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the sun as a warning?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 28 May 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

phirefly  28 May 2002 
doing a reading for myself the other day, i got the sun as a warning card. i wasn't sure what it meant and asked for clarification. all i could figure was that it has something to do with my husband (the king of discs) and a vague idea that it was to happen soon, but that didn't help.

any ideas on what the sun could warn about? 

Umbrae  28 May 2002 
That which was hidden shall be revealed...laid out in the open, exposed. Something you are hiding? Or something your husband is hiding? Or something neither of you are aware of. 

jema  28 May 2002 
sometimes the tarot is so to the point that we hardly see it.
could it be that you should be careful in the sun?
use sunblock, wear a hat, make sure the cooler in the car got plenty of water?

just an idea.

sometimes the tower can mean that a thunderstorm is coming, the chariot that the car is breaking down, 8 of wands a package to pick up at the post-office... 

Diana  28 May 2002 

lunalafey  28 May 2002 
what about the possibility that the sun could represent your father ? or a boss ? 

lunar_rabbit  28 May 2002 
Maybe you have to be sure to wear sunscreen? LOL.. sorry, couldn't resist :-) 

Mojo  28 May 2002 
It's pretty hard to tell without knowing the full spread, but just in general, I would take this as a warning against being over-confident. 

Maan  28 May 2002 
So many possibilities and i'm going to give you one more ;)

Maybe the card is waring you not to be to optimistic... And the king of disc could also be seen as an overly confident man.

Just a thought:) 

phirefly  28 May 2002 
you've all given me a lot to think about. i don't think it could have been a literal meaning in this case (though i know sometimes the cards like to do so), but the ideas of illusions, hidden things, and overconfidence, could certainly work.

especially the overconfidence. yeh... i think i know what it was telling me know.

thank you all :} 

Sam  29 May 2002 
maybe it means, "be carefull in broad daylight". sun, daylight... 

HOLMES  30 May 2002 
since the sun card wasn't reversed
and i use it to mean the universe light
and it was at the warning part..
you have nothin to worry as god blessing surrounds you 

phirefly  30 May 2002 
heheheh sounds good to me. :}

only problem is, i don't use reversed cards. there have been the odd occasion when my hand has flipped the card the wrong way and i've taken that as a definite sign to read it reversed, but usually, all my cards show up upright. 

HOLMES  31 May 2002 
i alwasy make sure my decks are well shuffiled
i start by taking half and reversing it , and shuffle and divide them into little packs, and then put them back together and when i am shuffiling i randomly turn half over and half over
and repeat the process a few times..
before i get the client to read them
(i also make a few pass over the cards with my hand chakra just to clean their aura)

reversals might make a readin confusing for the first few times i.e.
what does a reversed devil mean ?
fear and bondage reveserd ? it simply means your blocking it . or ignoring, and not ready to deal with your fear , and bondanage to power.
or what does a reversed sun mean ?
god light in a lesser aspect ,, not as bright as you want it to be but it is still there guiding and blessing you

but reversals are harder to read for some of the minor arcana
take for example an easy one
2 of cups
you two are not being honest with each other in this love partership and in fact can be manipulative.
yet ten of swords reversed
isn't the ten of swords a bad card ?
aye but reversed it is not as bad as it looks and you will be able to start healing the wounds inflicted on you by those who stab you in the back even if you only percieve it to be life.

a reversed court card. ?
kind of cups an emotinaly open man who can express his love for you very good and in fact will alwasy look after you
a man who is emotionaly withdrawn and will manitupulate your emtotions for his own needs.

