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Shuffling when using reversals

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 16 Jun 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

wavebreaker  16 Jun 2002 
Ok, last week I tried doing a reading using reversals, just to see whether I was able to make anything out of it. To shuffle the cards, I used a method I read here on the forum: first I shuffled the cards all in upright position, then I took the top half of the pile of cards and turned it around and then I shuffled some more, to mix the reversed cards with the upright cards. But apparently I'm not very good at shuffling ;) because from then on I ONLY got reversed cards... At first I just thought the cards were trying to tell me something, but then I decided to check the deck to see how the cards were in the deck, and it appeared that all the reversed cards were mostly still together. As I'm always dealing from the top of the deck after I've shuffled, it was no wonder I was getting reversals only.

Any tips for a bad shuffler? ;) 

Marion  16 Jun 2002 
Hi tarotlady, I had not used reversals, and I got the book Tarot Reversals. Great book by the way.
Here is a method I picked up on the board, and I use. Take the deck and divide it into several (quite a few) small piles and then pick them up, alternately reversing the piles. Shuffle for a bit and do it again. That seems to shuffle them in pretty thoroughly.
Also, when I got my new Ancient Egyptian deck, I spread them all out on the table and picked them up one or two at a time, randomly reversing them. Hope this helps. 

wavebreaker  16 Jun 2002 
Thanks Marion, that sounds like something even I will be able to manage... ;)

I've got the Tarot Reversals book too, but haven't started in it yet, because I still have so many other books to finish first... 

Maalin  16 Jun 2002 
Or you just put all your cards face down on the table (floors are also good) on a nice silky slinky cloth and just swish them about with both hands -good fun and surprisingly meditative! 

Maan  16 Jun 2002 
Originally posted by Maalin
Or you just put all your cards face down on the table (floors are also good) on a nice silky slinky cloth and just swish them about with both hands -good fun and surprisingly meditative!

That's exactly what i do but only with the large decks that don't fit in my little hands. Like the Rohrig etc
I always feel like a little kid playing around;) 

Keslynn  16 Jun 2002 
I'm like Maalin and Maan, I put all the cards face down and swirl away. It is great fun, and I personally think it's helped me to bond with the cards better.

I tried the alternating riffling thing and I ended up getting mostly reversals. Of course, that could have been just because of how my life was at the time, but with the swirling shuffle, it's a lot more balanced out. I get the reversals where they're absolutely necessary. If that made any sense...

:) Kes 

Geenius at Wrok  16 Jun 2002 
Read this

The Shuffling when using reversals thread was originally posted on 16 Jun 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.


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