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Money/Prosperity spell

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 12 May 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Shadow Wolf  12 May 2003 
Last night I worked a money/proserity spell.

I used two green candles (I let them burn out).

The Sun card from Mythic Tarot

1 citrine stone

1 basil plant

and I burned some Cinnamon oil

and I asked the blessing of the Goddess.

I spent a few minutes before I started just meditating on my
intention and visualizing the liquification of our cash flow. I didn't ask for a specific amount. In the chant I just stated that I needed money enough to pay the bills.

I started to feel my hand tingle and I could really feel the power
surging through me. My body started swaying, it was an awesome feelling. I stood there in my circle just basking in the feeling.

I have a really good feeling about this. It was the first time that I actually felt an kind of power!!!!!

I let you know what happens !!! 

Belladonna  12 May 2003 
Yeah, I think what a lot of people don't realize about the power of a spell is that you really need to FEEL what it would be like to ALREADY be enjoying what you hope to be the outcome of the spell. The trick is to believe it already is. 

celeste  13 May 2003 
I worked a similar spell to that one a few months ago, only I had just one green candle and nothing else to speak of. I let the candle burn for about 5 minutes, then blew the flame out and rubbed my hands in the smoke,all the while thinking about the exact amount of extra money I needed a month. I did this for about two weeks. Shortly after someone at work quit and I got her job. It was/is a fulltime position that gives me exactly the extra amount of money I needed every month. It allows me to not just get by,but live more comfortably for my daughter and I.

And I think visualization is important too. I imagined the bigger numbers on my paycheck and when the posting came up(unexpectedly)(I didn't have a hope in hell of getting it before due to not enough seniority)I imagined myself in the job and handling it competantly.

One thing about spells I've noticed though is (and I haven't been doing this very long at all either)
that while you imagine the rewards of the spell your not always prepared for the negative consequenses or other side of the spell. For example, I am finally making enough $, but the job
can be unbelievably stressful alot of the time,which is something I didn't factor in.

I want to keep it though, because I need the money! 

Major Tom  13 May 2003 
Before casting any spell, first perform a reading asking what the results of your spell will be. Once you've done this and know what's going to happen, you can then decide whether or not to proceed with your spell. In this way you accept full responsibility for your actions.

This is particularly important for spells involving the increase of cash flow. How would you feel if a close relative were to die and leave you the money in their will? Or how would you feel if you were involved in an accident and crippled but the insurance payout meant a big injection of cash? Spells are powerful but also very risky. Doing a reading before casting a spell can warn you of any possible negative outcomes.

Please be careful when casting spells. 

DarkElectric  13 May 2003 
Right on, Major Tom,
An excellent point, sir.
When I do ANY sort of prosperity work, I am careful to delineate that any return is NOT to come from death, deceit, or injury, to anyone including me. I bring in opportunity, to come fairly, and honestly, for the good of all, so mote it be.

I've found this approach successful, and sometimes those opportunities involve lots of hard work. But I'd much rather be the recipient of a boon in the form of exchanging labour for reward. It beats getting in some accident with a whopping settlement I would not be able to enjoy because I was in a wheelchair, or something. Or, to have some ghastly family tragedy where I would recieve money in the will. To me, that's not worth it. 

Shadow Wolf  13 May 2003 
Thanks for the advice Major Tom.

I've thought about doiing a prosperity spell for quite some time now , it wasn't something I've wanted to rush into.

I've had a chance in that time to do a few readings regarding
finances and they have all had a favorable outcome.

In the visualization I imagined my husband actually being able
to cash his paychecks, and more customers paying in cash instead of by credit cards. I also believe that if intention matters that much that, your intention of how you visualize becoming more prosperous is also taken into account.

Anyway, it's good advice to follow. And in the future I will state it as part of the spell instead of just relying on visusalization.

Thanks !!!! 

divinerguy  13 May 2003 
I read something the other day about only doing one spell per subject. It seems that doing another spell indicates a lack of confidence in the original spell.

The lack of confidence is aparently a death knell to the the success of your efforts. A lack of faith, so to speak.

Anyone have any experience with this? 

cricket  13 May 2003 
Originally posted by divinerguy
The lack of confidence is aparently a death knell to the the success of your efforts. A lack of faith, so to speak.
*popping in during a feeding here*

I've done very little spellwork using all the props and whatnot that people usually associate with it, but it's been my experience that when I do, it actually helps to do the spell more than once. It's not a lack of faith, it's reaffirming that you really want this to happen, and helps to re-visualize or concentrate your focus.

That's just my limited experience, though. 

meatbox666  19 May 2003 
It has been my experience that nothing good comes from doing magick, well meaning or otherwise. I have had experiences with magick and now upon sober reflection their can be nothing good from it and the effects are short lived. The biggest downfall is having to pay for your items such as candles, incense, candle holders, and oil. It takes alot from ones paycheck. Living the magikal life costs. I have found it easier to pay tithes( ten percent) in church. It is cheaper too. 

HudsonGray  20 May 2003 
Actually it would depend on the path you're walking and the training you're giving yourself or getting from others, as well as a lot of other factors.

While you have to accept that there are ALWAYS consequences, if you take enough thought to do something properly it shouldn't backfire or glitch up on you. I haven't had a downside when I focus on helping someone or healing, or even trying to give myself an extra push to get a better job coming my way when I needed help. The prosperity spell I did had job offers coming out of the woodwork for 6 months. Not all were worth taking, but I was getting things being offered that I'd never had before in a tight job market.

Intent, focus, acceptance, honesty. All VERY important when you work magick.

