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Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 11 Nov 2001, and now archived in the Forum Library.

goldie  11 Nov 2001 
Hi Everyone, since this is a learning group would like to know, in healing with Tarots, can one reverse the outcome by using certain cards in different positions from the oringinal reading, or do I have to conform myself with the oringinal reading, and work with that .......hope i have explained myself well, Blessed be....... 

truthsayer  11 Nov 2001 
i've never heard tell of the method you describe, goldie. however, being a dyed in the wool non-conformist, why not experiment w/ the technique you've discovered and tell us your findings. you may start a new revolution in tarot! nothing ventured, nothing gained! thinking outside of the box is a good thing--you don't need anyone's permission to do it. where would the world be w/o the ppl who were willing to take risks and step off the proverbial cliff? (hhhmmm...remind you of any card?) 

goldie  12 Nov 2001 
Alright then I'll, use myself as the ginea pig, have been feeling depressed and don't know how to get over the loss of a off i go to experiment. thanks for the push. will stay in touch, BLESSED BE! 

Major Tom  13 Nov 2001 
"Changing the outcome" by changing the cards when combined with visualisation of the desired result is the very basis of tarot magick. You're definitely on the right track. }> 

JustBlue  13 Nov 2001 
IŽve personally worked Magick with the Tarot (once), and it is a interesting field.
I have not read books dedicated to the subject either, perhaps it would expand my knowledge.
Can anyone recomend something? 

Major Tom  13 Nov 2001 
JustBlue (13 Nov, 2001 22:10):
I have not read books dedicated to the subject either, perhaps it would expand my knowledge.
Can anyone recomend something?

I only know of two books:

The Magick of the Tarot by M. Denning & O. Phillips

Tarot Spells by Janina Renee

Both are published by Llewellyn.

Anyone know of any others? 

tarotbear  14 Nov 2001 
It would seem logical that in Tarot Spells there are spells to reduce aging, etc., that you could also apply the same principles for healing. Combined with a crystal layout or two...could be fairly interesting! 

catlin  14 Nov 2001 

There are also some proposals of tarot magick combined with candle work in the book of the Celtic Dragon by Lisa Hunt.

Hey, Tarotbear,

I like your idea of combining tarot magick and healing stones!

I will give it a try as soon as I am fully recovered and in the possession of my full strengh. 

JustBlue  14 Nov 2001 
Thanks Tom and all.
I actually have Celtic dragon by Lisa Hunt, but is interested in a more in debt look as I stated earlier.
IŽll look into those books Tom, I appriciate it. 

tiger lily  15 Nov 2001 
The Magick of the Tarot is OOP... could you give a summary of the book and its method of Tarot Magick? How is it different from Janina ReneeŽs book? 

Lightning  20 Nov 2001 
How funny - this is the way I use tarot cards the most rather than in "traditional" spreads! I choose the cards that make the most sense for the situation I want to influence ( for simplicity I choose 1 -3 cards), arrange them in a sensible "unfolding" manner, meditate on them by looking at them together and visualizing my desired outcome (intent is very important here as well as energetic, "real" visualization), and I complete the ritual by saying that it will come to pass without harming anyone, going against anyone's freewill, or coming back to bite my own butt!

I leave the cards out on a side table for a few days to keep the energy alive in my psyche.

And be careful what you ask for and how you ask for it... 

goldie  20 Nov 2001 
Hi, everyone.......first attempt I used my old Renaissance Tarot , in the past present, future spread........................... two of cups--reversedin the past position nine of swords----in the present position six of cups--reversed in the future position .............Two of cups took over, with the situation with my husband and I, so I drew the death card to see if I can turn the reading to the healing stage, the nine of swords i left alone, and I placed theEmpress card on the six of cups reversed, I lit a purple candle for healing and a sandalwood cone incense, will let, you know in a few days, wish me luck , 

Major Tom  21 Nov 2001 
Lightening - sounds good to me. }> Very similar to the approach in Janina Renee's book.

Have you ever tried doing a reading beforehand to ask about the outcome? You can decide whether to proceed or not according to the predicted outcome - thereby taking full responsibility for your actions. }>

Goldie - Good luck. :-) 

goldie  28 Nov 2001 
Hi. Major Tom like your idea, think I will try it, so far I am more into my work and not falling into that horrible depression I was feeling, tonight I will do the ritual again see what it comes out, thanks all, BLESSED BE! 

purplelady  16 Dec 2001 
Ah, here is a new book I saw on "Tarot Spellcaster" by Terry Donaldson. It is reviewed highly. I have never seen the book , maybe someone else out there has it and can comment? I have used Janina Renee's book "Tarot Spells " with success. Good Luck with your spells Goldie. 

truthsayer  16 Dec 2001 
sounds like you are coming along! :) since you are interested in using the tarot for healing, i want to suggest both books by christine jette:

tarot shadow work: using the dark symbols to heal
tarot for the healing heart: using inner wisdom to heal body and mind

christine jette is someone who has walked her talk. she has really suffered in her life but used tarot to aid her recovery. i can't help but think she may have some valuable insights for you. her approach is gentle, personable and she doesn't get overly intellectual.

sending you healing energy... 