so using reversals can offer a deeper look, nothing to fear my good person :O)

a few more examples pop into mind
death reversed.
death means change of the old for the new
reversed your holding on to an old life that no longer suits you

tower reversed.
complete utter destruction so the rebuilding for the better can begin
you don't see the tower falling around you for you are in denial . the universe is offering you up a wake up call , they tried to speak in your ear ,you didn't listen so they smack you over the head with the spiritual hammer :O)

star reversed.
gratitude for the gifts of the universe
you taking too much in your life for granted be thankful for your gifts , your family your talents. worry not about that you do not yet have,

moon reversed.
open decption the choice must be made.
reversed it means there is much deption that you do not want to see and have made the wrong choice based on that information

the innerchild let loose follow your heart
but reversed.
you didn't follow your heart and have made the wrong choice.
so you see reversal can be good :O) 

phirefly  31 May 2002 
i've never found reversals confusing, but it just goes against my philosophies to use them regularly. like i said, there have been off occasions when i get them, which to me means i -[definitely]- need to read the reversed meaning, but i try to be more intuitive. i believe, above all else, in balance. everything has two sides. each card has both sides when it is laid down. if it is leaning on way or the other, i allow the other cards, the context of its position, and my own intuition to guide me. it's worked well for me thus far ;}

i completely respect those who use reversals, though. my brother uses them quite effectively. it just doesn't mesh with my personal philosophies.

thanks for the insight, though :} 

meatbox666  05 Jun 2002 
My God'
Sounds like your husband is sick!!

That is what the warning is.

*does a Kabbalistical Cross*

uh..entertainment purposes only........perhaps....... 

MeeWah  05 Jun 2002 
Phirefly: Your approach is indeed valid.
You mentioned at the beginning of this thread that The Sun appeared as a "warning card" & that you asked for clarification regarding this card. Did you actually draw another card following the original throw?
It is not a good idea to interpret a card out of its context as surrounding cards can modify the interpretation.
Would you mind posting the spread & the positions in Your Readings? 

MeeWah  05 Jun 2002 
Meatbox666: I reiterate: *not*a good idea to interpret one card out of a throw, especially due to the nature of your opinion!
It may be a matter of viewpoint, but to make a blanket statement (& an alarming one at that) based on one card is unfair to Phirefly or to any querent. It could have been more tactfully expressed with a question instead. Diagnosing health is always tricky; best left to the medical profession. 

phirefly  06 Jun 2002 

unfortunately, i didn't write it down at the time. i was at a restaurant, alone, and waiting for someone.

i did do a three card pull right then. i know the first one was the king of discs which told me that it dealt with my husband. there was at least one swords card there, which made me think that it dealt with communication. but i don't recall much more than that. whatever it was didn't really help me find clarification.

whatever it was, though, i'm sure it's well done by now ;}

thanks though. 

meatbox666  06 Jun 2002 
Uh oh.
I did it again. I really was not trying to be rude.

Um, maybe your husband is sick? 

Umbrae  06 Jun 2002 
Rudeness exists as a pattern, not a single post. Your pattern reveals itelself to all.
The difference between reality, and a concept, is simply that a concept cannot slap your face.
Your interpretation is not only ‘off’, but also irresponsible. To give life to thought in the form of those words shows not goodness nor evil, but indifference for the lives and well being of others.
Such actions do, and will return to haunt you.
By thy own hand, condemnation rains upon thy life. Failure and despair shall be thy constant companions. Learn to love them well. 

meatbox666  06 Jun 2002 
That is not true. I am not indifferent to these people lives; that is why I tell them exactly what I see. And what makes you think or say that my interpretation is off? Are you the individual that asked the question? Am I being rude because I am not telling him that his situation is as bright as the sun and all of this light is surrounding him and all he needs to do is move some furniture/objects in his home to allow the CHI to flow freely? Chi was not flowing properly in his abode. Maybe it means that he should put some crystals around his home that have been bathed in the sunlight for a while and that will attract the good force and avert anything negative comming his way. Hmmmm? The Card was in the "WARNING" position. Take what the SUN Card Means normally and then "THINK" of what the Sun card means and apply it . Usually it means Good health, etc, Kids, Well the Impression I got was health and then she said swords. I am not a syrupy sweet person, ( AND I AM NOT RUUUUUDE) I tell you what I think is wrong. Be glad to have me around.
HMMMPH!! *turns nose up in the air*
And for your information, posts that I do leave, people private message me and tell me that the events I fortell are accurate. You have no right telling me what will be my companion yadda yadda yadda unless I asked you to do so. These people ask for interpretations and I give them what I see. So, you are wronggggg and overstepping your boundaries because I did not ask "you" what you thought. ONLY GIVE OPINIONS WHEN ASKED.

