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Numerology and the Minor Arcana

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 23 Jun 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Phoenix  23 Jun 2002 
Hey all. This has been comming up quite frequently in my readings. I look at the minor arcana, and see for example the two of pentacles, and I know that two's represent descisions. I was wondering what the others mean, like, what do three's in general mean, and so on???


Thirteen  23 Jun 2002 
Don't have a lot of time right now to do them all, but here are the next four numbers, in brief:

3 is creation--father-mother-child, thesis-anti-thesis-synthesis. A third item derived from opposites. The triangle. 3 is usually seen as a very magical and powerful number. 3 times the charm. Also, 3 on a match--things coming in threes. Three wishes.

4 is stability, rest, foundation. The four corners of the earth, of a house, of a chair.

5 is, well, a wrench in the works, something upsetting the foundation--poking out if you will, like the fifth point on a five-pointed star. It doesn't have to be bad, it can be like the five points of a man, or the fifth element (spirit). It's something more than that simple, stable foundation. It stands out, and makes you reconsider.

6 is completion, a problem solved, a balance reached. Also a mystic number as it's the two triangles united--three and three. 

Phoenix  23 Jun 2002 
Thanks Thirteen!!! 

Lee  23 Jun 2002 
There are lots of variations of numerological systems, it seems to be a very individual thing. Check out this thread to see a few others.

-- Lee 

Phoenix  23 Jun 2002 
Thanks Lee!!! That was exactly what I was looking for!!!! 

Thirteen  23 Jun 2002 
Okay, have more time now...let's see (with assistance from *A Dictionary of Symbols* by J.E. Cirlot):

1 = origin, power
2 = echo, reflection, conflict, equiliberium, dualism, of course, bi-sexuality, opposite poles
3 = Spiritual synthesis, solution of the conflict posed by dualism.
4 = Symbolic of the earth, totality, the square and the cube and the cross. 4 seasons, points on a compass. Tangable achievements, all elements.
5 = Symbolic of Man. Five senses, five fingers.
6 = Ambivalence and equilibrium--union of the two triangles (fire and water). The Greeks regarded it as the symbol of the hermaphodite (interesting). Cessation of movement--there's that reaching the "end" element you see in the 6 of swords--hitting the other shore. Or the stillness of the 6 of cups. Victory of 6 of wands. It is also related to the scales (6 of pentacles).
7 = Symbolic of a complete period or cycle. Union of ternary (triangle) and quaternary (square). Seven directons of space, seven pointed star, square within the triangle, musical notes, colors, planetary spheres--also capital sins and virtues. Wang explains the 7's in Tarot as a force transcending the material plane but, like a crown, requires one capable of wearing it. The positive result depends on the acton taken. Like the Chariot, you have to be able to control and direct it to get the result.
8 = Intermediate form between square and the circle. Associated with the two interlacing serpents of the caduceus indicating the balancing out of opposing forces. Indicates movement, regeneration, the waters of baptism. Stars in the firmament.
9 = Triangle of the ternary--triplicaton of the triple. A complete image of the three worlds (corporal, intellectual and spiritual). End limit of the sequence before its return to unity. The truth, triple synthesis.
10 =return to unity. Spiritual achievement, totality.
11 = Transistion, excess, peril, conflict, martyrdom. Also comparable to "two" as it is 1 + 1.
12 = Cosmic order and salvation. Number of signs in the Zodiac. Linked to the wheel or circle.
13 = Symbolic of death and birth, of begining afresh.
14 = Fusion and organizaton, also for justice and temperance
15 = Erotic and associated with the devil
Others = from sixteen to 22 is the fusion of the symbols which compose it.

There are, of course, other meanings from other countries, but I figured the oldest and most "western" is what we were probably looking for. 

Phoenix  23 Jun 2002 
Thanks Thirteen!! 

The Numerology and the Minor Arcana thread was originally posted on 23 Jun 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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