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What card am I ... Literature clue 16th June - Solved

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 16 Jun 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Dark Eyes  16 Jun 2004 
.. Sorry I have taken so long, when I had the time to post the literature clue, the forum was down for servicing or something, and when it wasn't,.... I didn't have time. :(

anyway, here is my clue...


. This is a quote taken from the book
...."All too Human" The love story of Jack and Jackie Kennedy
....................Written by Edward Klein

Hope it's not too difficult, there are a few cards that would fit, but I have one in mind in particular
. . . . . . ;) D. 

Lady Mary  16 Jun 2004 
The Magician - as a sort of actor? 

jmd  16 Jun 2004 

mercenary30  16 Jun 2004 
High Priestess 

Dark Eyes  16 Jun 2004 
Sorry folks, none of the above. All very good guesses, all would fit the quote, but not what I was thinking of.
.... Keep trying !! 

lionette  16 Jun 2004 
a longshot --

Queen of Cups 

OakDragon  16 Jun 2004 
Judgment? -- undergoing a transformation? 

Kahlie  16 Jun 2004 
Queen of Wands? 

Satori  16 Jun 2004 
a woman, who is at the beginning of her transformation, who is also childlike...

The Fool 

Dark Eyes  16 Jun 2004 
Nope, sorry, but excellent guesses just the same !

I am not so much concentrating on the transformation part, more the person before the transformation. Perhaps more the situation she is in I guess... :) 

Dakota  16 Jun 2004 
6 of Cups? 

Satori  16 Jun 2004 
the World 

hyatt  16 Jun 2004 
7 of cups? 

tmgrl2  16 Jun 2004 
The Sun 

OakDragon  16 Jun 2004 
10 of pentacles? 

jmd  17 Jun 2004 
Empress ? 

Dark Eyes  17 Jun 2004 
Still no everybody... !

I can see why the guesses have been made and they would all actually fit the quote, but still not the one I chose. Sorry folks, please try again.

Regards... D. ;) 

jmd  17 Jun 2004 
From a more WCS perspective, how about the 10 Cups ? 

Dark Eyes  17 Jun 2004 
Again, sorry. None of the above.

jmd, you are probably fairly close with the ten of cups, there is a sense of Jackie finding herself in the community, a sense of her having all that she wants and needs for spiritual growth,... I sense that there could be an indication in another card though that may explain her achievements but possible loneliness also.

" This was a new role for Jackie, and in some ways it still did not fit her.
. . "Many times when I watched her play (with her children), exactly as a child plays." said J.B.West, the chief usher at the White House, "I felt, strangely, that this was the real Jaqueline Kennedy. She was so happy, so abandoned, so like a little girl who had never grown up.Many times, when she was performing with such grace and authoritythe role of first lady, I felt she was just pretending.

I have another card in mind, which I sometimes see as a bitter sweet predicament. I felt, that in this quote, the chief usher was actually sympathising with the other side of Jackie that most people didn't see.

Not everybody may agree with my choice of card here, but I have often seen this particular card appear in a reading when a woman has felt somewhat trapped although she has everything material that she could want.

Probably too big a clue but ... try again.

regards... D. :) 

Satori  17 Jun 2004 
Okay, now I'm wondering if this is a reversal or something?

But my answer for now is...
10 of pentacles.

And I say this because in my Whimsical Tarot the ten of pentacles shows a golden caged bird... 

Dark Eyes  17 Jun 2004 
Sorry Elf, somebody has already said 10 pentacles..., but it is also very close.

The material security in ten of pentacles could explain the quote somewhat, ... a sense of completion.

I am however, focusing more on the fact that she may be very wealthy yes, but also there is a moving loneliness, perhaps a sadness behind her outwardly showing confidence... this is what the chief usher picks up.

Not to say that she always has this demeanor throughout her life as first lady,... I'm sure further down the track she adjusts to her life and bathes in it.
Just in these early stages of marriage, with sudden fame, the chief usher points out that he sees a lady with everything, but with a certain longing to share what she misses. 

Dakota  17 Jun 2004 
AHA!! 9 of Pentacles! 

Dark Eyes  17 Jun 2004 
Aha Dakota.... Yes, you are absolutely correct !!

Often this card comes up in a reading when I have a client who wants to break free, who is feeling successful, but misses the freedom and happiness of the simple things in life. She is even perhaps feeling like a kept woman to some degree, although she does enjoy the material benefits that comes with her position. It can be bitter sweet, and there is a longing to be her real self. A need to escape even at times.

Over to you Dakota, well done.
Looking forward to your post
.......D. ;) 

Dakota  17 Jun 2004 
Ooooooooo, thank you! Okay, thinking cap going on! Mine are ALWAYS toooooooo easy; I need to try to be more subtle so may not post til this evening.......


Satori  17 Jun 2004 
Originally posted by Dakota
need to try to be more subtle so may not post til this evening.......

Yeah Dakota! Good go, I just kept putting up the old are funny bout the subtlety thing. LOL, just don't be so subtle that you leave us in the Mists of Oblivion!

Anyway, great one Dark Eyes! And thanks for a new way to see the 9of pentacles. Great job! Intereting quote... 

tmgrl2  17 Jun 2004 
Yes, Dark Eyes...this was an excellent quote and card...


Dark Eyes  17 Jun 2004 
Thank you Elf , and Terri.
It is a fabulous book about the story of the Kennedys, quite an insight into their public and private lives. For me, when I saw this quote in the book, I instantly thought of 9 of pentacles, for the reasons I have mentioned. It is a slightly different way to look at 9 of pentacles I guess, however, to me, this card more often than not indicates just this .
Good luck Dakota, and go for the subtlety, but as Elf says... Don't be too hard on us. :D
D. xox 

tmgrl2  17 Jun 2004 
Truth time! The first card that came to me when I read the quote was the Nine Pentacles, but I dismissed it..don't remember why..think I was thinking more of "Naw, that woman is too settled." But as I reread the quote now and look at the card, I really like the fit. Somehow, Jackie always gave off that air of having everything under, "well-heeled" from head to toe, classy upbringing...but underneath there was so much going on in the early years...this brings another dimension to the lady in 9 Pents for me.

I love these threads..'re up..


Dakota  17 Jun 2004 
New clue is posted, gang; have a go at it!! :D 

The What card am I ... Literature clue 16th June - Solved thread was originally posted on 16 Jun 2004 in the Tarot Games & Fun board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Tarot Games & Fun, or read more archived threads.

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