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Protection Circles

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 30 Apr 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Str4Berryan9eL  30 Apr 2003 
Okay so I've been getting into talking boards lately. I've read a lot about them and I heard you should do a protection circle before you start. Can someone explain to me what you do to make a protection circle?

Sorry to start a new thread just for this but I asked sum1 else and they told me to try posting in the 'spiritual' forum soooo moderators if this isn't in the right place, toss it around or whatever :P 

HudsonGray  30 Apr 2003 
By 'talking boards' I assume you mean Ouija?

You can learn how to ground & center to raise a protective circle (basically a shield in a lot of ways) over at this URL:

It's a circle of energy put there for protection, you raise it before you start with the board, and once finished, lower the circle & dissipate it when done. 

zorya  30 Apr 2003 
there are many ways to cast a protection circle. this is just my way ;)

i usually smudge before casting mine. i start in the east going clockwise, always being sure to return to my starting point (to complete the circle). a circle can be drawn literally with chalk, paint, sticks, stones or a rope. it can also be drawn 'in the air' with an athame, wand or even your finger. as i face each direction i call upon the spirits of that direction and the spirits of the element that i see as governed by that direction. i ask for protection and i always make sure to thank the spirits for their assistance.

this part is not done by many, but after the circle i then 'cast an axis' by calling upon the sky and earth (the upper and lower worlds) as well. 

Kiama  01 May 2003 
When I cast a circle, I first clear the space of any physical clutter or dirt. This helps me feel alot happier in the space I am in, and also acts as a 'metaphor' for cleaning all the negativity out of my life for that time when I am in the circle.

Then I ground and centre myself (As HudsonGray was suggesting) by simply doing a simple visualisation of me being a tree.... My feet becoming strong, twisting roots, which spiral downwards into the ground, and down until they find earth, where they spiral down even further and draw up nutrients into me... I imagine this as golden light entering up the roots and flowing all around my body. I imagine my arms to be branches, reaching up to the sky and becoming indistinct from the clouds, drawing nutrients downwards from the sky, in th eform of silver glowing light, which I imagine swirling into the golden light, and swirling all around my body... I imagine the earth beneath my feet/roots, and the sky above my arms/branches, and feel the sturdiness of the trunk of the tree that is my body, rooted to the spot. Then I make a simple affirmation:

'I am.' Over and over again, until I feel ready. Sometimes if my mind is still rushing all over the place, I'll extend the affirmation to:

'I am here, now.' And just focus on those words for a while. Then I pull up my roots, slowly, letting go of the energy, pull in my branches, letting go of the energy, and just take a moment to feel 'there'.

Then I actually cast the circle: I use my finger to draw clockwise, a shining, almost electric blue, flaming circle around me, large enough for me to do whatever I need to do in it. I imagine the electric blue flames 'shooting' out of my finger (First finger usually for me, cuz that's the one I feel most comfortable with) and landing on the ground, where they quickly grow into a sphere or bubble over and around me. Sometimes I do what Zorya does: Call the assistance of the four elements as I go around.

This means, when I am facing North, I call upon the energies of earth, strength, steadfastness, and nourishment, to aid me.

When I am facing East, I call upon the energies of air, intelligence, impulse, and thought to aid me.

When I am facing South, I call upon the energies of fire, creativity, passion, and intuition to aid me.

And when I am facing West, I call upon the energies of water, mystery, spirituality, and receptivity to aid me.

Some people begin at East, and go round from there. Some begin at North. I don't think it really matters where you begin, as long as you feel comfortable with it! :D

When I have finished doing that, I walk into the centre of the circle, and imagine the bubble around me: I always imagine it going beneath the floor aswell, so that nothing can get in from underneath either. When I am in the centre, and can feel the bubble around me, I make sure I am ready to begin whatever I am doing. Sometimes this involves light meditation, sometimes some chanting of a rhythmic song to relax me... (Nothing like music to relax!). Sometimes I don't do anything, and just go straight into what I want to do.

When I have finished, I will 'take down' the circle, by literally doing everything backwards: Drawing the shining electric blue flames back into my finger whilst walking anticlockwise, and thanking each of the elements for their assistance and protection. When I've taken it all down, I eat something! This is because I often find that I can drain some of my energy by doing all this, or I feel too 'hyper' afterwards, so by eating something starchy (A few Hermetic magicians I know insist that Pot Noodles are the best post-ritual food ever!) I ground myself.

I hope this helps: It is only my way of doing it, so you will definitely find so many other ways. The fun part is working out how you will do it!


Str4Berryan9eL  01 May 2003 

coldsuns  01 May 2003 
I expert of it !! =X I played it 4 times. You will have a sense of weird feeling during full moon for after a year of that month that you played. If you played on 1st of May 2003. On full moon of May 2004, you will get strange feeling or see things...but usually is quite ok. Sometimes the spirit doesnt speak the truth. So is a little of risking your life just for the sake of 'fun'. Is better not to play with it. Stick with Tarot will be better. Much more safer and accurate. 

HOLMES  01 May 2003 
all bad experiences

for me it was bad

just use common sense, protect yourself with light and love, and ask only for spirits who are from the light and are the most highest vibration you can reach . 

Dark Inquisitor  01 May 2003 
Originally posted by Str4Berryan9eL

Have you ever had any 'bad' experiences with ouija boards?


Str4Berryan9eL  01 May 2003 

HudsonGray  02 May 2003 
Boy that tiny font & pink color are hard to read.

Can a spirit grant a wish? No, not likely. They're not genies in a bottle. Usually at best they'll talk with you & help answer questions but I don't believe it's in their power to grant any wishes.

If you're talking to a 'spirit' via Ouija, there's no guarantee that they're 'good' or 'bad', as what's drawn to Ouija has a tentancy to have fun with the caller. You can literally get just about anything, and they're under no compunction to tell the truth, so if they say they're 'good' there's no guarantee.

Why not use meditation techniques to talk with spirits instead? This way you only allow the truely 'good' ones to come through, and can communicate that way almost 'face to face'. It has all the ability to siphon off the bad & get you results, unlike Ouija boards. 

The Protection Circles thread was originally posted on 30 Apr 2003 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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