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Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 13 Sep 2001, and now archived in the Forum Library.

MeeWah  13 Sep 2001 
With the recent events, my Year Card, 13-Death, has taken on new meaning!
Has anyone else noticed any possible correlations with their Year Card & current events or developments in their lives? 

Rhiannon  13 Sep 2001 
Mine is the lovers this year. And that's also my personal and soul card as well (you told me that, thank you). Choices choices, too many choices. Sometimes the choices are already made before I even realize I HAD a choice. Sheesh! I just can't keep up!

Rhiannon :) 

cj  13 Sep 2001 
Hi again,

I did the math and came up with 17 (Star card) for my year and 7 (Chariot) for my soul card.

Ok so this year is the year I volunteer for everything (So far I have) and make sure it's done my way.

What about next year when my card is (18) the moon?

Boy, I'm in a catty mood.....


Hoonoki  14 Sep 2001 
I just found out that mine is The Hierophant this year ... i don't know if it's got anything to do with my education because i've been doing terribly in college the past year. Maybe because i realised that i hate my major and my college.
I do see some connection though between the card and the fact that i've been teaching myself a lot of new things, esp. the Tarot. 

MeeWah  14 Sep 2001 
cj: I couldn't help laughing at the way you explained your take on your Year Card (17)& your Soul Card (7):"...volunteer for everything..." & "make sure it's done [your] way" :D You must know yourself very well :)
Depending on what your concerns were or what transpired in your previous year (16-The Tower), a Star Year would likely either put you more in touch with yourself on an inner level or do the opposite.
With the former, you may feel more of an inclination to be hopeful; to look for possibilities with what is before you; examine the influences in your life & act on those that speak to you. You may be motivated by altruism; tap your resources on the behalf of others (volunteer activities is a prime exmaple of this influence); act as a catalyst for others in literally shedding light on "dark" conditions. With the alternative, you can choose to ignore the opportunities for extending yourself & withdraw yourself as in hiding yourself--like hiding your light under a bushel. This latter approach is not necessarily a negative. It may address any excesses or stresses of the year previous (16-The Tower) & thus a need to conserve resources, to heal & regroup.
A Moon Year can be both frustrating & illuminating. Again, depending on the previous year (17-The Star), you may feel disappointed or disillusioned--that whatever the interest was, was not what it was cut out to be or what you anticipated. Remember the Moon's influence is two-fold. It creates illusions that may be deceptive, yet also reveals by reflecting hidden depths. It may well be a time when you are able to strengthen your intuition. The challenge would be to discern what is real & what is imagination or emotional baggage yanking on you. 

MeeWah  14 Sep 2001 
Hoonoki: A Heirophant Year is an appropriate year for advancing one's education. The Heirophant pertains to traditional concepts; working within an established framework; dealing with authority. It can be said that in college, all those areas are covered :)
The general energy of this may suggest a continuation of the stabilizing influences of the previous year (4-The Emperor); however, the nature of 5 is conflict. It is through conflict that there may be growth. So while there may be some comfort being within an institutionalized atmosphere, there are constraints within same. Depending on the individual, one will either welcome the traditional structure or chafe at perceived limitations within same. This is the time when one learns what one would support or discard in the life. Being able to extract what is necessary from structure & yet also being open to expansion beyond the apparent will provide more of the particular experience.
That you are teaching yourself Tarot speaks of the process already begun.
Perhaps you can consider changing your major field of study, which may be influencing how you feel about your school as one is closely tied to the other. When one enjoys a course of studies, the tendency is to feel comfortable about the school as well. Consider investigating a change in major, if that is a "major" issue. Consulting with a school advisor may be helpful. If you know what field you would rather focus on, you may be able to change it before the next semester & not lose appreciable time in accumulating the credits towards another endeavor.
Some schools do not permit first years to declare a major for the simple fact that many students change their minds well before graduation!
A friend began her 5th year at the same university because she was unable to decide about changing her major until her third year. She took classes during this Summer to make up for what is lacking towards the current degree to avoid over-loading herself during the current school year.
Whatever you decide, may you find guidance & reassurance; & blessings in all your endeavors! 

Alhem  14 Sep 2001 
I did not know anything about personal, soul and year cards until I read your messages yesterday night. I have found out The Pope is at the same time my personal and soul card. My year card could be either The Strength or The Justice. 

cj  14 Sep 2001 

Thank you very much for the insight. It was (and will be) very helpful.


deso  14 Sep 2001 
how does one find out these special personal cards???? 

purplelady  14 Sep 2001 
Meewah, as you know ,my year card is the wheel of fortune. Major change, anything can happen .And so yes, I do see a correlation between recent national events and my year card! It is certainly a surprise major change in the world really. As for personally, I am moving to a new apartment and That is a change I wanted very much! 

