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Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 22 May 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Adrian  22 May 2002 
Does anyone have a layout that specifically deals with Ex's. An ex girlfriend has popped up in my life again. I have done readings but there seems to be no clarity.
I would prefer a layout that has been tried and tested.
Thanks in advance. 

Kazz  22 May 2002 
Hi Adrian,

Aeonx, posted a great spread for any type of relationship, it is in the "talking tarot" forum and the thread is "a new spread to share" try it out, it is really good I love it ( thanx heaps Aeonx)




aeonx  22 May 2002 
Greetings Adrian.
Here's a spread I've made up myself not long ago:

aeonx´s Relationship Spread


1] Core of Situation
2] What I feel
3] What he/she feels
4] What I need
5] What he/she needs
6] Hidden factors
7] Advice, Key
8] Expected outcome

It's a great spread for relationship exploration. I used it yesterday, and it worked very well. It's really fun making up your own spreads, I recommend it to everyone!

Instead of the 'need'-positions in 4] and 5] you can for example put 'what I/he/she wishes to do further' or something else appropriate.

Position 8] can be i.e. 'Near future' or 'What to expect'. Find something that feels right for the situation.

I've used this spread for myself and two of my friends, and these readings have been some of the clearest and truest readings I've gotten.

Hopefully it'll work for you too, if you would like to try it. Good luck! :)



aeonx  22 May 2002 
Oh Kazz, we posted simultaneously! :D Thank you for the nice comment! :)


Kazz  22 May 2002 
Aeonx, you are very welcome, and i got to say i use this spread all the time for my friends and family and i can read it as clear as crystal :)




catboxer  22 May 2002 
This must be synchronicity.

Over the weekend I tracked down the address of an old girlfriend I haven't seen for 35 years. I wrote to her on Monday night and stuck the letter and a couple pictures in an envelope yesterday. Then I got the hesitation blues. Should I do this? Should I actually send this letter?

Last night I shuffled the cards and laid out a line of three:

1. Six of hearts (or cups)
2. XXI The World
3. XII The Hanged Man

The first card tells me that this is karma at work in matters of love, that the present moment is the result of things done and said in the past, or an attempt to discharge what might be called a relationship debt.

The third card is telling me to exercise great restraint in this matter. The key is obviously the card in the middle, but I can't make any sense of it at all. It doesn't seem to go with the other two.

I think I'll try aeonx's relationship spread and see if that gives me something with a little more clarity.


Adrian  22 May 2002 
well I did the spread and ended up with the queen of cups as card eight.(expected outcome) Now how do I read this . Is this indicating her or is this indicating that the outcome is unknown. I use the rider waite pack, and the cup is closed, and the answer lies inside?
Rest of the cards indicated a bumpy ride. 

MeeWah  22 May 2002 
Catboxer: I do not know how much help I can offer, but I am struck by your throw.
XXI-The World can be seen as the antithesis of XII-The Hanged Man. They both add up to 3, or III. The former can be seen to relate on an exterior level & the latter on an interior level though both can encompass either.
The World seems to hint that you have nothing to lose, & everything to gain. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it seems you have something invested in this.
The Hanged Man can refer to patience; of things coming to fruition in time. The thought "do not get the hopes up" is intruding here; however, countering that is "in patience possess ye thy soul".
You might see what your Year Card is, too, as of your last birthday & if you have a new one coming up.
& do try Aeonx' spread, too. 

catboxer  22 May 2002 

Thanks for responding to my situation, and for your perceptive insights into this strange combination. It had occurred to me also that when the numbers of the World and the Hanged Man are written in Arabic numerals, they are mirror images of each other, and I think your interpretation of the World card makes a lot of sense. It has occurred to me also that the World might stand for the amount of time that has passed since I last saw or heard from this person -- a world of time, or half a lifetime.

I took your advice and computed my birthday cards for last year and this: they are Love and the Chariot -- love and war, you might say. And I will go ahead and attempt aeonx's spread.



Mermaid  22 May 2002 
That's really really similar to a spread I made up last week, Umbrae!
Mine had:

Left column
1. Person 1 - what they want
2. Person 1 - what they need
3. Person 1 - how they see the other person

Right column:
The same 3 cards, but for person two

In a horizontal row at the bottom:
1. The basis of the situation
2. The present environment
3. The likely outcome

What can I say - great minds think alike :) 

MeeWah  22 May 2002 
Catboxer: Ah! The Year Cards make sense, too. I like that: Love & War. More in a figurative sense than the literal, though there are the layered meanings.
& yes, I was especially struck by the mirror images of the Arabic numerals of The World & The Hanged Man. Inherent within them are the completions of cycles or fruition (3).
It would seem that you are acting on (The Chariot) those decisions (The Lovers) made in the previous year, now. Much of that likely is based in the coming to terms with the self & with others, with situations; making peace with the past--as indicated by 6-Cups. There can be lingering effects from a previous year, as such energy can overlap into the next year. In the same fashion, it was probable you felt the effects of the new year's energy prior to your birthday, & may have experienced impatience.
I do not know how much of this year is left, & that may not matter overly much. With the Year Cards, one can see the bigger picture. I venture this year will develop most interestingly for you & help to resolve any lingering doubts. Also, you will experience having more control over your life than previously--specifically in a better *understanding* of the forces at work in the life in relation to one's free will. Very encouraging! 

The Layout thread was originally posted on 22 May 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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