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tower as the outcome card

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 13 May 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

jade  13 May 2002 
i was asking a question with my tarot deck (which i don't normally do) and i got the tower as the outcome card.

i took it to mean the answer was no. all the other cards were great and seemed right on track.............and then the tower.

has anyone else had a tower answer a question?

in light,

(ps fyi i did the reading last week and no i don't remember the other cards involved.) 

Kitty  13 May 2002 
The Tower as an outcome would mean to me that a great change or revelation will occur, the truth will come out. It is a little hard without knowing the cards, you said the other cards were great and seemed on track, maybe the tower is necessary for you

Hope it helps a little 

faunabay  13 May 2002 
I don't always see the tower as a bad thing. Yes it can be very unsettling to see it pop up in a reading, especially as an outcome card. But I see the tower as a giant shakeup. As in any huge change if you are standing on shaky ground to begin with it could be awfully bad, but if you are on solid ground to begin with, I believe, things will change but nothing would crumble around you.
So as long as the other cards were good, I'd say this means there will be a pretty big change happening but at your core you will stand firm, while things around you are moving around. 

Butterfly  14 May 2002 
I've also seen the tower as someone imprisoned in a situation (think rapunzle) and the lightening destroying the tower is destroying the prison- therefore allowing freedom. 

jade  14 May 2002 
all of your inputs are right on track.

the reading was regarding our move. we've been told that there's a chance that we'll get in early.......i was asking if we would and i took the tower to mean that we wouldn't............the rest of the cards were saying that the new house will be prosperous, enlightened and great opportunity (i will have my own space for reiki sessions, attunements, readings, ear coning etc AND i can start the meditation classes that i wanted to teach YIPPEE!!!)

so i felt that the tower at the end was saying no to moving in early.

and yes, i am very solid at the core with the move.
and yes, this house we are in is like a prison.
and yes, this will be great change for us all.......since the kids will finally get their own rooms! and we are tripling our living space!!!

thanks all.


emily2otters  15 May 2002 
in the context of the question "will we be moving early", i would interpret the tower as indicating not only and early move, but a sudden one, a precipitous and intensely freeing house-change experience. enjoy! 

jade  15 May 2002 

well then i have my fingers crossed!!!!!!!

thanks :)


jade  09 Jun 2002 
well the move was not early at all. but the tower certainly represented the move.

the movers truck broke down so they rented one waaaaay smaller so it cost us alot of money! (twice what we expected to pay) and there wasn't anything i could do about it since it was moving day and EVERYONE moves on the 30th! so we couldn't get different movers :(

then.......the overwhelmingness of the entire move. it was really the most difficult move i've ever made. i'm still not unpacked which is very NOT me! i'm usually totally unpacked and organized by day 3 or 4 at the latest and we are now at day 11 and still i have boxes that are not unpacked :(

soooo, i just thought i'ld give an update to the tower card and it's {now} obvious meaning.

in light,

purplelady  13 Jun 2002 
Well Jade, moving IS difficult. It can be extremely draining. It always seems to me I have at least 3 times as much stuff as I THINK I have! It's amazing.My last move was 3 days of numerous pick-up trucks and u-haul trips , and at 11:30 PM on the 3 rd night , a sunday, I made my exhuasted hubby and son go home (to the new place, hubby get's Real Argumentative when he's exhuasted and more of an annoyance than a help!) . I finished cleaning the old place and stuffing my car to the brim , and deciding what to throw in the trash dumpster! Anyhow, I have no doubt you are one of those super energetic people that have to have everything done pronto . But I figure , well , if it's all AT the new place , the stuff isn't going anywhere, so what's the harm if it sits there for awhile! Anyhow , my point IS , sometimes it's o.k. to give yourself a break and relax, you'll get it done when the time is right. And good luck in your new place! 

jade  14 Jun 2002 
thanks purple :D

i am being forced to take my time because of this intense heat wave we have happening here! it's wayyyyy to hot to do more than a box or two a day. :(

oh well, as you said, it's all here and it's not going anywhere :D


marmalade  24 Aug 2002 
Just thought I'd 'revive' this thread, as I found it useful, and maybe others will too...

Butterfly, I love your interpretation! I just did a reading for hubby who's been unemployed for a while now, but who has just had an interview for a job he really wants... when the tower showed up as the outcome card things didn't look so hot!! But with your interpretation, it sounds so much more hopeful and it makes sense, as he's been saying all day how he feels 'trapped' sitting in the house all day. fingers crossed!! 

The tower as the outcome card thread was originally posted on 13 May 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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