Rhiannon  15 Sep 2001 
Under the heading "Your readings" there is a thread called "Meewah, help with year card" in which she explains how this is done. She also tells you the name of the book she got the information from. I'm still looking for that darn book!

Rhiannon :) 

MeeWah  15 Sep 2001 
See also the Talking Tarot Forum, "Personal Card" thread posted by KyrieSummer, back in August. 

deso  15 Sep 2001 
Thank you both for replying! And that's it - I have to buy that darned "Tarot for Yourself" book - it keeps flapping its book pages at me!!! 

Hoonoki  16 Sep 2001 
thank you MeeWah ... i felt a lot less confused about my year card after reading your reply. 

nexyjo  16 Sep 2001 
well, i finally pulled out my copy of "tarot for yourself", and calculated my personality card, my soul card, and my year card. actually, they were all familiar - i've had them calculated in the past for me.

i'm 45, so i think it's safe to assume i'm somewhere in the middle of my life, probibly more towards the end than towards the beginning, so most of the major issues i'll face are well into manifestation. and looking at my life, and these cards, that is quite clear.

personality card - judgement. the significant key words for this card are rebirth and a rite of passage. for me, in the midst of transition from male to female, it's quite clear how this card relates to me, in this life.

soul card - the high priestess. the significant key words for this card are deep inner wisdom, and the female sense of self - the anima. another major reference to my transsexuality, and how it's clear this lesson was slated for me from the start of my life.

year card 2001 - justice. the significant key words for this card are a decision needs to be made, balance, recognition of self truth, and justification of actions. this year, my transition is in full swing. i started hormone replacement therapy last year in june, but it is in this year that the effects of that are truely coming to fruition. i also start working as a woman after next week - the "final frontier" of my transition. we sleep for a third of our day, we work for a third, and we "play" for a third. it is this year, that the second half of my waking life - work - will be aligned with my inner self - my self truth. this will certainly require balance. the decision has been made of course, but most certainly, i've had to, and will continue to have to, justify that decision, and my own behavior and actions. another major decision has also been made this year - i've scheduled grs (gender reaasignment surgery) for next year, sept. 10, 2002. assuming i can come up with the money. after recently spending $4000 on electrolysis, and another $4000 scheduled to be spent in january, i have to perform some pretty creative financing. i am broke, but i do have credit, which is how i'm paying for pretty much everything. making plans is also a key word for this year card, and that is quite clear. additionally, involvement in a legal situation is indicated - i had some major issues getting my name legally changed, though that fight is over - i won. of course now, i'm battling for the legal change of my gender. so far, the u.s. government, i.e. the passport office and the social security office, see me as female, though the new jersey division of motor vehicles is giving me a hard time, as is the new york health department - the agency in control of my birth certificate. so the battle continues.

nexy year, the hanged man will be my year card. some of the key words are frightening - a time of stagnation and frustration, illness, mental breakdown, losing touch with reality. while others are encouraging - listening to inner self, reversing established orders of doing things, a different point of view, unconventional behavior. other words are thought provoking - sacrifice, trust in a higher force, meditation, rite of passage (again), illusion.

clearly, i have some major work ahead of me. yet to be forewarned is to be prepared.

luv and light,

MeeWah  20 Sep 2001 
NexyJo: WOW!! You've been doing your "homework" :D Am I correct in assuming that you've made a note of this or have printed this out for reference through the year?
A Hanged Man Year is also an exercise in patience. It goes along with the inner listening & seeing things from a different perspective. 

nexyjo  22 Sep 2001 
actually, i'm gonna copy it right now, in case the forum crashes again. i keep alot of information on the internet, in forums, and i really should start printing them out and keeping a hard copy. thanks for the advise meewah.

and yeah, i started reading the posts here, and became determined and inspired to calculate my cards, and research what they might mean. math was always a weak subject for me, but i became stubborn in my resolve...

luv and light,

Elphaba  24 Sep 2001 
Well, I've gone over all of the posts I can find about calculating these cards and here's what I got. My birth card is 5 Hierophant so I don't get a soul card or a teacher card cause it doesn't break down. I'm still unsure about the lifetime card but for this year I got 20 The Sun. It has been a good year but if we're going birthday to birthday it didn't start out as a good year. I was definately feeling fulfillment and happiness by the time sept.8th rolled around this year. The influence of my 'moon' year (2000) must have lingered over into 2001. Last year was certainly a moon year. I was deep inside my head, my dreams just lost without a clue about the people around me. I lost touch with even my body and then in December my body had a surprise for me. I had surgery and I think that's what really broke the spell I was under. Right after that I read a book called 'the artists way' and I started writing every day...purging what was in my head so I could get out of it. We moved out of our house, which was so psychically opressive (when I look back now) that I felt a huge weight lifted off of me. Our new house has huge windows that lets the sunlight's also been a very sunny, dry year weather-wise. Next year is Judgement...scary! I'm going to go buy her book cause this is really neat stuff to figure out! 