goldie  16 Dec 2001 
THANK YOU ,truthsayer and purplelady, I have been working with my tarots,on a weekly basis, and I'am getting great results, my insomnia has gone away, as well as my deep depression, I have not forgotten my beautiful daughter, but I've come to the understanding she went before me because , she filled her time here, i will miss her always, but I will not destroy myself by her death it would not have any meaning ( her life) I will continue on as always, Reading my tarot, teaching my lessons, fulfilling my own destiny, until we meet again, Yes , I' am Healing, slowly but surely, I must thank my cards , they never gave up on their friend. I will however look up the books and info, every little bit helps, THANK YOU ALL, AND BLESSED BE 

Red Emma  27 Dec 2001 
I was interested in Tarotbear's suggestion of combining Tarot with crystals because 1) it's plain fascinating and 2) I'm just now getting interested in examining crystals and their effects. So far the interest has stayed in my head while I wonder where to look for information. Can anyone suggest books or a web site?

Goddess Bless,
Red Emma 

DeLani  30 Dec 2001 
Red Emma,
There is a wonderful chapter in Mary Greer's "Tarot for Yourself" on charging crystals with Tarot energy. (I know, I'm always pushing that book! But I love it so!!)
As for the readings, she also has a technique called the "breakthrough card" which I find helpful when I get a negative card.
You identify which card(s) in the reading are negative, or obstacles. You then go across the wheel from that card's suit(wands/pentacles; swords/cups; Majors to Majors), and choose a card that overcomes or negates that card's energy. You then keep the card in a prominent place and meditate on it often.
And as a personal recommendation, if it's depression you're struggling with, I would use the Star.
Best of luck,

Ceti  30 Dec 2001 
Goldie, I can only add a little to this fascinating topic. Keep in mind that the archetypes are alive and magical. You've already begun healing with them. As for combining them with crystals, why not? Crystals can be charged with the archetype or they can supplement the healing energy of the Tarot with the healing energy of stones. Rose Quartz, and Rhodochosite would be good stones for starters.

As for the Tarot, naturally The Star comes to mind, but you are the best person to select the card, of course. I'm wanting to tell you a story about the magic of the Major Arcana... Well, you were brave enough to suggest this topic, so I will be too.

Some years ago, I was working on a painting of The Star. I was at my drawing board late at night and try as I might I could not get the hands to come out right! The next day when I went to work, I found out that a coworker had lost her only daughter in a car crash, and her hands had been maimed by the wheel! I understood that the image had tried to tell me this, or perhaps, it had simply been a clear path for the daughter's spirit. I also understood that The Star was a much more complex archetype than I had realized. It is an experience I'll never forget.

Magic is everywhere and the newly dead may linger to help us come to terms with their physical absence. People have different opinions on this, but I've been helped by the departed and benefited greatly from it. Sometimes stones and cards can assist that.


scorpio  31 Dec 2001 
red emma i can suggest a book that deals with crystals it is crystal healing secrets by brett bravo. i use it in conjuction with my aora gemstone oracle cards. the oracle comes with a book but i like the crystal book better. goldie: i drew the emerald for you, look up emerald in bravo's book if they have it at the library in your corner of the universe! 

goldie  07 Jan 2002 
Hi Ceti, I have used the Star and it does work very well, I use it with a amesthest, I wear this stone all the time, It relieves alot of my anxiety in having to talk about my daughters death, I have really been focused on my healing tarot , and have seen great inprovement, most of all my mental clarity and sixth-sence have really opened up to my higher level. will continue to get back to you guys on this project. 

goldie  09 Jan 2002 
hi scorpio, funny i've been attracted to emeralds lately will look it up thanks 

Ceti  10 Jan 2002 
goldie (08 Jan, 2002 14:26):
...I have used the Star and it does work very well, I use it with a amesthest, I wear this stone all the time...

Goldie, amethyst is good, very good. Chrysocholla would be good too, when you feel ready for another stone.


Ceti  10 Jan 2002 
Red Emma (28 Dec, 2001 07:52):
...I'm just now getting interested in examining crystals and their effects. So far the interest has stayed in my head while I wonder where to look for information. Can anyone suggest books or a web site?

Goddess Bless,
Red Emma

Red Emma,
The very best books I've come across are Katrina Raphaell's trilogy:

Crystal Enlgihtenment (Vol 1)
Crystal Healing (Vol 2)
The Crystalline Transmission (Vol 3)

Katrina's interest is in the healing aspects of stones -- she revived the ancient practice of the laying on of stones and continues to expand that and other knowledge through meditations and trance channeling. To expand her life's work, she founded The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts and has a website, but her books are also available at, where you can check out reviews. You can tell when you read them that they are road-tested, since she has practiced and taught crystal healing for many years. How many? Well, the Trilogy was first published in 1985.

Another indispensible book is Love Is In The Earth - A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, written by Melody (Earth-Love Publishing House). Melody combines a scientific background with New Age ideas and she has given workshops and graduated students who are authorized to continue her work. Melody's prose is repetitive and obscure at times but the book can't be beat as a reference. It is the first book I turn to when I come upon an unfamiliar stone.


The HEALING WITH TAROTS! thread was originally posted on 11 Nov 2001 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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