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THE BLANK CARD? the future not known.

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 31 May 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

HOLMES  31 May 2002 
you know how in the tarot decks you get that blank card?
they put it in there for it is supposed to replace a lost card ?

well what i do is this

i include it when i shuffle the cards and if shows up THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW FOR IT WILL TAKE AWAY THEIR LESSONS!1

and some times instead of reading the whole pattern at first
i do the reading card by card for a differnt and lay out all the cards face down.

whenever i see the blank card which is surpisingly not often in a reading.
i stop the reading right there and say i can't tell you for you are not supposed to know. 

Sam  01 Jun 2002 

Geenius at Wrok  02 Jun 2002 
Funny, none of the decks I've ever owned has contained a blank card. 

HOLMES  02 Jun 2002 
rider waite , toth, and i think morgon greer i am not sure.

the card is consistent by being pure white like paster white on the face and has all the same back markings as the other decks.

and these decks were printed by us games. maybe it is the system they used in the early 90s as i havne't got a new deck since 1995ish. due to health and lack of funds. 

jmd  02 Jun 2002 
Apparently, when a deck gets printed, a sheet containing 80 cards is used, leading to two additional cards. One of these is often used for advertising the publishers other offerings, and, until recently, the other was left blank.

I have tended to use these blanks as bookmarks. 

Maan  02 Jun 2002 
Me too jmd....
When opening an old book i come across a lot of these ;) 

aeonx  03 Jun 2002 
Hm. I've never gotten a blank card. :( *pout* I want a blank card! I loved your idéa Holmes! :D


jema  03 Jun 2002 
i do as jmd and use them in books, so when you trade with me - don't expect to see the blank cards:)
i read that in the Spirit tarot you are actually supposed to use it - but i never do.
a tarot got 78 cards and that's that!

i also got the master card from osho stuck in a bok somewhere.

i remember when i was all fresh when it came to tarot and i interpreted the wheel of fortune much like the way you did the blank cards there, holmes.
i used my most husky voice and just said: this is the hidden fate, a wheel spinning towards you or away from you, it's not for me to say but for you to find out...
or something like it.

SharonElizabeth  03 Jun 2002 
In the Hanson Roberts deck one of the two extra cards has an illustration of a woman holding back a heavy curtain revealing the words "To All Believers". I keep this card with the deck but separate it when I use the cards. I like the idea of shuffling it in and using it in readings, but I haven't quite decided what I want it to mean. The idea of "the answer cannot be known at this point" doesn't quite fit with the illustration of the card. I think it would be more of a reminder to have faith, that the process will show itself eventually. 

Phoenix  03 Jun 2002 
In my Londa Tarot, there is an extra card, and it says "Who are you really?" I keep this in the deck. 

Holly-Day  29 Apr 2004 
You know what I did with my extra cards?

I searched through my photos, narrowed them down to two that may have some meaning, and I cut them and pasted them onto the cards. (I also put lamination over them so they wouldn't be photo-sticky.)

I just put two on tonight.

A photo of a girl below the neck, seated, holding some small notebooks on her lap with a pen in hand. She's not writing at the moment. (Looks like she's reading what she's already written.) I think this one could mean, creative ideas, the power of words, the need to actualize things, or ideas running through head but not able to verbalize them, writer's block, a pause in artistic flow. Also, reviewing what you've already gone through. Editing/ revising.

A photo of a tractor on a highway in a flat, empty landscape. The tractor blocks the road so you can't see it disappear into the horizon. Sunset in the west. A telephone pole is on the right side of the road. This one means, things are going slow at this point in time. No end in sight. The day is ending: your motivation/ inspiration/ energy is waning. However, keep your lines of communication open. Also, an end to a hard day of work. OR, (as driver of vehicle behind tractor) unable to pass obstacle. Annoyance/ impatience.

I enjoyed coming up with my own meanings for these! It's especially fun because I just weaned myself off the book a few days ago. Whee! I could make a whole deck like this! (Hmm, maybe I will. *Pondering*) 

full deck  29 Apr 2004 
Originally posted by jmd
I have tended to use these blanks as bookmarks.

Ah but you have taken the mystery out of the experience . . . :-) 

jmd  29 Apr 2004 
... that may be so, if I wanted to add non-tarot cards to my Tarot decks...

As jema notes, a Tarot deck has precisely 78 cards, and its structure is also, to my mind, wuite clear and important.

