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Three of coins - unusual experience, association of loss

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 02 Sep 2001, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Demon Goddess  02 Sep 2001 
I had this card come up in a spread... I don't know if anyone else "feels" their cards, but this one had me crying the loss felt as if it was so completely irreversible... Can anyone give me some insight to the card??? 

Rhiannon  02 Sep 2001 
I'm not sure what deck you're using. I've never seen the 3 of Pentacles (or coins) as a negative or sad card at all! I see it as mastering a craft. Becoming adept in your endeavors, finally knowing what you're doing and being rewarded for it.

Even in reverse I only see the card as mediocrity and needing to work harder to become a master, to stop lollygagging and get your nose the grindstone. I've never felt "loss" when I look at this card.

Please share your own insights and why you felt so strongly about it. Fascinating. I LOVE new viewpoints.

Rhiannon :) 

Demon Goddess  02 Sep 2001 
Thanks for responding, Rhiannon.

I'm using my most beloved Crowley Deck. It's a little dog eared but it screams to me. Today, when I did my meditation, the cards were literally burning my hands, I could feel the energy throughout my entire body, so I knew it was going to be a good reading. I will add too that the moon is full today. And the moon is my power planet. (do we call the moon a planet??)

I normally see artistic too, creativity, positive activity on a project, financial support even, but today, I did a CC and this card was in the near future position, my 6th card. The cover represented my querant and the cross represented her son. The word grant came up, when I saw the card and I was literally washed with an overwhelming sense of loss.. Pain even... it was like something had been ripped from me and I could never get it back.

I'm trying to remember the other cards, and I'm drawing a blank, but there was a new love in her recent past, and just coming up she was going to be hit with a challenge including some opposition from one or two people who would make the challenge very difficult for her. But in the end, the success in her challenge would be wonderful for her going forward.

Not a difficult spread, in general the whole thing looked very good. But when I hit this card, as I said, it just whacked me... I don't know where the loss came from but it actually physically pained me. So much that even after the cards were away I was still hurting, and I had to actually take energy from a friend to bring myself back. It was very weird and completely strange... And I don't know what, or why or where it came from.

Any thoughts?? 

truthsayer  02 Sep 2001 
Demon Goddess (03 Sep, 2001 09:26):
I had this card come up in a spread... I don't know if anyone else "feels" their cards, but this one had me crying the loss felt as if it was so completely irreversible... Can anyone give me some insight to the card???

my gut reaction is that while you are quite good at your work, there is something missing. perhaps you are expecting too much out of yourself. perhaps somehow you lost a job that you were highly skilled and enjoyed. now you are mourning the loss of that job. another possibility would be that you know what your best skills and competences are yet are unable to land a job in the area that would best satisfy you emotionally and vocationally. overall, i'd say there is something in your vocational life whether it's not getting the job you want, feeling unfulfilled by the job you have great skills in.

if this gut reaction is wrong, just laugh and go on. i have the weirdest thought that you want to be a mother or the perfect mother but are unable to accomplish this longing. you could long to be pregnant but can't or you aren't satisfied w/ your parenting skills or you have put everything into doing parenthood perfectly but your child disappoints you somehow. i don't know. you can call me crazy or a miss cleo wannabe. \o/ :p 

truthsayer  02 Sep 2001 
okay, i was writing my post while you were posting the one previous mine so maybe i'm not as crazy as i thought. i had a sense of loss about a child and somehow it was tied in w/ vocation. i can't imagine what it means. :-o 

Rhiannon  02 Sep 2001 
Ok, I see that you saw the word "grant" and that you normally interpret the card as possibly being "financial support"? Could it be something to do with college tuition or a federal grant for research where your querent's son is involved? Just a stray thought. Loss of funding for an important project could indeed be soul-wrenching.

Rhiannon :) 

Demon Goddess  02 Sep 2001 
Wow, truthsayer, at least you're seeing the loss... like I said, I never saw any loss associate with this card before... What is most surprising to me is that she is starting a new job, a well paying job on Tuesday, so I don't know what to say to that. The job is right up her alley, it's perfect in her area of expertise, excellent for her resume, the hours are flexible so she can care for her son, etc. etc. but no, I didn't get that feeling not at all. This seemed related to her son and a Gov't grant that she was getting before losing her last job, which got cancelled when she stopped working and she intends to get it back.

I've never seen it represent like this and certainly never felt this card this way. 

Demon Goddess  02 Sep 2001 
Odd to say the least, but short of her not getting the grant back... I don't it should have shown up in the past... !!! She's not getting it back? Gads... But... Where's the loss in this card??? I don't get it... Where did it come from, I've never seen loss in this card before. Is that odd?? I've been reading for years. Lots' more cards I'd think would be more obvious...

Haha, told you the deck screams at me! 