HONESTLY!!! I WILL NOT BECAUSE I AM GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF HAVING TO APOLOGIZE ALL OF THE TIME TO SOME OF YOU PEOPLE WHO DO NOT DESERVE IT. Oh, but don't really do that guys, like tell me you dont want to..... uh.... hear my interpretation because it will really hurt my feelings! :D 

Umbrae  06 Jun 2002 
…but Meatboxx, rude is not one post, or an interpretation (as I said), but a pattern.
Rude is neither ‘not’ being sickly sweet. Rude is a pattern. I would be glad to have you around, except for your pattern.
..And I have the same right that you had whilst cursing others, cursing that their hair fall out, and their skulls be left bare as a grain of rice…
You tell me I have no right?
You tell me about boundaries?
And you tell me about your little hurt feelings?
Rudeness exists as a pattern, not a single post. Your pattern reveals itself to all.
The difference between reality and a concept, is simply that a concept cannot slap your face.
To give life to thought in the form of those words shows not goodness nor evil, but indifference for the lives and well being of others.
Such actions do, and will return to haunt you.
By thy own hand, condemnation rains upon thy life.
Failure and despair shall be thy constant companions. Best learn to love them well. 

Diana  06 Jun 2002 

meatbox666  06 Jun 2002 
That person who I told (LOL) about rolling their hair up with rice was really rude to me! I don't tell people they are full of s poooo pooo. He deserved to be trodded over with cloven hooves!! I did not curse him, I said that I would do it if he were here in my face!

Now, there is a commandment that Anton Lavey devised and I think it has a lot of common sense. He says if you feel the need to disrespect someone in their home(the board is in this instance)
do not go there. A couple of people are saying that I am being disrespectful. ( I can assure you that I am not but I may be unaware of this) I must discontinue my interpretations. There is also another commandment, it says "love those that love you and do not waste time on ingrates". (I am not saying that anyone is an ingrate but I quoted this from the commandment) So, I must go! :D UNLESS YOU GUYS BEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG me to stay!!! hmmmmmm? anyone? uh.....seriously, anyone begging me to stay? no? :( (okay, it has been great) I am not into hurting anyones feelings unless they hurt mine and perhaps that is what some of my posts are doing! ( it is unintentional)

So, moderator? If you find my post disrespectful because this is your home, then I shall never return. PM me and tell me and I shall bid everyone farewell! Uh, unless you uh, want me to stay. 

Umbrae  06 Jun 2002 
So quick we are.
Zorya was as respectful as you were.
You may want to ask…what do others really think? Am I alone? I assure you I am not.
You have forfeited your rights.
You use your “My feelings are hurt” as an excuse to offend again.
Your pattern shows you are not repentant.
Anton Levay would be insulted by your use of his name. Ever been to his house while he was alive? Do you know the names of the Rottweiler’s that guarded his porch? Ever even been to San Francisco where he lived? I thought not.
Turn off the computer.
Mommy’s home…
To give life to thought in the form of those words shows not goodness nor evil, but indifference for the lives and well being of others.
Such actions do, and will return to haunt you.
By thy own hand, condemnation rains upon thy life. Failure and despair shall be thy constant companions. Best learn to love them well. 

Diana  06 Jun 2002 

meatbox666  06 Jun 2002 
All right @ Diana I asked you respectfully as a moderator because this is your home. There is no need for you to take a nasty tone of voice with me because there is plenty of rice on this earth to roll up your hair also.
Now umbrae, you are really being disrespectful. Why are you so excited about two dogs? No I have never and no intentions of visiting the present day Sodom and Gomorrah that you salivate about. 

