising what Reiki was. And because of my character and nature, I regret it. I should have gone first to speak to many Reiki practitioners and masters, in order to understand this awesome healing system. I also want to read a bit more about Japanese customs and traditions, for I feel I will better understand the Reiki principles if I do so.

Also, I wish to get in contact with the angels more often. Holmes has been giving me some good advice on how to do this, and I will be attending a series of conferences soon and this may give me some more clues.

And I also want to learn to open my heart and be more tolerant and loving towards others, and especially to myself. 

napaea  28 Sep 2002 
boy, i don't know.

lame i know, but i really don't. i too have been having intense dreams lately, full of a lot of information.
psychics, astrologers, people here have been seeing big things for me in the future...but i just don't know what i need to do NOW. i'm sure my intuition will let me know.

this whole summer has been intense; lots of reading of books to try to change negative thought patterns, visualize what i want in life, study of the tarot. lots of dealing with past issues and hurts, paranoias, old expectations.

now i really just want to start fresh. i am still working on changing my thinking, and am developing more consistent "rituals" to do to keep me focused. and i really feel i need to not settle for "a " job. i need to do what i am here to do, and part of that should be earning my keep by doing what i am here to do, or having the universe support me as i do it.
i'm trying to get past thinking on a linear level, and worrying about money, cars and homes.

i feel something big is on it's way, i'm just trying to be open to it and welcome it in.

i love all the responses here, haven't read them all, but i will. 

joya250  29 Sep 2002 
haha -- better late than never! ... my next spiritual step?

my next step, and one that I am currently trying to live, is to (in the eternal words of Nike) Just Do It. The time has come for me to encorporate all I know and have learned and read and experienced over the years -- and LIVE IT. More, specifically, it means following my heart and trusting that by living with purity and love, that my "highest" path will unfold and the universe will guide me on my way. I want to manifest Love in 3rd dimensional reality.

So, I guess my next step is more of a leap -- a leap of faith. 

Cerulean  29 Sep 2002 
My next step is so silly.
I've been doing the art studies thing off and on for years to satisfy desires to study with people who do specific art forms-portrait, life drawing, two-minute figure sketches. Guess what, my natural preference portrays Eurasian features with reflective eyes and unusual hair coloring. People who've done Japanese style illustrations have done this for decades---but I've resisted.
But to be honest, ancient through Renaissance history in the European worlds does have those odd juxtapositions that beg ilustration and story...
I've very much liked some unusual illustrators that Lo Scarabeo has and a few Japanese illustrators. So I'm letting it flow. Someone did Dante and Divine Comedy in an American comic book format and I was told that the Italians are known for selling literature to their young ones through the comic format.
So soon, Mari's spiritual path through the art of graphic novels... 

cyan  05 Oct 2002 
having spent the last 6 months digging myself out of a pile of sef-inflicted insecurities and other debris, and having collected a shelffull of books on tarot and magic and spirituality, it is time for me to begin practicing what i am studying.
I have always been a pagan but until Tarot found me it was like there was a darkened mirror between where i was and where i wanted to be.

i truly loved what MystiqueMoonlight said about Tarot.
"For me the Tarot is my altar, my burning candle."

i identify with that completely. Tarot is my path, my altar, my burning candle and i have lifted it high and stepped, for the first time, into the Otherside. And it is beautiful, and frightening, and beautiful. 

MystiqueMoonlight  06 Oct 2002 

I celebrate in the blessing of the reality of the Tarot with you. Tarot is so much more than divination..... 

The What is your next step on your spiritual path? thread was originally posted on 25 Sep 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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