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King of cups

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 15 May 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Maan  15 May 2002 
Hello All

I would like your opinion on the King of cups. He appeares in my daily spreads almost every day since last week! What is he trying to tell me?( world spirit tarot )

Please? :(

Love and Light 

Aerin  15 May 2002 
Has he appeared in positions which relate to each other, or in different places? Upright or reversed? (things which spring to mind are mastery over emotions/ overcontrol, you or an aspect of you, someone else..., sometimes Rx he can be to do with overindulgence in drink or drugs)

Have you 'entered' the card and asked him? Or 'become' him and asked yourself?


jade  15 May 2002 
hmmm....a new man perhaps? boyfriend or husband material since that's the 'father/husband' card. 

mooncat2  15 May 2002 
.....or he could be telling you that you're spending so much time looking after other people that you're failing to nurture your own growth. 

Geenius at Wrok  15 May 2002 
Or it could represent fully developed emotion and intuition directed outward: selflessness, compassion, peacemaking. Reversed, it could refer to stunted or stifled emotions. 

Diana  16 May 2002 

aeonx  16 May 2002 
Dear Maan.
I have the same problem!! The King of Cups is haunting my readings (as well as the Ten of Rods)! He has showed up in five readings the last few weeks, and I've had problems figuring him out. What is he trying to tell us?? :(
I hope you find out what he wants.

Keep us posted! :)


Major Tom  16 May 2002 
Sometimes, the King of Cups can be about 'keeping afloat'. }) 

aeonx  16 May 2002 
Originally posted by Major Tom
Sometimes, the King of Cups can be about 'keeping afloat'. })

Hi you. :)
Do you mean like keeping your head above water? That even though your life is filled with chaos and problems, you will still be able to go through it OK?


lili  16 May 2002 
it could refer to someone who really wants to be involved in relationships or commitment with others but at the same time is afraid of such desires and seems to challenge you to face your fears in relationships 

Maan  16 May 2002 
Wow guy's your really giving me alot to think about :)
( i can just pick the answer that i like the most LOL ;) )
Thank you all fore the advice!!!!!

I think tonight i will try and enter the card as someone suggested.
Or try a spread to ask clearification.

O Aeonx i hope you find something out... So i can help you and you can help me :)
Good Luck!
( i will keep you posted ;) ) 

Thirteen  16 May 2002 
Going to add one more messy idea to this mix:

King of Cups, to me, is Cancer (the astrological sign). Perhaps the reoccurance of this card in your spreads is trying to tell you that something important is going to happen between June 22-July 22?

Try this: Put the King of Cups in the center and do a "month" spread around him. What's going to happen that month? Use the Zodiac Spread--it indicates different aspects of your life for that month (work, home, etc).

Just a thought. 

aeonx  18 May 2002 
Thirteen: what a great idéa! I'll certainly try that. Can someone please post the Zodiac spread for me? :)


Maan  18 May 2002 
Yes great idea Thirteen.... Thank you!

And now what does a zodiac spread look like??

aeonx  18 May 2002 
Maan: I hope someone will post this spread. Then we can post here afterwards and share our experiences. What do you think? :)


Actually, I'll ask for it in a new thread. But we can keep the discussion going here, so we don't have to scroll down every time we want to see what we typed earlier...  

Thirteen  19 May 2002 
Just so you know, Zorya posted the Zodiac spread in Talking Tarot and I elaborated on it. I'll be really interested to find out how the readings go for you and Maan--whether or not it solves the King of Cups question. Good luck! 

Maan  19 May 2002 
Thank You
I just printed zorya's post

I will doing the spread tommorow or the day after and i will make sure to post it here!
I'm really curious since the king happen to be in my daily reading AGAIN 

Scorpion  20 May 2002 
Hi, Maan!

Just for fun, I suggest you check out Diana's thread on "not too serious meanings of cards"! 

Maan  20 May 2002 

I will try to find a blond guy!!! I want to be rich ;) 

aeonx  21 May 2002 
Thanx for the spread. I'll see if I can do it today. I'm exited! :D 

The King of cups thread was originally posted on 15 May 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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