MeeWah  24 Sep 2001 
Elphaba: If your birth date adds up to a straight "5" (that is, not from adding 2 other numbers), then The Hierophant is both your Personality & Soul Card.
It is a card of learning & of teaching. A 5 learns from authoritative &/or traditional teachings. From working & dealing with structured formats. Since 5 is also about freedom, so it is through interaction with the conventional, the establishment; & through conflict that one learns what works personally in the life. It is through this process of individuation that the sense of self is gained.
Your Shadow Card is 14-Temperance.
There may be a tendency to be too structured & too critical. A fear of making mistakes. The lesson here is achieving understanding that it is permitted to make mistakes; to try until the "shoe fits". Also to be more relaxed & thus more open to possibilities.
A Judgement Year often involves confrontations with self either through events or things that directly affect one personally; or indirectly, through someone else. It is a year of awakening, of revelation from which one is able to make choices. Its effects also depend on what was of concern or worked on in the previous year, as it would be a culmination of that year; also likely of previous years as well. 

Elphaba  25 Sep 2001 
Thanks Meewah for the update! I had it birthday adds up to 41. So I guess the Hierophant is my soul card with the Emperor and Magician in there after I break it down. Man...that's kind of depressing. I'm a Virgo, what can I say! Your reading on my shadow card is so perfect. I'm working on being less critical of people and I'm trying not to make lists for everything I do anymore :). I realize that my virgo perfectionism does stem from a deep fear of doing something wrong. This is really interesting and I'm wondering (I know this is OT) if you have any other recs. on books that deal with numerology? It's amazing to me that by simply adding up your birthdate you can get such an accurate idea of one's personality! 

MeeWah  25 Sep 2001 
Elphaba: 5 is 4 + 1 (The Emperor & The Magician), but in terms of a Shadow Card, it is one card which represents what I see as the "flip side" of a particular card; hence, the number 14, for Temperance is "hidden" within the 5 or the "shadow" cast by The Hierophant.
The Hierophant pertains to applying spiritual concepts on an earthly level. Temperance pertains to the blending of both the spiritual & the material by proportions; or an understanding of the need for both qualities leading to balance or moderation.
What is your birthdate? The way the birthdate numbers are added can make a difference.
There is nothing wrong in not wanting to make mistakes or making lists. Or being analytical & assessing things. Being organized & paying attention to details are assets.
The fear of making mistakes can prevent one from experiences that enrich the life. Caution & prudence have their place; but "making mistakes" or more to the point, "living" one's life to the fullest of one's capability is part of the process of this life & a means of a life education. That doesn't necessarily mean one should throw caution away & party hard nor burn both ends of the candle indiscriminately, but to be discerning, to recognize opportunities & to know when to venture through doorways.
The process of life is an adventure; hence the symbol of The Fool at the beginning of any journey. Beginnings occur throughout the life. One doesn't always know how things will work out--& may not be meant to! Often, people say "If I had known such & such, I would not have done this or that". Therein is the "rub". How much less rich in experience we all would be if we had "known" ahead of time exactly what would happen! Tarot or any form of divination aside, there are some things that need to be experienced for them to confer the understanding, insight & wisdom that would not otherwise occur, see? That quality is what makes the earthly plane of life such a challenge. It is because of the experiences to be had in the physical that make this life plane what it is & where the most gains can be made spiritually.
As for numerology--I first learned it from books I no longer have, unfortunately.
An excellent book whose size belies its material is "Symbols and the Self" by Violet Shelley, published by the A.R.E. Press. It explains the nature of numbers & the concepts they represent. It may still be available, likely through any metropolitan bookstore or try
Most Tarot books cover the basic meanings of numbers, although some are better than others. A study of the Qaballistic associations may also be helpful but not absolutely necessary. Working with Tarot can enhance an understanding of the nature or the energy inherent in numbers. 