Mojo  03 Sep 2001 
My sense of that card in that position would be taking some steps toward independence. Particularly as you describe a situation for her in which some people are making things difficult for her.

In my deck (Royal Fez), I see the artisan in the 3 of Pentacles as moving forward with his own vision despite the interference of other people. So I get a breaking free feeling from the card.

Just a thought. 

Demon Goddess  03 Sep 2001 
Ok, Mojo, well see that seems more likely given the spread... but what's with the overwhelming feeling of grief??? And like I said that word Grant just jumped out at me like that... Does it make any kind of sense? Where did that come from? I can't even see anything like that in the card. Is it possible it had a double meaning ?? 

Mojo  03 Sep 2001 
It's hard to say where the feeling of grief comes from, but you have to honor that when it happens. I seldom have specific words come up for me, but when they do, I've found you have to look at all forms of the word and not just the obvious ones. 

Demon Goddess  03 Sep 2001 
Thanks so much for all the replies.

I like this forum, it's nice to have a source for discussion for when things like that do come up. 

truthsayer  03 Sep 2001 
Demon Goddess (03 Sep, 2001 14:38):
Ok, Mojo, well see that seems more likely given the spread... but what's with the overwhelming feeling of grief??? And like I said that word Grant just jumped out at me like that... Does it make any kind of sense? Where did that come from? I can't even see anything like that in the card. Is it possible it had a double meaning ??

i can see where the grief comes from. she lost a job that meant something to her b/c the loss of the grant. it really doesn't matter if she's going to start a new perfect job, she's still mourning the loss of the other job. it's imp that the new job helps w/ her situation w/ her son but losing a job is like having someone die. job relationships are ended and a routine she enjoyed was disrupted. it's like someone taking your old battered but beloved doll from you and saying,"i don't know why you want that old dirty thing! i gave you a new doll that's more expensive and prettier than the first one!" that first doll is always going to have more meaning to you and nothing "better" is going to ever substitute for it.

i can relate to this feeling b/c i've had something very similar happen to me. i have a better life now than when i held that prior job but the hurt and grief is still there after 2+ years. i know the changes did me a favor and gave me more opportunity but i can't keep myself from longing for that old life, those old relationships, and that old job. nothing better can replace that hurt.

does this make sense? 

New River  03 Sep 2001 
Hi Demon Goddess! i thought everyone's expressions were so good. but i felt the overwhelming grief you are talking about.

do you know this person well? the thought that came to me was, could Grant be a person? someone she will meet soon?

and not to be morbid, but this kind of grief can entail losing a child. my own daughter died 6 years ago and i can't tell you the times the 3 of coins came up for me! usually with the three of swords. just my personal feel coming from where i've been.

goddess knows i hope it's only a job and a money grant! these emotions are what make it so draining to read sometimes. it's nice to draw the hermit and remember not to take on another's pain and wounding.

i didn't want to write this because i didn't want to freak you out. but i was just compelled. love and light, New River 

New River  03 Sep 2001 
i just wanted to clarify my first reply. i would never tell a querent if i saw something as tragic as actual death. it has only happened to me twice. then it was from readings for myself, and even then i didn't see it. i only knew the meaning after the fact.
love and light, New River 

MeeWah  03 Sep 2001 
Demon Goddess: It would be helpful to know the other cards & their positions in the spread as it is tricky to interpret a card out of the context of the spread, although a card may stand on its own.
You may have absorbed the energy of the querent, which could cause a feeling that does not relate to you to manifest. Your feeling is a gut reaction & as Mojo states, difficult to determine its source (especially without knowing the factors & variables involved). Examining the various associations of the word that came to you may assist with insight. A grant in the form of financial aid is a gift or boon; not a loan that requires payment in turn. The loss of such aid can be devastating as grants given on a need-based qualification are usually crucial to the recipient.
Another consideration is sometimes cards in a spread for someone else can strike a personal chord. The subconsious processes the cards on a level the conscious may not immediately access, so although the feelings or impressions may not make sense at the time, there can still be significance.
If you do not already do so, I recommend you ground & center yourself & surround yourself with protection prior to a reading for anyone, including yourself. This can prevent any "interference" or influence inappropriate to the reading.
As for the 3-Coins, it is the Earth aspect of 3-The Empress. The traditional or usual meaning of 3-Coins pertains to mastery or competence, gainful employment, accomplishment; manifestation. It does not have to be a reversed card to mean the opposite. Security may be associated with it, & there may have been a loss of some kind that was felt materially or whose effects are yet to be experienced.
Mojo's take is interesting in that I've seen the 3 pip cards of Swords, Pentacles & Cups refer to interference of some kind, usually involving outside influence or other people. Before a grant of any kind is awarded, it is subject to a review of a board of individuals who determine whether the recipient meets a particular criteria. The card may refer to such a review board. 