Umbrae  06 Jun 2002 
"Hold Up
Fuck putting the things on the board. I am pmming you!
You seem to have a problem with some things I post? You have always acted like a player hater(according to puffdaddy and his friends) towards me. So, what is really your problem? Fuck that damned board shyt, Here I am!"

So this is what MeatBox666 PM's me (Umbrae).
I prefer to do things in the open. With the Sun as a warning.
What is my problem?
You are my problem.
I have only stated the truth, and how I feel.
I feel you are a fraud. You are dangerous. You are playing with fire. Your advice and 'readings' have nothing to do with Tarot, they have to do with your little game.
You tell people things specifically to hurt them. Worded in a ‘harmless way’.
You have just enough knowledge to get burned badly.
I do not salivate about San Francisco. I simply wish to point out your falsehoods. You were the one to bring up Anton Levay, not I…and where did he live?
…and how much rice is needed to roll up your hair till thy skull be bare?
Your post to me speaks of much anger. Pity.
Oh by the way…this is for entertainment purposes only…mine.

I will retain the post you sent me in my files for a long time...(lol) 

MeeWah  06 Jun 2002 
Meatbox666: In the interest of fairness & impartiality I have defended your right to express your opinion & your right to express it in an individual manner; however, I regret to state that I also see the pattern that Umbrae refers to.
It does not appear to be a failure in communication as said pattern has been largely present in most of the postings I have viewed, though I cannot state I have seen them all.
Words have subleties & nuances whereby their inherent power is dependent upon their wielder. That you are extremely intelligent with knowledge of words is evident. The issue is not so much with your opinion nor with the drama as much as with the words, the turns of phrases in which you choose to deliver your pronouncements.
Few of us are mind-readers, but the implications cannot be denied.
With one hand you giveth; with the other you taketh away.
The irony is that while I cannot condone digressing to what amounts to creative name-calling & the invoking of "curses", I have appreciated some of your contributions for their insight.

All: The purpose of these forums is to share, to teach & to learn. It is understood that not everyone will see in like; that at times, despite the best intentions, there will be the out-right collisions. To dwell on the differences in a conduct unbecoming to the philosophy these forums embrace is a grave injustice to not only the purpose of this arena, but to the host & to the members who participate in good faith. Let us also not forget to take the freedom of speech so lightly.
Please, this is detracting from the subject at hand--which is the discussion of Tarot in its reading aspects. Let us focus on that, & let go of that which is not appropriate. Thank you all. 

Original Destiny  06 Jun 2002 back to your posting...I see the SUN as a warning card this way...Do not be fooled by everything seeming good and well..this is covering the true meaning..trying to put a good light on what is happening...You said that you couldn't remember all the cards...If you cant..then don't hold any serious value on this.....:THERM 

phirefly  08 Jun 2002 
meatbox666, et al.--

first, i didn't take offense at the post. it was a suggestion. anyone who takes anything posted by random interenet people seriously really ought not be on the net at all. i took from everything everyone said what i could use. and i thank you all for your input, whether it was actually helpful in context or not.

my husband, i assure you all, is not sick. though he gets angry at me when i keep the window open because about the time the sun is coming up, his allergies seriously kick in. *giggle* there could be a connection there, but i really think i'd be stretching it a bit.

overall, i was kinda irked by the way this thread became a place to argue over one person's posting style. if meatbox666 is really bothering anyone, i suggest those people just ignore his/her posts. it isn't really a big thing. letting go is much more productive :}

original destiny--

yes, i think that was closer to the meaning. someone else mentioned other communication problems. and i think it was mostly the way we just kept telling ourselves we were okay without really speaking about any real issues. that did change shortly thereafter, and i've felt better since. and i've been much more productive, but i don't really want to talk about that till i get something more substantial started... then i won't let you all hear the end of my very big pet project :}



yeh. that's it ;} 

Diana  08 Jun 2002 

The the sun as a warning? thread was originally posted on 28 May 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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