Elphaba  25 Sep 2001've hit the nail on the head MeeWah! This is exactly the dilemma I'm dealing with right now as I'm sure many people my age are. I feel that I'm stuck at the Fool's stage, not yet being able to use my attributes to my advantage. Right now, my fear of the unknown, that feeling that I want to know how it all turns out so I know that it's safe to take the plunge, is overpowering (perhaps this is what caused my initial attraction to Tarot). Before I started doing Tarot I had no idea why I felt stuck and now I feel like I've identified the problem and am ready to move forward, cautiously :) . This is why I feel uneasy at next year being my Judgement year. I feel 'confirmed' in my suspicion that the next stage of my journey will be one of change, that I'll now be able to make some choices, having to confront my fears and that's a bit scary! I do feel that I'm starting a new phase, 2000: lost/adrift, 2001: finding myself/finding happiness, 2002: Using what I've found. My Birthday is on Sept. 8 (1977) and so I've just started my new year and I have to admit that there is a little excitement in there with the uneasiness. :-) Thanks again for your help MeeWah, I'm definately going to incorporate the numerology into my Tarot work from now on! 

MeeWah  26 Sep 2001 
Elphaba: The following format is used to add up the birthdate:
*=1994=23= 5
So 5-The Hierophant is indeed is both your Personality & your Soul Card; 14-Temperance is the Shadow Card.
All the minor cards of 5 in all the suits are part of your Lifetime Cards, so if they appear in any daily cards or spreads, they would have significance. Ditto for The Hierophant & Temperance.
According to my calculations using the same method, your current Year Card is 11-Justice, assuming you use a deck that assigns 11 to Justice & 8 to Strength.
A Justice Year causes one to evaluate things & conditions; to examine cause & effect; to take responsibility for the self; to be involved with legal matters such as agreements or documents (including those of marriage or separation); to weigh decisions carefully. It can manifest regarding the parameters of a relationship or concern a mundane activity such as paying bills on time. There can be an indirect influence on the life through others. For example, exercising caution & prudence when travelling is always wise but there could be more reason within this year due to the nature of Justice. While its influence is impartial due to its core of logic & cosmic law, it would not be amiss to also utilize one's intuition & compassion. Also, the energy is such one oft finds oneself needing to assimilate changes brought by the previous year--which would have been 10-Wheel of Fortune. Some of the effects of 2000 may still be felt as there are oft overlapping of energies between years; also due to the working simultaneously of more than one energy pattern. Therefore, the back & forth movement of The Wheel may still govern some of the life; however, whereas in the previous year there was probably a feeling of not being in control--depending on how things were met then--the new year offers opportunities for taking control; or as mentioned earlier, responsibility. With your Virgo influence, it seems you would relate to Justice easily & appreciate it. Any decisions made in a Wheel Year will encourage you to follow through on either to keep or to discard what is in your life. The sword of Justice aims for truth; cuts away what may be superfluous or is no longer needed.
Your Year 2002 would be 12-The Hanged Man. How it impacts would depend again on what the concerns & projects are in the current year.
Each year brings opportunities & lessons, changes & resolutions. The areas they affect are oft associated with the particular card, as well as any old business carried over from the last year or further. There is a natural progression that takes place as one moves from one year to the next & things fall into place.
Year Cards serve as guidance & insight; turn the focus on possible areas of concern or advancement. In that sense, being forewarned is forearmed & knowledge is power. 

faunabay  26 Sep 2001 
Meewah, our year cards follow the year from birthday to birthday doesn't it? For example my birthday is July 2. So I've just figured out my 2001 card as the Empress.
7 + 2 + 2001 = 2010 = 3
And that would be from July 2, 2001 to July 2, 2002 wouldn't it? 

MeeWah  26 Sep 2001 
Faunabay: It makes sense to me to see the Year Card as from birthday to birthday, which is how I calculate it. I think Mary K. Greer indicates that it can be seen from the beginning of the traditional calender year (January), but that seems arbitrary.
If your Year 2001 is 3-The Empress, then it can be expected to see its influence in activities pertaining to creative & social areas. Those areas that were of focus in the previous year of 2-The High Priestess may be manifested in an Empress Year. Whereas much of the activities may be on an inner level in a Priestess Year such as in the thinking, the inspiration or the study of intuition, meditation, divination, prayer, etc--in an Empress Year, there is more of the desire to act on those inner promptings, being moved to incorporate those activities in the life on a more regular basis. There may be the desire for make-overs, such as redecorating one's home or changing one's personal style &/or activities to be more reflective of the current interests. There may be a focus on the health & diet or food & drink. More interest to cultivate the environment in general whether it be in the home or outside of it; to plant a garden. Cultivating the relationships with family, friends & meeting new people are all part of the "nesting" or nurturing instinct that rises to the fore.
It can be a year where one realizes the reality of the potential of one's creativity. 

The Year Card thread was originally posted on 13 Sep 2001 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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