Demon Goddess  04 Sep 2001 
Thanks for your input folks. After speaking with the querant, I suppose almost anything in this situation is possible. I can't get the idea that the grant for her son is the loss and that this is the feeling of devastation that will overcome her when she is unable to retrieve it.

I didn't get a sense of death, just loss... The only time I've ever felt death was on a 9 of swords, go figure, and that was entirely different.

LightLovePeace, I'm interested in a comment that you made, that threw me... You said that you will hold back saying what you see. Why? I mean, I couldn't do that even if I wanted to, well maybe for an icq reading, I could, but in person, the emotion that would overcome me, I couldn't possibly explain away without a lie, and I can't imagine doing that.

As for the grounding... That's an interesting comment. I don't know if that's what I do or not. I meditate before a reading, and will focus myself on my power. I've always done it this way. I can't imagine what you might mean but I've got this picture in my mind of putting a circle of sand on the floor around my chair. :)

Because the imagery that comes out of my cards manifests itself as emotion, I'm wondering if doing something to hide that or cover that wouldn't somehow mask my ability and make my readings less effective? Your thoughts? 

MeeWah  05 Sep 2001 
Demon Goddess: New River indicated she would not mention seeing death.
I have not had occasion to see 13-Death as death for the querent; only as hearing of a death or the death of someone close. Am more familiar with the other cards I mentioned as symbolizing a death.
I mentioned the grounding & centering because it's important to protect the self from "intrusions". When one opens the self, it can attract or bring contact with unknown forces such as discarnates as well as access information from the collective consciousness. Putting up "shields" or casting a circle of protection will not prevent what is needed from passing through, such as the information sought.
I call upon the Power of Light as well as use certain prayers to aid in the focus & to establish my intent.
A circle of sand can be charged with Light to work as a sacred space. There are probably as many ways as there are individuals to accomplish this. 

Demon Goddess  05 Sep 2001 
Thanks Meewah, I always feel a little weird talking about the spirituality behind my cards, because I can never be sure about how the person I'm talking with will take it... I feel safe here though.

My meditation, (which may be odd in and of itself) is the Lord's Prayer, nothing else either. I repeat it over and over focussing on the meaning of the words as I say them until I feel the connection to God, sometimes it's a weak connection, (usually, if I'm in a hurry) and sometimes the cards feel like they're burning my hands, and I know I'm going to get a killer reading (My best and strongest connections are always near or on a full moon).

I can't really explain it, but I feel that there is a power that emanates and clarifies the information for me. And it is that source that I draw upon. I don't usually (I guess it's dumb to say "never") ask a specific question, but instead expect the cards to tell me what the power wants me to know. It's hard to put into words but I feel that if by some chance there are other forces, negative forces if you will, that could influence my reading, then that influence is meant to be there. It seems to me that doing something specific to block any of the power, for me, must needs be done by the power that feeds my cards. That sounds weird even to me, but does that make sense?

I can't really explain it well other than to say that doing anything beyond that seems rather hoky to me and sort of takes away from the power that I feel is my source... Eeeeeew, does this make sense???

I don't want to be suggesting here that what other people are doing to focus and prepare for their reading isn't the right thing for them to do, but because God (or rather my concept of God) is my power, giving Him/Her/It suggestions on what I need to be protected from seems to give me the impression that I'm doing something unnecessary and in addition something that God already knows to do, so it might just take away from the power of the source and might take the ability to tap that power away from me. Ugh... does that make sense either?? 

MeeWah  05 Sep 2001 
Actually, I do it much the same as you some of the time, when I use The Lord's Prayer. How I do it varies some, depending on the moment as some of the prayers are my own. That particular prayer is a powerful prayer of protection (as is Psalm 91); layered with symbolic meaning as well.
I see myself as a vehicle or channel (as some would call it) for the Most High. It is in that respect that I approach all readings, as I do not do it all by my lonesome :) Calling upon the Power of Light is the same as calling upon one's deity or deities. The Godforce is constant & the same, whether one refers to It as God, Allah, etc.
I also call upon the Archangel Michael or Kwan Yin/Mary; God/dess. It depends on the occasion or the moment, how it is expressed.
Whatever works for you is how I would proceed as everyone has his own method of "contact". 

Demon Goddess  05 Sep 2001 
Thanks meewah, I think that post of yours says it all... Do what works, right? 

MeeWah  05 Sep 2001 
Yes. Do not fix what ain't broke :D
Other than that, I was offering ideas as to why you felt a "loss" since the nature of "loss" wasn't clear. That is what led me to suggest possible scenarios for the source. 

Demon Goddess  05 Sep 2001 
Thanks Meewah, that's what I'm here for, ideas. :) 

The Three of coins - unusual experience, association of loss thread was originally posted on 02 Sep 2001 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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