I don't use 'props', so the monetary cost for supplies is practically nil for me. My learning has primarily been with energy work. If I use anything at all it's natural materials, like a found feather, leaf, etc. Sometimes dancing. You're not necessarily locked into buying candles, oils, ribbon, etc. The true power comes from inside you & the extra things are just a way of focusing--you don't really need them. They're not the thing that does the magick, it's all coming from inside you. 

Belladonna  20 May 2003 
I back up HudsonGray's opinion %100.
While I like to use some props, myself, especially candles, I never run into high expenses. I use coloured candles that I buy in bulk (10 cents a candle), herbs from my kitchen or garden, scraps of fabric or ribbon from my sewing kit, or from my friend's, objects from around the house like perhaps a golden earring, or a walnut, even my son's plastic caribou! I use olive oil from my kitchen to anoint candles or essential oils that I have around for other purposes. I find one bottle of lavender and one sandalwood go a long way!
I use these things because it's a fun way for me to get my creative juices flowing, and clarify the intent of my spell. While I do believe objects carry their own vibrations, or aura, I think the power they contribute to my spell are as conducters of energy, to help me really get a good cone of power circulating (I work alone so it's nice to have these objects to reflect back to me the idea/intent/energy of this spell. Like a mirror.) The real power comes from within.
And I think it a good practice to come up with your own spell "aids" as opposed to following a recipe in a book. A good book of correspondances can help you at first to make substitutions or create "recipes" from scratch, but you can always just ASK. Use the Tarot to help you divine what type of spell would be the most effective, perhaps what element to work with, and let your intuition guide you when it comes to the particulars.
I think spells created this way are a million times more effective! And less likely to backfire, too.
Love and light and good luck, too! 

Shadow Wolf  26 May 2003 
I agree, I never let expenses for magical supplies get out of hand.

The things that I use are things that I want to use, they are not
necessities and I can buy them cheaply enough !!!!

The energy and power comes from you !!! 

marlowe  05 Jun 2003 
I don't believe that magick should be used for monetary gain, so I don't believe spells should be cast with the ambition for money. 

HudsonGray  05 Jun 2003 
Ah, but Marlowe, there's a huge difference between 'getting money' and 'getting the opportunity to MAKE money'. Not the same thing at all.

Everyone's walked down the street and found a nickle, $1 bill, or such. Someone had to loose it for you to find it, and maybe they could ill afford to loose it.

But doing a prosperity spell for allowing yourself to see opportunities around you & to make others aware they should bring up the subject out of the blue, or just suddenly decide that maybe they should look in your direction is very, very different. You aren't guaranteed of getting the jobs offered, but you at least have the ability to present yourself to those who are looking for an employee. My prosperity spell was focused towards this & it did work very well. I even had several people track me down via the internet to check to see if I was interested in making their design into a stuffed toy (this is NOT a common occurrance for me!).

The only monetary gain out of this would be if I worked to make it. We're not talking about winning the lottery or finding $50 on the ground. 

Sobeknofret  05 Jun 2003 
Thank you HudsonGrey, my thoughts exactly. Casting a spell to have the opportunity for prosperity is a totally different thing than simply casting a spell for money.

Now the question is do you believe that reading tarot is making magick? So should we do that for money? :)


HudsonGray  05 Jun 2003 
"MMmmmm Money........." Doh! (Ok, I'm a Simpsons fan)

I know there are a few books out on using tarot spells, but I haven't read any of them yet. Though I have heard of using a card as a motivator for what you want in life, and that's magick in a way.

People charge sometimes for doing magick, people charge for tarot readings, so doing tarot magic.......???

Reading for money is fine, it's a skill & acquired knowledge & supplies something to the person who wants the reading. Same as an artist doing a drawing for publication or a plumber fixing a faucet. I know some people feel that charging money for just using their ability seems wrong, but I don't see it as such. Plumbers don't work for free. Artists don't either. Charging for a reading is fine by me. But to each their own. 

Sobeknofret  05 Jun 2003 
The reason I asked was because we had this fight in a former coven of mine years ago: is the act of reading tarot making magic, and if so, should people charge for it? Tarot spells are another ball game entirely I think. There are some really good books out there on tarot spells, many of which to me fall under the "creative visualization" heading.

Personally, I do believe that tarot is magic to some degree, but I also have no problems whatsoever with charging for it. I find that people who've just paid me to read seem to pay better attention to the reading, and are more likely to take the advice that the cards are offering them. It is, as you rightfully point out, also a skill, for which we should get paid. Or maybe my ethics are just more flexible than some people's... ;)

But on the other hand I **would** have a problem charging someone for doing a spell for them. I'm not sure of the distinction between this and reading tarot yet, but to me there is a big difference. I just can't pinpoint it this late at night...advice anyone?


WolfSpirit  08 Jun 2003 
Originally posted by Sobeknofret
But on the other hand I **would** have a problem charging someone for doing a spell for them. I'm not sure of the distinction between this and reading tarot yet, but to me there is a big difference. I just can't pinpoint it this late at night...advice anyone?


If I may have a try at this...
I would say a spell is meant to bring about changes on the physical plane on behalf of the client, whereas tarot advises / shows directions / reveals the possible outcome, but it is still up to the querent to take action to bring about changes. 

HudsonGray  08 Jun 2003 
That's good! Yes!

Another aspect of having to do magic for someone is that you'll end up being tied to it also, meaning if it backfires, you're still connected.

I've done spellwork with someone, but not for someone (we were both doing prosperity focuses). I don't know that I'd do any spellwork for another simply because so much is out of my control, there's things I don't know about the situation, or it may be a different situation entirely than what's been told to me. I'm afraid they're on their own. 

Sobeknofret  08 Jun 2003 
Fabulous! Just the distinction that I was trying to feel my way to WolfSpirit! Thank you!

--Sobe :D 

The Money/Prosperity spell thread was originally posted on 12 May 2003 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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