Blank (or other non-Tarot or even duplicate) cards may indeed add some 'mystery', but they also change the deck from a complete Tarot deck to something other - in my view, at least...

Others may of course have differing views.


HOLMES  29 Apr 2004 
on a side note i am extremely suprised to see this obscure thread renewed ,for it was like one of the first ten that i did when i joined two years ago,

i havent' seen a lack of the blank cards from us games and so the blank card might of fallen to extinction . :( 

closrapexa  29 Apr 2004 
I usually mean to do something with the blank cards but then promptly lose them. Strange though, the Thoth I have hase no blanks, is it because it came with the two extra Magi? 

Suriel  30 Apr 2004 
my tarot cards are imported from Taiwan....
it has 24 cards inside...22major cards and 2 blank cards!
i thought it was just for you to draw something you like on it......but till now i've no idea of drawing anything on it remains blank...! thus, i've never use them before....:/ 

September Pixie  30 Apr 2004 
That's interesting.. When I read with my Robin Wood and it comes up.. I have always just said "seek spiritual guidance for what you are asking" .. I some how.. incorporated it to mean the same as Brian Froud's Faerie Oracle... but hmm... I never thought of it as "I'm not supposed to read for you.." that could be interesting too... 

full deck  30 Apr 2004 
If I had one, I would make it a "coffee break" card and grind a pot. One could just tell the client, "first we must drink the sacred coffee and invoke the ancient spirit of Ka-feen."

Yes, I think I like this one better, it's like Tarot plus coffee. 

hedgecub  30 Apr 2004 
I used to use the blank cards, but they spooked me out a bit, so I don't read with them anymore. I might incorporate them again later on, when I've developed enough to be able to use them without freaking :)

Hmm... bookmarks, now that's a good idea :) 

Khatruman  30 Apr 2004 
I was doing a three-card reading with the Quest Tarot the other night, and included the blank card that came with it. I was doing a reading on weight issue, how to get slimmer and healthier. I tried a Mind-Body-Spirit reading, and the Body card came up blank.

I took it as meaning that I needed to purify my body, the whiteness signifying a removal of impure foods in my body. Remove the impure foods by eating healthier. The mind card was Aeon, which enhanced this idea since it seemed to indicate that in my mind, I needed to make judgment on foods which I partake. 

miss_apples  30 Apr 2004 
In the book for The Quest says the blank card is to make your own significator card with. But I dont use it. 

zoso  30 Apr 2004 
If you were using a regular playing deck, would the blanks be the jokers? 

magpie9  30 Apr 2004 
Ahh--the mystery of the 79th card, blank, advertising, deck face card...I love 'em. Usually I use them as "BLEEEEP---That Information Is Not Available At This Time---BLEEEEP!!"
But thanks to Full Deck's connecting it with coffee, a whole new vision come to me.........TAAADAAA-----

The mists swirl and then clear--it is a coffeehouse--there is an uncannily beautifull and charming Tarot Reader---who peers at the cards patterned on the table before her---she reaches out and touches the mysterous and compelling blank card---"Ahhhh......" she murmers in her throaty voice. She looks into the eyes of the person she is reading for. She reaches out and grabs his ear--with a gentle but firm grip reminescent of his hatefull aunt Florence, bane of his childhood, just before she put him in a world of pain with one little twist. "Are you paying attention? " "Yes, please don't hurt me." he replies.

"This card says that you must buy me some coffee NOW, before you hear the rest. " She releases his ear. He goes for coffee. When he returns she smiles slowly and murmers---"That information is still not available at this time. Perhaps a brownie??"
The mists close again, I can see no more......... 

Imagemaker  30 Apr 2004 
Ah, the blank card as useful con for caffeine and chocolate. . . must note this in my tarot journal! 

Phoenyx*  01 May 2004 
Magpie9, lol that is hilarious! 

unbearablelight  02 May 2004 
I have always belived that the blank card represented the ineffable. 

Imagemaker  02 May 2004 
I have always belived that the blank card represented the ineffable.

And how do you interpret that ineffability in a reading? 

unbearablelight  02 May 2004 
Originally posted by Imagemaker
And how do you interpret that ineffability in a reading?

. . . I think that there are some things that are beyond our comprehension - some experiences for which there are no words . . .or, in this case, cards. ;)

For me this is a very important card.

When I am reading and the blank card is present the meaning is very much tied to the context.

Some ideas:

The THE BLANK CARD? the future not known. thread was originally posted on 31 May 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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