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reading as meditation/for answers

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 06 Mar 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

isthmus nekoi  06 Mar 2002 
I'll try to make this uncomplicated...

I think b/c I like to interpret dreams, I often have a very unconcrete approach to reading tarot. With dreams, I try hard not to pin meanings on the imagery etc. and try to work *with* the dream rather than work *on* the dream if that makes any sense. So whenever I read tarot, I find most things represent inner workings rather than external events. If cards do point 'outside', then it is usually in relation to the 'inside'. This is perhaps the result of the primacy of my inner life....

The strange thing is, when I read for others, the external events are pretty clear, and how they relate to the querent's inner state although this may be just b/c the ppl I read for are understanding the world through concrete, physical reality.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too lazy and not putting enough emphasis on external events when reading for myself. I hardly ever ask a question when reading for myself! Are there a fair number of ppl who read mostly for meditation?.......

All responses are appreciated!

p.s. the new board is excellent! THANKS, Solandia ^_^ 

jade  06 Mar 2002 
i use the tarot, (for myself) as an opportunity to get some equanimity. rising up above my life and getting the external look at it and at myself is very useful for me.

i never ask a question and my readings are usually very internal. that equanimity allows me to see myself with truth rather than prejudice.

i hope this makes sense to you.

in light,

truthsayer  06 Mar 2002 
what you're saying makes sense to me and generally what i have experienced also. i rarely ask questions in concern to myself but if i need outer world guidance, i will ask a specific question. i do find that most ppl i read for get more externally motivated answers. occasionally, i'll read for someone that gets a more spiritual than external reading. i think you are on target to assess that most ppl are more externally motivated. 

isthmus nekoi  07 Mar 2002 
Thanks!! I was under the impression that it was odd *not* to read for external events b/c so many sources tell you to concentrate on a question, issue etc whereas I'd just try to blank out, or focus on a symbol. Also, in the readings forum I found most interpretations were geared towards the external, but in hindsight I see that the majority of them are concerned w/a question...

Obviously there is a lot of interplay b/w the inner/outer but I guess it's the difference b/w where you find your base, where you choose to stand. 

jade  07 Mar 2002 
i think it's also a thing of experience. the ones who are more experienced and know the tarot better tend to allow the tarot to work regardless of themselves..........whereas newcomers try to get the tarot to work with them.

in light,

isthmus nekoi  08 Mar 2002 
I think a real problem arises when ppl try to get tarot to work *for* them instead of *with* them. I sometimes get querents who have this sort of attitude - tarot as a resource serving their needs. The powers that be don't take it lightly when you treat them like servants at your beck and call!

It's funny, I've been reading since August 2001 but I still feel like I've just begun yesterday! I guess there's something exciting and refreshing and just... *new* about seeing a different configuration of cards w/each reading, noticing things about the cards I've never seen before... 

DeLani  10 Mar 2002 
This is the way I do it too. Most of my reading are for inner guidance and growth; only occasionally do I ask a question re: an external event/issue. I find the tarot is an excellent tool for working on inner growth.
Keep up the good work. Your life will benefit greatly from it.

isthmus nekoi  13 Mar 2002 
Thanks for the encouragement, DeLani! 

zorya  17 Mar 2002 
If I'm looking for inner guidence, that is what I recognize. If I'm looking for "outer" guidance, then that is what I see. It seems to me that the outer "reflects:" the inner. If my innerself is in turmoil, or feels like it's falling apart, example; 10 of swords. then it is likely that my material world will follow ie: the Tower. Something will break. Inner and outer are not truly separate. Zorya 

Diana  18 Mar 2002 

All Is One  20 Mar 2002 
I also almost never use a literal question for my readings, except for the repetition of the phrase "I ask to be shown that which I need to see" or a similar type of wish for general enlightenment.
I agree with you re: readings for other people - I find that the issue they think they need to know about is not usually the issue they will find my reading addresses. Just as in our dreams, the key "issues" in our mundane life are rarely the focus of our dream life.

I often suggest that my querents use the "show me what I need to know" type of request. Thanks for your post! 

Umbrae  20 Mar 2002 
Inner/Outter...No difference.
As they say, "The world is your mirror".
Sometimes though, you will see what you want to see, and not what you are looking for.
One can get lost with too much guidance.
Often, meditation provides what is needed. 

purplelady  20 Mar 2002 
This is how I read for myself also. I usually only ask "tell me that which I need to know", and I meditate on the reading quite a bit , and do a lot of writing. Sometimes it foretells outer events. I agree that the tarot never gets old and gives fresh perspective! 

All Is One  20 Mar 2002 
The tarot does, in fact, color not only my dreams, but, as you said, P. lady, my writing and my meditations.
Yes, it never gets old. As Rhiannon so wisely reminded me, it is often a reading for someone else that renews the spirit.
This web site has re-coloured my inner landscape, as I was still new and wary of the electronic "web" and had not discovered any meaningful connection between the glowing neon screen and my spiritual plug-in to the Universe (of which Taro is no small part.) 

isthmus nekoi  21 Mar 2002 
All Is One> Asking for guidance is a great suggestion, and definetely a good focusing point for querents. Thanks!

Yes, I agree that the difference b/w the inner/outer isn't as clear as many would purport it to be... I like to think of it like the leminiscate (sp!) symbol, where consciousness is right in the middle. However, being able to tell the difference is pretty important - w/o this ability we would all be psychotic ^_~ 

arizonagirl  22 Mar 2002 
When I started reading Tarot, I never, ever, saw a suggestion to read the cards without asking a specific question. Now that I think about it, it seems kinda strange that no one would mention it.

I've been 'asking for guidance' for a long time now and have been very satisfied with the accuracy of the readings. It's good to know that others do this as well. 

The reading as meditation/for answers thread was originally posted on 06 Mar 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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